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It was a couple of months since the end the War. Team Avatar had defeated Phoenix King Ozai and Azula. Ozai was sentenced to 76 years of prison and Azula was taken to a mental facility at the Earth Kingdom. This story is about Team Avatar and Azula working to destroy the Fire Nation rebells who are planning to kidnapp Firelord Zuko.

Part 1

Azula was sitting at her cell at the Mental Facility Home in the Earth Kingdom. She suddenly heard some guards come in through the halls with an old Water Tribe woman. Surprisingly, it was Hama. Hama told Azula about her meeting with Team Avatar and forcing Katara to bloodbend. The guards who brought Hama into her cell started to whispher to each other: "When is the Water peasant ship leaving to the capital city," said one of the guards. " I don't know, but we need to plot where we'll take the Fire Lord after we kidnapp him" said another guard". Azula knew then that they were rebells who were going to kidnapp the Firelord. In the mental facility, Azula had forgotten about the evil past she lived, and was now certain that she wanted to help the Avatar and her brother. She also realized that her father was a roofless monster who spread evil into her. So after befriending with Hama, Hama agreed to bloodbend her out, but Hama of course knew that she would get caught by the Fire Nation guards. So that night, Hama bloodbended to guards and make them open Azuls's cell. Azula used her firebending to fire jet herself out of the prison and into a nearby Earth Kingdom farm. At the farm, she met an old woman named Shiungi. Azula explained the entire situation about the rebells, who were Fire Nation guards. Shiungi said to her nervously, "Oh dear, my son is a guard at the Fire Nation Royal Palace and if the rebells go to get the Firelord, surely they will ............... oh, dear!!!!!!!!!!! Azula, I will continue on the journey to the Fire Nation with you". "Yes, but we must leave now, or the rebells will catch you and!". Shiungi and Azula left and traveled for weeks until they reached Gaoling, at the southern tip of the Earth Kingdom. At Gaoling, she saw all the soldiers of the mental facility barch into the town square. They ran to Azula and grabbed her, one of the guards told Azula, "We know what your trying to do, but there isn't anything you can do, and we'll make sure that you won't make it to the Southern Water Tribe to go on to ship". Azula yelled " If you think that your so powerful, then how about an Agni Kai, I'm sure that I'll lose. "No Azula, No, your risking to mission, No" said Shiungi. "It's a trap for them, don't worry, in the mean while, you can go buy some supplies for the trip". "Fine", said Shiungi.

The Rest is to be continued in Part 2, so don't worry!

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