Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Air Elemental in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Air Elemental
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


It is the dream of many powerful and accomplished Benders to become one with their element; whether it be air, water, earth or fire-although only a few have ever truly succeeded. Elementals are Bending Masters whose physical bodies have become partially entwined with the Spirit World, giving them direct access to an abundance of Elemental Chi energy for use in their bending techniques. However, the path to becoming an Elemental is not without its price; as Airbender Otan learned during the final years of the Air Nomad civilization. Beginning roughly nine years before the initial arrival of Sozin's Comet and the genocide of the Air Nomads, The Air Elemental illustrates Otan's struggle to make peace with his personal experiences and shortcomings and the Air Nomads' philosophy of detachment and non-intervention.



  • Otan

A powerful Airbender of the Northern Air Temple, fifteen-year-old Otan has spent his entire life working to become an Airbending Master and a shining example of Air Nomad ethics. However, because of this devotion to his philosophy, he has few close friends save for his mentor, Monk Yemi and "Auntie" Meili, from the Eastern Air Temple along with his eight-legged semi-feral Sky Bison Seippa.

Otan has also found a way to duplicate Firebenders' lightning techniques by facilitating the conditions by which charged particles jump from one mass of air to another, although he has considerably less control over the actual strength and direction of the lightning than a Firebender.

  • Sister Meili

A roughly middle-aged Air Nomad woman who is feared by trouble-making youngsters throughout the four temples. Despite becoming a Sister on the council of the Eastern Air Temple, she has traveled throughout the Four Nations and is surprisingly well-versed in world affairs, especially where the Fire Nation is concerned. She is not above flouting Air Nomad ethics of non-violence for the sake of those in need, particularly if they are fellow Airbenders and especially if one of those Airbenders is Otan.

  • General Ghef

A decorated veteran general of the Fire Nation army and the head of the mysterious Shadow Painters unit. He is a bitter, elderly man in declining health and rarely participates in field operations anymore, instead leaving them up to his field commander, First Lieutenant Lahn.

Ghef is distinguished among Firebenders for his controversial techniques that involve tapping into the upper limits of the EM spectrum. For over a decade, he has worked to perfect "Fire Poison" testing it in low-density population centers around the world. Unfortunately, Firebenders aren't fireproof and so without sufficient protection, Fire Poison is as dangerous to the Firebender as it is to their target, and so was eventually abandoned and forgotten as the Fire Nation's war progressed.

  • Zisa

Fifteen-year-old daughter of a Fire Nation merchant dealing in Sulphurcrabs. Although a loyal Fire Nation patriot, Zisa isn't afraid to stand up to injustice, even after her adventures with Otan begin to open her eyes to a much darker side of the Fire Nation. She finds herself caught between her personal freedom and her duty to her country.

  • First Lieutenant Lahn

Little is known about Lahn except that he has served as an aide and later a field commander to General Ghef since boyhood.

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