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The Agni Kai of Doom
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 12

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5 February, 2011

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The Return of Fiery Guy

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The Black and White One


Zaru is home only to find he is wanted. When he is arrested, he discovers a new threat.


Zaru and some of his friends were in the Fire Nation. They had just escaped from a merciless bounty hunter

"I think we're safe," Zaru said.

"As do I," Stroe said.

Then, gongs rang out through the city.

"What's going on?!" Heesu}} shouted.

"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Patola yelled.

"Silence Patola!" Erus said, "These alarms rang as soon as we crossed the border! It is no coincidence!"

The Fire Nation Army arrived.

"Avatar Zaru! You are under arrest for treason!"

"WHAT?!" Zaru bellowed.

"Silence traitor!" a soldier said.

"You, you, you, and you are under arrest as accomplices!" he pointed to each of Zaru's friends as he said this.

"I am the brother of the Fire Lord! I object!" Erus said.

"Shut up gramps!" a soldier said.

"GRAMPS?!?" That was the last straw.

Enhanced fire kick

Erus firebending

Erus let out a blast so powerful, it blasted buildings off of the ground. But when the fire and smoke cleared away, not a single soldier was dead. He simply blasted them back.

"How did you do that?" Zaru asked, "That blast should have killed them!"

"If a firebender stops relying on anger to generate his fire, he will find a great amount of power he would have otherwise never achieved."

"But you only hit them because they called you gramps!"

"You still have a lot to learn Zaru."

"Umm... they're getting back up!" Heesu said.

Zaru drew an airbending staff, and swiped in front of him. It released a blast of air that pushed the soldiers back off of their feet. Zaru then opened the staff, and jumped on the top. Everyone else followed, and they shot across the Fire Nation streets.

"They really fixed the place up!" Patola said.

They flew across the Fire Nation until they made it to the Fire Nation palace.

"Zaru," Erus said, "This is probably the most dangerous place to be right now."

Zaru ignored the man, and approached the house.

A guard was waiting for him.

"Sorry kid. No school tours today. WAIT A SECOND! YOU'RE THE AVATAR! HELP! IT'S THE AVA... oof!" he said, "AVA.. oof" instead of Avatar because Zaru hit him with a fireball, sending him flying into the ocean.

Erus ran after Zaru, closely followed by Stroe, Heesu and Patola. They ran into the building, blasting any guard they saw with a fireball. Erus blasted the metal door right out off its frame with a well placed lightning bolt.

"STOP THIS INSTANT" a voice yelled.

"Grandpa Azap?" Zaru asked.

"No! I am Fire Lord Azap!"

Heesu was trying not to laugh. "Your grandfather's name is A-zap?"

"Yes. Yes it is," Zaru said.

"Where's great uncle Ajoke}}? The true Fire Lord."

"You're great uncle's name is A-joke?" Heesu said. "I'm surprised Erus doesn't have a stupid name!"

"Yeah he does," Patola said, "Ear-us."

"Shut up!" Erus said.

"As we were saying, Ajoke is taking an extended vacation," Azap said.

"You know what that means!" Patola said, "In all of the stories, an extended vacation means death!"

"He's not dead you moron! At least... not yet. Avatar Zaru! Stupid brother! Two friends! Freak! ("I'm not a freak!") You are all under arrest!"

"Do you honestly think we're going to give up?" Zaru asked.

"It's either that, or poor Ajoke goes bye bye."

"Agni Kai then," Zaru said. "If I win, Ajoke goes free. You win, you can rule the Fire Nation."

"Let's go!" Azap said.

They walked out to the Agni Kai arena.

"Well, where are the audience? The judges? The gong ringer? The Fire Lord?"

"I prefer to keep this a quiet duel."

"Because you'll otherwise be arrested for treason against Ajoke," Zaru muttered.

Lightning backfire

Zaru being blasted away by Azap's fire

Erus rang the gong. Azap shot balls of fire at Zaru. Zaru dodged easily, and sent gusts of air hurdling towards Azap. A wall of flame redirected the weak air, and then flew at Zaru. It then stopped in midair, and extinguished itself. Zaru made fire slice across the ground at Azap. Azap jumped, and sent a ball of fire so powerful, it blasted the ground into dust. Zaru laid on the ground, near dead. Azap had fire on his hand, ready to strike him with a final blow.

"NO!" Erus said. A bolt of lightning flew at Azap. It went into one palm, and came out the other, hitting Erus in the chest.

"Foolish old man," Azap muttered before turning back to Zaru. Except, Zaru wasn't lying in the crater anymore. He was flying in the air. He was glowing.

"RRGGAHH! RRRRGGGGAAAAHHHH!" were Zaru's only words as he shot a tornado at the man in front of him. Azap could only watch as the spining tornado of death flew at him. The impact was amazing. It blasted Azap into the palace wall. Zaru hit the ground. Then he remembered Erus was hit by lightning, and ran over. When he arrived, he saw Patola Healing his great uncle.

They heard a load BOOM, and saw Azap emerging with an unconscious Ajoke.

"You wouldn't kill your own brother!" Erus said.

"I tried to kill you didn't I? Now..."

A second blast, and Ajoke hit the wall.

"I'm still alive you idiot! Now I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"

"Too late," Zaru said, "I beat you to it and won."

Azap and half of the Fire Nation army approached Ajoke.

"Me and my new friends are going to kill you now!"

Ajoke killed half of Azap's "new friends" in one blast. He sent so much fire, Patola's eyebrows were burned off. While Patola was crying about his eyebrows, Azap was seemingly defeated. But then, a man on the palace roof shot a dart at the Fire Lord, hitting him right in the neck. As Ajoke's last breaths were breathed, he blasted Azap with lightning. Azap redirected it into the Fire Lord. Patola grabbed him with a water whip, and tried to heal him. The poison was removed from his body, and the lightning wounds removed.

"We win!" Patola said. But then, Azap hit Ajoke again, killing him.

Erus was in extreme grief. But even more, hatred.

"Good day!" Azap said as he entered his carriage. He propelled it with fire to blast it away.

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