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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The After Years
The After Years
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Avatar: The After Years is a fanon series, written by Dragoniguana. It chronicles the journeys of the newest Avatar, Aashan, a Third Generation New Waterbender, and his attempts to stop total civil war from breaking out in the Fire Nation.


After the War was finished, and peace restored to the world, Aang set out to right the previous wrongs done by the Fire Nation. He journeyed from Nation to Nation, finding willing volunteers to learn the art of airbending. Aang then journeyed down to the Southern Water Tribe, and taught the art of waterbending to the Southerners, using the same method of Energybending, creating a New Generation of Waterbenders. 81 years later, after living a hard, long, and fulfilling life as Avatar, Aang died quietly in his sleep. At that moment, a new Avatar was born in the Southern Water Tribe. His name was Aashan.


Aashan: The newest Avatar. A Third Generation of New Waterbenders, he learned waterbending from his mother Kammal, a Second Generation. He mastered the art at the age of 9. He then journeyed to the Northern Water Tribe, where he lived until he was 16. At this age, he learned he was the new Avatar, and set out to learn the elements.

Hakando: The great niece of Master Pakku. She is not a waterbender, but a firebender. She is an incredible firebender, doing techniques never seen before. She fights with a combination of sheer brutality and cold calculation. However, while cold on the battlefield, there is no one with a warmer heart elsewhere.

Kyono: A 16 year old boy, born on the seas to a pirate mother and father. Convicted at the age of twelve of Piracy, he was in prison for 2 years. After he got out, he journeyed to the Northern Water Tribe, and became Aashan's best friend.

Kammal: Aashan's mother. An incredible Second Generation New Waterbender, she has also saved many a life with her incredible healing skill.


First, Second and third Generations of New Southern Waterbenders (New Waterbenders): The new waterbenders of the Souther Pole, they have established a total government for the South Pole.

New Southern Warriors: The non-bending equivalent of the Southern Waterbenders, they also helped to establish a total government.

New Fire Nation (NFN): The Fire Nation that rose out of the ashes of Sozin's Fire Nation. A peaceful country ruled by great leaders. They have made great technological advancements.

Confederate Regions of the Fire Nation (CRFN): A section of the NFN that has been attempting to secede from the NFN. Lead by a mysterious and violent leader.

The Earth Kingdom: The government of the Earth Kingdom.

The Northern Water Tribe: The Water Tribe that lives at the North Pole.

A Brief Explanation of Energybending in The After Years

Aang, and all Avatars who manage to learn it, have the ability to Energybend. Energybending is the process of bending the energy inside someone. Using this, an Avatar can take away or add bending to someone. However, this form of bending has consequences. An Avatar cannot Energybend indefinitely, and has a limited amount of times they can, before their own spirit becomes overwhelmed. Also, although they can add bending to a non-bender, normal bending rules still apply, and a person can only use 1 form of bending. Note that this should not be regarded as "canon."


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