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March 26, 2011

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The Trial

The First Chapter is intitled: "Framed"

Avatar Aang faces his biggest challenge yet! ... His own people. Zuko discovers that he isn't the only surviving member of the Air Nomad Genocide, know the descendants of the other survivors are planning the genocide of the Fire Nation, trying to rebuild their civilization, with what they have left.

Chapter One

Zuko sleeps peacefully in the night, when he hears a sharp ring, and dodges a kunai knife meant for his assination. He turns to see a cloaked ninja-figure wearing a chain around his neck, and angry-eyes glaring at him, Zuko shoots fire, at the Ninja only to find that he air-bends an attack at Zuko. "Aang, is this some sort of joke? Why are you attacking, me?" asks Zuko. The ninja doesn't answer, and instead flees into the night.


The Next day, Zuko demands to meet with Avatar Aang, and ask why he attack him. Aang rebuilding the Air-Temples, and starting with the Western is escorted to the palace. "Why'd you do it?" asked Zuko, angrily. "Do What?" asked Aang. "An Air-Bender tried to assinate me, and you're the last air-bender, so you did it," said Zuko. "No I didn't, Zuko, why would I try to kill you, I didn't kill your father, and we're friends," said Zuko. "Maybe, sorry, I forgot that for a moment, in my anger," said Zuko. Two shouldiers, whisper into Zuko's ear. "Sorry," said Zuko, and a tear ran down his scarred side. "For what?" asked Aang innocently. "I just recieved word that an air-based attack was launched on Ember Island, sorry, Aang, but the people are demanding that I kill you, the Avatar, Until we can prove your innocence, I have no choice but to lock you up," said Zuko. "But ... But I'm innocent, you have to believe me. ZUKO!" said Aang. "I demand a lawyer," said Aang. "Done, I'll get Sokka on it," said Zuko. "Sokka? The last time he was my 'lawyer' he did a terrible job," said Aang. "Really? He said he got you out of Jail," said Zuko. "No, he didn't solve the case correctly, I ... I mean Kyoshi, ended up confessing to a crime, my past life did, and I was sentinced to be boiled in oil," said Aang. "How'd you escape?" asked Zuko. "The Rough Rhinos attacked, and the mayor let me serve out my ... I mean Kyoshi's sentince by saving their town," said Aang. "Oh, its okay, I'll get ... The Duke as your lawyer, than," said Zuko. "Why the Duke?" asked Aang. "It was the first name I thought of," answered Zuko. "Oh, okay the Duke it is."


Meanwhile outside in the palace grounds, a mysterious bird, flies onto the old tree in the yard, and stars trying to find what it came to here to find. Fire Lord Zuko! The Bird did a strange sound that sounded like a mixture between a roar and a caw. Than it rose and flew into the palace


The chapter ends with the Duke, Pipquack, Toph, and Sokka entering the palace, here the clear Aang's name. Meanwhile another Kunai comes from the picture of Sozin, to which a hand reaches up and grabs.

Chapter Revealations

  • Apparently there are other Air Benders still in existence.


Iroh serving Tea to Longshot and Smellerbee.


I thought that a trial would start off the series nicely

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