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The After Years





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February 26, 2011

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An introduction to Avatar: The After Years.

The Story

Let me start from the beginning, before I start with the rest. My name is Aashan. I live in the capital of the Northern Water Tribe. I didn't always live here. I was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe. My father, Jonnak, was killed in a freak hunting accident when I was seven years old. He and my mother, Kammal, had no other children. Mother swore that she would never remarry. She was part of the second generation of new waterbenders, one of the best, in fact. I should probably explain about that as well. You see, exactly 197 years ago, though not exactly to the day, a terrible war broke out between the Fire Nation and the rest of our world. It was initiated by Fire Lord Sozin, who wiped out the Air Nomads. Avatar Roku, the guardian of our world at the time, had died. The new Avatar was nowhere to be found. The war was then continued by Fire Lord Azulon, and again by Fire Lord Ozai. There were political squabbles, and major battles and small skirmishes, but you can learn all that in history class. The point is, 100 years after the War broke out, the missing Avatar, Avatar Aang, defeated Fire Lord Ozai, put a new Fire Lord, Zuko, in place, and the world entered a time of peace. Aang managed to use a new bending technique known as Energybending to teach others the art of airbending. The Air Nomads, thus, returned. The Southern Water Tribe waterbenders had been previously wiped out by the Fire Nation. Avatar Aang reintroduced waterbending to the South using Energybending as well. The war ended after 100 years, in 100 AG (After Sozin's Comet), and the Southerns were taught some 10 years after. My mother learned from her parents, who were first generation.

That was some history lesson, eh? I'm not cut out for being a teacher, I know that much. Well, the point to all of this nonsense is that my mother, a second generation, taught me the art of waterbending. I had mastered the art by the time I was 9 years old. I was the youngest ever master of waterbending. After this, me and my mother journeyed to the Northern Water Tribe, where I was honored to meet Master Pakku's great niece.

Her name is Hakando. She is not a waterbender, but a firebender. She is a brilliant firebender, as well. I've never seen anyone do some of the things that she has done. She fights with a combination of brutal aggressiveness and cold calculation. When she's not in a fight, however, there's no one who's kinder to anyone on this world.

My best friend is here with me. His name is Kyono. He used to be a pirate, was born to his parents on the sea. He gave it up at the age of 12, when he was stuck in a prison for Piracy. He was let out 2 years later. He then journeyed to the Northern Tribe and met me, and we've been best friends ever since.

And now to the point. Today was my 16th birthday. And I was just told something that will forever change my life and the life of those around me. I am the Avatar. The guardian of the world. The keeper of balance. I am the reincarnation of Avatar Aang.

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