Azulon's Reign is the third and fourth edition of the Adventures of the Swamp Benders trilogy.


Tho, and Due, where around the age of 20 when Fire Lord Azulon's Reign was slowly coming to an end. Azulon yearly sent the military in the swamp that they lived in, for exotic foods, and creatures, but little did the swamp benders known that the great Fire Lord was about to send his last troupe of men to the swamp. Huu, being about 30 years old at the time heard about why he was sending his men, and he took day by day practicing a new method, never known by any other swamp bender, he developed using waterbending on the plant, since they are full of water, no to mention the swamp is filled with water, plants or not. He carved a wooden mask, to give an identity to the colossal plant monster, and it was as taller that most of the trees in the swamp. While Huu practiced swamp bending, the other Swamp Benders got ready for battle, carving wooden masks, and armor, preparing for the Fire Lord's men. The soldiers arrived on a large boat, and stepped cautiously onto the beach. Tho sounded the alarm, and the swamp benders shot out of the swamp, and began their battle, with a blue of water ships, and fire bolts, the battle was sounded. Commander Yeou was a ruthless man that will stop at nothing, and he had been trusted to lead the mission, and return with Exotic things from the swamp, but he was cautious to step onto the beach, but when he did, he saw something he and his men had never imagined, as the Swamp Monster, crawled out of the swamp, and began a full-fledged attack on the men. With only one swipe of the arm, he knocked the Commander off of the boat. Dripping, and furious, he stepped out of the water, and sent a fire ball right at the wooden mask of the swamp beast, but it very narrowly missed the monster, and the swamp monster sent the entire crew running, as he flung men by men back into the boat. Finally he grabbed the commander, "What are you, what are you doing, how is this possible!", as he to was thrown into the ship. The ship scurried away as the Swamp Benders returned to their swampy home, and prepared for their next run-in with the Fire Nation.


  • This is the last time the Fire Nation visits this swamp.
  • Commander Yeou will return in a future story.

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