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Team Avatar
The Adventures of Team Avatar
The legendary closure to the legendary show.
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October 8, 2011 - March 27, 2012


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Avatar: The Assassin's Essence


Suki's Story


It has been seven months after the war has ended and Team Avatar is living peacefully in Ba Sing Se. However, there are those who wish to settle the score with our heroes and will do whatever it takes to get it. Join Team Avatar on their adventures in this exciting conclusion to the events of Avatar: the Last Airbender as they travel near and far to end what the worst conflict in history started. This is the first fanon of the Slashverse.


Team Avatar

  • Aang (Zachary Tyler Eisen): The Avatar and the last Airbender. He now has a romantic relationship with Katara. After several months, he has had time to master Energybending, making him the most powerful Avatar in history.
  • Katara (Mae Whitman): The Best Waterbender in the world. She is thrilled to be Aang's girlfriend. She has been living peacefully ever since the War ended.
  • Sokka (Jack DeSena): The boomerang-wielding warrior. Sokka has improved his warrior skills and, together with Piandao, built a new sword. He and Suki still have a very strong relationship.
  • Toph (Jessie Flower): The greatest Earthbender ever. When the War ended, she got a job teaching Metalbending to young Earthbenders.
  • Zuko (Dante Basco): The ruler of the Fire Nation. He has been living a peaceful life with his friends since he became Fire Lord and the War ended. He still has a strong relationship with Mai.
  • Appa (Dee Bradley Baker): Aang's animal guide. He is living with the rest of Team Avatar and is still used as their means of transportation.
  • Momo (Dee Bradley Baker): Aang's pet winged-lemur. He has been living with Team Avatar peacefully as well since the War ended.
  • Suki (Jennie Kwan): The head of the Kyoshi Warriors. Although she still leads them, she hasn't seen her fellow warriors since the War ended. However her strong relationship with Sokka and her friendship with the rest of the team has kept her in Ba Sing Se.
  • Mai (Cricket Leigh): The formerly dull, knife-throwing expert. She is the newest member of Team Avatar. She and Zuko still have a very close relationship. Being around her new friends and seeing the peace that the world has without the War has made her less gloomy and depressing.
  • Ai (Kim Mai Guest): A former Ba Sing Se Resistance member. Ai is a very compassionate and caring person. Although she comes from Omashu, Ai is a Waterbender due to her mother being from the Northern Water Tribe. She joined Team Avatar on their quest after she met them again on Ember Island.
  • Kato (Logan Miller): An expert swordsman who admires the other members of Team Avatar. He is sly and cool, even in battle. He also has a crush on Toph.

Jun's Forces

  • Jun (Fred Tatasciore): The evil, mysterious, Energybending, villain of the story. He is pure evil and his ultimate goal is to kill Team Avatar. He is also a Firebender.
  • Azula (Grey DeLisle): The mentally insane former princess of the Fire Nation. She has escaped her confinement in the infirmary she had been locked away in and has one main goal: to kill Zuko and Katara for making her this way.
  • Hong Wu (Steve Blum): Jun's greedy, cowardly right-hand man. He secretly despises his master and wishes to take his place by any means necessary. He is very skilled with knife throwing.
  • Mongke (Malachi Throne): The former leader of the Rough Rhinos and one of Jun's top henchmen. He wishes to kill Team Avatar very much. He is also a former member of The Rebels.
  • Zhao (Jason Isaacs): The bad-tempered Admiral. He has returned to fight Team Avatar alongside Jun. His Firebending skills have improved ever since his defeat at the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Long Feng (Clancy Brown): The former head of the Dai Li. He has also come back with a vengeance and is determined to kill Team Avatar.

Sons of Ozai

  • Banhen (Mark Hamill): The leader of the Sons of Ozai. He is a master Firebender who not only wishes to kill Team Avatar, but also sees Jun as a threat and wishes to kill him as well.
  • Jin (Courtenay Taylor): The second-in-command of the Sons of Ozai who has somewhat of a grudge against Banhen for humiliating her in an Agni Kai.
  • Mung (Daniel Riordan): The ruthless Admiral formerly stationed in Jang Hui.
  • Chao (James Sie): One of the Sons of Ozai's top soldiers.


  • Iroh (Greg Baldwin): The wise grandmaster of the Order of the White Lotus. While not a member of Team Avatar, he gives them wise advice and sometimes accompanies them. He is still close with his nephew, Zuko.
  • Omar (Fred Tatasciore): Former leader of the Ba Sing Se resistance who has taken over as leader of the Council of Five.
  • Ty Lee (Olivia Hack): The bubbly, Chi blocking Kyoshi Warrior.
  • Lin: An Earthbending friend of Team Avatar. His sister is Ling.
  • Ling: A friend of Team Avatar who is skilled with blades. Her brother is Lin.
  • Cheng: Another Earthbending friend of Team Avatar who loves the idea of freedom.
  • Li: A former Fire Nation soldier.
  • Loki: Another friend of Team Avatar's who is a Firebender.
  • Schiva: A Firebending friend of Team Avatar
  • Ping (Nolan North): A former Boiling Rock prisoner who is Omar's friend.
  • Ursa (Jen Cohn): Zuko's long lost mother.
  • Piandao (Robert Patrick): Sokka's master and the greatest swordsman in Fire Nation history.


The Adventures of Team Avatar Chapters: Book 1

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The Adventures of Team Avatar Chapters: Book 2

A Trip to Kyoshi Island - Rise to Power - Temptation - Cold-Blooded Revenge - The New Member - The Wrath of Xian, Part 1 - The Wrath of Xian, Part 2 - Making the Final Preparations - Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 1: Death and Betrayal - Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 2: Sons of Ozai

The Adventures of Team Avatar Chapters: Book 3

The Boy With the Swords - Night of the Lang Ren - In the Woods - Freedom Run - The Return of Xian - Family Reunion - Thoughts and Memories - The Conspiracy - The Final Battle, Part 1: Old Friends - The Final Battle, Part 2: Behind the Mask - The Final Battle, Part 3: The Arrival of the Storm - The Final Battle, Part 4: The Fall of Jun


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