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June 1, 2012

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The Aftermath is the first chapter of the series, Avatar: The Continuity of Aang.


Avatar Aang has defeated Phoenix King Ozai and has mastered being a Avatar, Fire Lord Zuko has defeated Azula and become Fire Lord as a young age. Now both have a responsibility to make the world better, and they have managed to fulfill it.


At the Royal Palace and Ba Sing Se

It was months later and I visited the Royal Palace, then I remembered me and Zuko, before this, we use to talk about things like fighting and playing games, but ever since, we've taken important roles, no more of that anymore. I was walking down the Royal Palace to meet him about our plan when we meet Kuei, but by when I went to the Meeting Room, I saw him and some generals, I was surprised and wanted to know what he's doing, I entered the room anxious to know what's going on, as I step in and he stopped. I spoke.

"Zuko, remember what we said, no generals, no somebody, it's up to me, you, and the Earth King." I shouted for everyone to know. "How dare you defy me?"

"Aang, no, no. Me and the generals are talking about the Fire Nation and how we are to assemble the military and built the power of the military." Zuko responded. "I'm not defying you and plus I send you an invitation to come, well you must have not get it."

"Oh. Sorry so what's the talk about, how is it going?" I said. "Well, I was thinking, why don't you put it to the original way and limit use of taxes and military and give the people rights at least."

"Aang is absolute right, General Shu, I need you to do a task, send the military a call back to the base, which is to the main base and I have news to announce, second, send a call out to the people saying that the Fire Nation's powers have changed." Zuko announced.

"Yes, Sir Fire Lord Zuko." Shu replied then he whispered to himself. "I hate this, I will change it, I will put the world back to war, I will bring back Ozai."

The meeting's over and I had to go to meet Katara back at Ba Sing Se, there she told me that she will make appointments will Earth King Kuei to set-up restoration and back to the way it was before the Hundred Year War. As I make it to the home that we lived before, I see Katara but not Toph, and I go to ask and go inside and sit.

"Where's Toph?" I said. "Wasn't she suppose to still stay or did she run away?"

"She she left to Yu Dao, she's creating a Metalbending school to teach how to bend Metal." Katara responded. "Toph said that this will help in the future and she loves to teach."

"Well good for her. We shall meet her sometimes." Aang said.

Just then, a messenger from the King came to settle the appointment when we were gonna hug, well that was an awkward moment and then he gave the paper and left. It was a message from the King, the King was ready to back and ready when to settle an appointment.

Then a personal message appeared from the King.

" Dear Aang and the rest of Team Avatar,

I have arrived and have now learned how we can make Ba Sing Se and the world a better place now, I would like you all to come and meet me so we can discuss what movement we make soon for the best of all nations.

Sincerely, the 52nd Earth King Kuei "

Well we decided to send him a message back.

"Hi Earth King Kuei,

Let's meet soon like in a week with Zuko and everyone else and we will discuss how to handle it. Hopefully, we will make a movement first for the Fire Nation then for the entire nation. Well, so we will come soon.

Sincerely, Avatar Aang and Katara."

And we send it away to the box to send to the Earth King.

Sokka's leg and a vision

My leg is hurt, it pains me a lot, I can't stop. When will the pain stop, when will I get to leave to help the world, then a thing came in my head that one day, someone will led this world to war again then my head was back to the pain from the leg.


"I'm coming, I'm coming, are you okay? Wow! Well, you should been careful in the battle." Suki said.

"I was, I was but still...." I said.

Well then she brought an ointment and left, I didn't have a chance to said thanks. I was not living in Ba Sing Se, I was living in Kyoshi Island 'cause Suki really wanted to spend time there before she goes with me anywhere in the world and I accepted her for she loves me and I love her and if this she wants, I'll do so.

Then, another vision appeared, a man with a mask, unknown who he is but it seems like a new battle for us or a new battle in the generation cause it show these machines and technology that I've since before, well I'll find out later.

Zuko encounters a vision

A vision I see at night, I call the guards for water and they bring it, but I feel something that makes me feel something and Mai was like being half-dead, half-alive. Then she surprised me but she wondered what has happened to me.

"A vision has encountered to me, about something back but it will happen to me." I said. "I don't know, what should I do?"

"Well, go to sleep, don't worry, if it does. I will be there." Mai said. "Oh yea, and Aang send a message saying next week we have to meet Kuei. Sorry for not telling you before. Well good night."

"Good night!" I replied.

Well I didn't care then, I focus on what to do when I meet Kuei and Aang and about what we should do.

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