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The Air Agents was the second minisode of Aang: Story of an Airbender, before the minisodes were combined into chapters, earning its spot as the tenth chapter of the series. It is the first chapter to be written in first-person.

The Story so Far

After realizing that he is the Avatar, Aang ran away, set on finding the cause of Airbenders' disappearances. He reaches Omashu, where a boy tells him to search in the South Pole. Upon arriving, Aang helps reunite a bickering brother and sister, and finds an ex-Air Agent, Ento, on Zen Berg. While helping Aang fight a Polar Bear Dog, Ento is injured and Aang decides to return home while Afiko plots...

Ento's POV

~~Present Day, On Route to Southern Air Temple~~

I stared at the crystal blue water flowing under me as the sunlight shone against the sea, looking like a destructive fire blazing against the calm water. My body stiffened as I recalled that fateful day. I couldn't let my eyes close, but they disobeyed my commands and forced shut activating that memory.

~~Past Day: 15 Years Ago, The Southern Air Temple~~

I walked toward the Council Chamber, awaiting my orders for the next mission. Smiling, I entered the room only to be greeted by my long time Air Agents: Fica, Ucis, and Avi. I scanned the area noticing the absence of two very important people.

"Where's Afiko and High Monk Pasang?" I asked.

"I'm here Ento." Afiko shouted, running through the doors. "You're late again." Ucis said, folding his arms, with a scowl in his face.

"Really Ucis?" Afiko asked. "I don't see the High Monk here, do you?"

"Stop fighting!" Fica shouted, her long brown hair flowing in the wind. "Remember, we are the Air Agents. We are supposed to send a good example for the Air Nomads, and you two fighting makes us seem like a bunch of kids!"

"Hello Air Agents." A voice said.

The Air Agents froze and slowly turned around, spotting High Monk Pasang in the doorway. The friends turned around, sitting in front of a chair in the middle. High Monk Pasang walked toward his seat, eyeing the Agents.

"I have a special task for you." High Monk Pasang said. "You may rise."

The Air Agents stood up, staring at the High Monk. Fica smiled. "Thank you your High Monk. It gives us great pleasure to receive a mission from your very mouth."

"I don't know if you do want to accept this dangerous mission."

"Do you doubt the Air Agents?" Afiko asked. "The Agents that warned the Air Nomads of The Yamiichiba Hunters. The Agents that protected this great nation for hundreds of years, especially against the rise of Chin the Conqueror!"

"Don't get too full of yourself Afiko." Ucis said. "We are not those agents."

"Evermore so, you have not faced a mission this dangerous. Some of you, won't survive. Are you prepared for such a task?" High Monk Pasang asked.

"Yes." The Air Agents shouted. Little did I know, that I would never see any of then again. My own friends. I let them down.

Afiko's POV

~~Present: The Southern Air Temple: Outskirts of Temple~~

I stood in the middle of the rink as my hands grabbed hold of Aka's shoulders, and whispered into his ears. "You have been given a second chance my son. Make sure you do not let me down."

"Of course Dad." Aka responded.

I repeated the words in my head. You have been given a second chance. Make sure you do not let me down.

~~Past: The Fire Nation: Crescent Island~~

I Airbended myself off the bison and landed gracefully on a small hill. I trudged forward, before stepping on a rock almost covered in lava. "Ow" I yelled.

"Shh!" Ucis whispered. "We are undercover."

"You have to watch your step." Ento whispered.

"I know that." I said angrily. I mean the nerve of them! Telling me what to do like a mom correcting her baby. I'll show them! "High Monk Pasang told us to infiltrate the library in the Fire Temple and seize any record of a comet."

"Shh!" Fica said. "You want the whole island to be aware of our mission?"

"Let's just go." Avi said, grabbing a bag and threw it over his shoulder.

The other Air Agents nodded and quickly followed his lead. I scowled at the thought of being ordered around. Soon, I will be in charge of the Air Agents, and then, I will take over the Air Nomads. If only I knew how very wrong, I was.

Ento's POV

~~Past: Crescent Island: The Fire Temple~~

I walked at point, making sure that the path was clear for my friends. Afiko slowly walked up to me as we made our way at the entrance of the Fire Temple.

"There it is." Avi said, looking at the majestic red doors depicting dragons doing some sort of dance movement. "High Monk Pasang said that the library was underground near a hidden passage. So, all we have to do is follow one of the Fire Sages."

"That or we can just head underground." Afiko pointed out.

"There's lava down there." Fica said. "And even if there wasn't, lava will just somehow make its way into our hole and kill us all!"

"Into the temple we go." Ucis said.

Clearly outnumbered, Afiko let out a small breath of words as I nodded in agreement with the others. Fica leaped into the air, clenching her fists as air spouted out of it. She skyrocketed to the front, and gracefully landed on the tip of one of the temple's many spikes. The Agent waved her hand, and soon all the other Agents followed. We slowly walked down the spike and jumped into the frames, landing on a small ledge inside the lava-red temple.

"The library is underground!" Afiko shouted. "Give it a rest!" Fica said, as she handed out small cylinder shaped objects. "These will activate a small signal whenever one of us captured, causing the rest of ours to release a small burst of wind."

"Why don't we just head to the library?" Afiko asked, raising his voice.

"We have to take safety measures!" Ucis shouted.

Boom! The Airbenders Airbended onto the floor, eyeing the doors that surrounded them, waiting for an enemy to strike. Fireballs exploded from all doors, shooting toward the agents fast and deadly. The Agents Airbended in perfect harmony, shooting a gust of wind that blew out the fire like a kid who blows out their candles, eagerly and calmly.

"Retreat!" Fica shouted.

"What?!" I asked, shooting more blasts of wind at the fireballs. Five Firebenders marched toward our location, shooting a fireball with every step. I jumped in the air, creating a small wheel of air around my feet. I then moved around my friends, shooting gusts of wind at the Fire Sages. "We have to move!" I shouted, before spinning in the air. With a quick slice, a beam of air knocked one of the Firebenders down. "I'll hold them off!"

Ucis, Avi, and Fica ran down the free path as Afiko and I shot more blasts of air. "Afiko, cyclone maneuver!"

"You got it!" Afiko shouted. The two of us waited until the four Firebenders surrounded us. They aimed one fist at each of our bodies, waiting to strike.

"What are you two doing here?" One asked.

"You wouldn't happen to know the way to the library, do you?" I asked. The Firebenders stared at us, not even laughing. "Fine, then." On cue, the two of us shot a blast of win behind us, sliding through a firebender's legs. We spun around, and as soon as we landed, we ran faster than the wind around the Fire Sages, air shooting from the hands hanging behind us. We ran and ran until a cyclone sprouted swallowing the Firebenders and shooting them at the ceiling of the temple.

Afiko and I stopped, admiring our handiwork. "This way." Afiko said calmly, walking toward a different path.

"But our friends went down the other way!" I shouted, pointing at the trail.

"The Fire Sages, yes, that's what they are called, didn't head down that way. There must be nothing down that path." Afiko concluded. "I'm heading this way."

"Afiko!" I shouted. "Afiko!"

"You choose friend." Afiko said. "Certain death or staying alive. It's all up to you. I won't force you." He eyed me when an evil gleam took over his eyes.

"I'm going with the others." I said, and ran down the different path.

"You choose them over your best friend! You're an idiot!" Afiko shouted, "I'll be dancing at your funeral."

My heart cracked in two, hearing my best friends shout those words. I hesitated, and continued down the path.

Afiko's POV

~~Past: Crescent Island: The Fire Temple~~

I walked down the path I chose, thinking over everything had unfold. This was the Last Straw! The Air Nomads think it's stupid if you invent war machines in preparations for an attack. The Air Agents think it's stupid if you want to head underground to an underground library. Ento thinks it's stupid if you lay down the facts and head down the right tunnel. I have been studying the architecture of this temple. I know its secrets inside and out, but they'll figure that is stupid as well.

"They don't know anything." I said, moving a torch, revealing a button underneath it. Pressing it, the wall slid open, and I walked inside, taking the torch. I reached the end of crossroads, on leading toward Roku's Chamber and one to the Library. I smiled at my fortune and walked down the right path. In a matter of seconds, I made it toward a giant steel door with a snake running the middle. Its tail touched the top and its mouth formed a hole. I lit the hole with the torch, and like the mechanisms back at the air temples, it opened. I walked inside a medium-sized room with ruby colored walls glistening under the torches.

Many columns of books stood upright in the middle of the room, aligned like dominos. I walked down a few aisles before reaching a book entitled History of the Fire Nation. I sat down and begun to read, copying anything that mentioned a comet. I heard the door open and turned around, expecting to see my fellow Air Agents. Instead, the Fire Sages walked inside. I knitted my eyebrows.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "Aren't you supposed to be capturing the others?"

"Afiko, it gives us great wonder that a fellow Air Nomad is working with us to bring down the elite Air Agents. The Fire Lord will be so happy."

"Finally, the Air Nomads will have to answer to their new ruler!" I shouted. "Me! They will regret all those days turning down my preparations. My glorious designs to better ourselves like the Fire Nation. Now, we will join them and begin our world of conquest."

Ento's POV

~~Past: Crescent Island: The Fire Temple~~

I scoured the hallways keeping lookouts for The Fire Sages and The Air Agents. Running down one hallway, I was about to turn a corner when a burst of flame shot an inch away from my nose. I turned to see a Fire Sage in a stance, his arms and legs relaxed with only one thing in his mind. Somehow, someway, that Sage was using an Airbending stance! He gracefully shot three bursts of flames. I quickly dodged all of them and shot a blast of spiraling wind at him. He copied my movements and shot more fireballs. I flipped into the air, landing behind him. I raised my hands in the air, clasping them together. I spun on my toes creating a small tornado around me. I spun around the room, twirling around the Fire Sage. He shot fireballs at me, but the wind kidnapped the flames and shot them back at the Sage. He fell back heading his head on the wall and I abandoned my cyclone.

"Ento!" Avi shouted.

I turned to see my friends, tied up with four Fire Sages around me. They quickly shot bursts of flames but I spun my hands creating a small pinwheel that evaporated them. The Fire Sages jumped in the air, kicking more fire at me. I ducked and jumped in the air, kicking a burst of wind at them. The blast knocked all four of them down. Clap. Clap. Clap. I turned to see Afiko being pushed out of a doorway, bound and gagged. An elderly man walked out with his hair and beard being shred of its last few brown hairs.

"Fire Lord Sozin." The Fire Sages repeated.

"How extraordinary to be fulfilling the dreams of my father, grandfather, and well-you know. It is I, the lucky one, destined to take down the Air Agents, and it will start with you." Fire Lord Sozin took a fighting stance and shot a fleet of fireballs at me.

I dodged most of them, getting burned on my side and hands. Quickly, I turned and shot a spiral of wind at the Fire Lord. He dodged and shot more blasts of fire, each more lethal then the first. I twirled around, creating a ball of wind around me. Defended, I launched myself toward the Fire Lord. He rolled out of the way, as I crashed into the floor. I floated back up, shooting gusts of wind at him. Sozin spun around and jumped into the air, shooting fire from his fists and legs to jet himself around. I spun toward the middle, creating three cyclones all circling around the Fire Lord. Fear entered his eyes as he floated away. All three cyclones surrounded him, sending a blast that knocked him out of the sky. I floated toward the crash when Sozin leaped out mimicking my sphere of fire. I abandon the air and shot slices of win, whipping away the fire.

The Fire Lord dove toward me, and I shot a spiral of wind, destroying the sphere. Sozin yelped, Firebended to keep himself afloat, and crash-landed onto the floor. I walked over to my friends when a blast of wind shot me straight into the wall. Boom! Exhausted, I placed my hand over the rubble and looked up, watching as Afiko walked over to me, his hand raised.

"Afiko!" I shouted, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing much Ento." Afiko responded, stroking his beard. "I'm just watching Step 1 of the Air Nomad takeover."

"What?" I asked, falling. "You betrayed your people?"

"What people?" Afiko asked, putting one hand behind his back. He used his other hand to shoot a spiral of air at me, sending me straight into the air. I flew into the air, smacked by the wind, onto one of the ledges. I pulled myself onto the ledge as Afiko rose into the air with a floating pinwheel beneath his feet. "The Air Nomads don't deserve to live in this world. I am merely a pawn that has been ordered by the king to place them in checkmate."

"You still haven't told me anything! Why do you want to help Sozin kill of the nation that has trained you, fed you, and helped you survive?"

"Trained me?" Afiko asked. "I was a poor orphan in the streets struggling to learn Airbending by myself. I fended for myself and trained myself. It wasn't until I competed for a spot in the Southern Council of Elders that Pasang took pity on an orphan, gave me my tattoos, and a spot in the Air Agents. Now, my quest for domination will fully begin when my son, Aka, becomes the Avatar! The monks say that my son will become the Avatar!" Afiko said, staring at Ento. "And now it is time for you and the others to die."

Fire Lord Sozin levitated into view eyeing me with a deadly gleam. "Goodbye Afiko." I said, and shot a slice of air at Afiko. The traitor flew down, as I dodged the strikes from Sozin. I twirled around creating a tornado around me. I spun and spun until I shot out like a cannon, heading toward an open window. Boom! Afiko floated up, shooting his deadly spiral at me multiple times. I slammed into the roof, floor, and walls, as Afiko laughed, slowly coming up towards me. I looked around, surrounded by the Fire Sages, Sozin, and Afiko. The traitor smiled, as a tear ran down my cheek.

"Goodbye Ento." Afiko said, smiling raising his hand.

I twirled on the floor with one hand, kicking wind all around me. Fireballs exploded all around me as I screamed. In one fluid motion, I leaped out of the smoke and landed toward my friends. "We have to leave now."

"No!" Ucis said.

"It's too late for us." Avi said.

"Abandon the mission Ento. If you free us all, then we will all be killed. One of us has to survive." Fica said.

"And that someone has to be you." Avi said.

"Leave now!" Ucis ordered.

"Tell High Monk Pasang!" Fica said.

I turned to see the smoke already clearing. "Goodbye my friends." I whispered, before shooting back onto the ledge.

"He's gone!" Afiko shouted, and turned toward the three Air Agents. "Talk!"

"We will never talk!" Fica, Ucis, and Avi shouted.

"Very well." Afiko said, "I've been meaning to practice this technique on people, but you will do." He walked toward them, raising his hands. The three screamed in agony.

~~Present: Patola Mountain Range~~

The roar of Appa snapped me out of my daydream. I looked around noticing all the familiar mountains. Appa roared in delight as I whispered, "Home."

Afiko's POV

~~Present: The Southern Air Temple: Courtyard~~

I watched slyly as the monks introduced my son to the entire Southern Air Temple. I turned and walked down a hallway, toward my room. I shut the door closely and looked around, making sure the coast was clear. I sighed and opened my trunk revealing my Air Agent clothes, and a map of the temple. It was time to put my plan in action.


  1. Fica is derived from Fiicia, the Romanian word for girl, Ucis is derived from Ucis, the Romanian word for murdered, and Avi is derived from Avizat, the Romanian word for wise.
  2. This chapter reveals that Afiko and Ento were once best friends
  3. This is the first chapter where Aang doesn't speak or is mentioned.
  4. This chapter reveals Afiko's purpose of working with the Fire Lord.
  5. Afiko was supposed to reveal a new concept of Airbending, but the author decided to introduce it next chapter.
  6. This is the longest chapter so far, replacing Into the Blizzard.

Author's Notes

Sorry for the very long wait, but let's just say that writing has taken a backseat. I also had to think of ways to announce Afiko's betrayal, and a mission for the Air Agents. This took about a week. Anyway, I'm happy with the ways things turn out, so please be patient while I get started on writing the next chapter! Remember, I am the supreme lord of all bison, bow to my power! Well, you don't have to, Bye! ~RuleroftheBisons97~

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