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Azula had challenged the Saviors of Fire to an Agni Kai. If Azula won the Agni Kai, then they'd let her go to the Southern Water Tribe, and take a ship to the Fire Nation Capital.

Azula was going to face a " Savior " named Inda. Inda, was a former Boiling Rock Prison Guard. She, was a cousin of Admiral Zhao and was stunned after hearing about his death. Inda, was trained at the Boiling Rock to perform high standards of firebending. She was confident and clam as she stepped into the Angi Kai Ring. All the citizens of Gaoling watched the Agni Kai, they were not sure on who they should want to win since they still didn't trust Azula. They also didn't trust Inda.

As the Agni Kai started, Azula shot a blast of fire. Inda, quickly blocked it and shot out a blast of red fire at Azula. Azula was shocked at the red fire, and knew that her opponent was no beginner firebender.

Together the two fire blasts collided. Azula, knew she had to win this for the sake of Zuko, Team Avatar and Shiungi. Both Inda and Azula fought tough, clever, and confident.

For some time now, Azula and Inda were fighting. Azula was getting tired and unfocused. Inda was still fighting hard and it was about to be midnight. So Azula knew that she had to come up with a move and beat Inda. So Azula shot the biggest, strongest, and longest fire blast that she had ever thrown. Inda, went flying and landed on the sideline. Azula, then knew that she had won the battle. She and Shiungi then reached the Gaoling Pier, this was the tip of the Earth Kingdom. In fact, you could see the Southern Water Tribe in the distance. But Shiungi then noticed the several ships with the " Saviors of Fire " emblem and on board members were heading for the Southern Water Tribe. And orange blast were shooting into the sky. Suddenly, the tribe was surrounded by a glowing light and so vehicles that looked like tanks and army trucks.

" THE SOUTHERN WATER TRIBE IS UNDER INVASION " yelled out Shiungi and Azula. Azula quickly asked Shungi who the chief of the Southern Water Tribe was. She replied " Well, recently, Cheif Hakoda retired ( but still lives there ), I believe the succeedor is his son. " Sokka, but he'll need help fast", Azula said. " I don't think that unfunny jokes are going to stop the Saviors from invading! " said Azula.

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