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Toph feels the earth
The Adventures of Toph Beifong
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Adventures of Toph Beifong is a fanon story based on the American animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon. This fanon has a what if? plot that focuses on Toph Beifong traveling around the world without Team Avatar.


Tired of her parents bossing her around, Toph ran away to be the greatest earthbender in the world. Meanwhile, she encounters some villains, like Hama, and agents of the Dai Li. She teams up with Ty Lee and a flying boar to help guide her on her journeys. The running gag is that Ty Lee tries to impress a boy, but fails. One of the most popular and funniest episodes when Toph and Ty Lee were forced to enter a dancing party.{{clear}


Good guys

  • Toph Beifong - a young blind earthbender who was tired of her parents' overprotective ways and finally snaps at them and runs away to become the great earthbender of all time. She is the main protagonist of the story.
  • Ty Lee - a young girl from the Fire Nation who uses a special technique that temporarily disables a person's bending abilities.  
  • Boary - a flying boar that is the symbol of the Beifong family. Toph and Ty Lee came across one and kept it as a pet.

Bad guys

  • Dai Li - a group of corrupt earthbenders and the head security of Ba Sing Se. They are of service to Long Feng.
  • Long Feng - the head of the Dai Li and a royal advisor to the Earth King. 
  • Hama - a woman from the Southern Water Tribe who can control water in the body of any living thing.


Season 1 episodes
Tiles Episode No. Episode plot
The Fun Begins 1 Toph must protect a village from a group of bandits.
Ty Lee, the Chi Blocker 2 When Toph gets captured by the Dai Li, Ty Lee comes to her rescue.
The Trap 3

The Dai Li sent Hama to capture Toph and Ty Lee with her bloodbending.

Toph and the Rhythm 4 Toph and Ty Lee meet a strange man who uses music to control the movement of humans.

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