The streets of Ba Sing Se were dark and still as the two Dai Li agents strolled down them. The street lamps of the middle ring lit their path well, and their specially trained senses helped them see what was hidden in the darkness. One of the agents was young and slender with fair, smooth skin, while the other of was of a darker complextion and had a more burly figure with an older face. They walked in silence, their stride in perfect balance with the other, always watching, always listening.

When passing a dark alley the young one Chand came to a stop and motioned for his colleague to do the same. They listened. Then without warning, from out of the darkness came two huge boulders flying right as their faces. With quick, synchronized movements the two earth benders simultaneously blocked the missiles and sent them hurling back into the darkness. They were greeted with two more rock missiles, but this time the attackers emerged from the shadows and showed their faces. There were eight of them in total, all well dressed and clean cut, but had the sly eyes of criminals. Gang members.

Their attack was again deflected, and the battle continued. The two agents held themselves well, even though they were far outnumbered, and for a while began to gain the upper hand until the older agent was taken by surprise with a rock to the head and knocked out cold.

The younger one, though the stronger bender of the two, began to struggle as the attackers increased their intensity. Just when it looked like he may have to retreat, a dark shape appeared behind the gang members and began taking them out. His choice of weapon was two long, leather whips which he easily wrapped around attackers necks. With his help Chand was able to overcome the attackers and chain them. Toward the end of the attack the dark figure with the whips had taken a rock hard to the ankle and went down. As soon as the gang members were subdued Chand ran over to his fallen rescuer.

Upon reaching him, Chand found a young man of 18 or so, right around his age. The boy had dark, thick hair almost falling into his eyes. His tanned skin was clean shaven and his face very attractive. The Dai Li agent reached out a hand to help him up, and as their hands touched and the boy raised his head to look into his helpers eyes Chand felt warmth spread through his entire body, and his cheeks flush. When the young rescuer made it to his feet his hurt ankle twisted under him and he fell right into the agents arms. Chand was light-headed and dizzy, his heart fluttering, his mind in a haze.

He helped the boy to his feet once more, and found himself simply gazing into his rich brown eyes. When he realized what he was doing he shook his head to clear away the haze and tried to speak. "I- I- um-" was all he could manage in his fluster. Finally he was able to gain enough composure to spit out "uh th-thank you."

"No, thank you." His rescuer returned, giving him a wink. Chand felt himself blush again but before he could open his mouth to stammer again the boys mouth was on his, kissing passionately. The world spun and his heart flew from his chest. Nothing mattered. Nothing except Chand and his mystery rescuer.

Suddenly he heard: "Chand! Chand What happened?" and the trance was broken.

He whirled around to find his partner regaining consciousness and ran to help him up. "What happened?" he asked.

"We- we-" Chand stammered, still trying to process what had just happened. "We were rescued by....Well, by him," he said pointing to his mystery man, but there was no one there. The lamp light shone down on an empty street except for their captured thugs. Confused and hurt Chand ran desperately to the spot he has held his love just seconds before. All that was left was a slip of paper. The Agent bent down and scooped it into his pocket, not before glancing quickly at the notes contents.

"Call me ;)"

The End

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