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The Adventures of Qi
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The Legend of Korra

The Adventures of Qi is the sequel to The Legend of Korra and explains the events revolving around the new, Earth Kingdom Avatar. It will span for 3 books, each containing 15 chapters.


All of the chapters in one book are written by Avatarfan0102 before the premier of a book. Book One has already been written and is currently being released. At this moment, the author is currently writing the first half of Book two. The first two chapters of Book One were released on the 11th January 2015 and the author is hoping to be able to release the first two chapters of Book Two in late April or early May. One chapter will be released every Sunday unless the author is away or if there is a two-parter.


The Adventures of Qi follows a seventeen-year-old airbender and several of her friends. It is set 60 years after the events of The Legend of Korra and starts the day after Avatar Korra's death. Qi has been tasked with finding the new Earth Kingdom-born Avatar and bring him or her back to Republic City. However, not everyone supports the Avatar, and soon, a new villain is out to destroy the embodiment of peace and light. The question is: how?


Main Characters


  • Qi: A seventeen-year-old airbending master and granddaughter of Jinora and Kai. Qi is the main protagonist.
  • Huo: A seventeen-year-old firebender who is tasked with finding the Avatar with Qi.
  • Maia: A seventeen-year-old earthbender and the sister of Liu. She joins Qi and Huo on their trip to find the Avatar.
  • Liu: A seventeen-year-old waterbender and the brother of Maia. He joins Qi and Huo on their trip to find the Avatar.


  • Aimei: The Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. She has sworn to destroy the Avatar for what a previous life did to Ozai.

Recurring Characters

Book One Characters

  • Cici: A master waterbender and the best friend of Aimei. She and three others travel the Earth Kingdom in search of the Avatar.
  • Sha: A master earthbender and a friend of Aimei. He and three others travel the Earth Kingdom in search of the Avatar.
  • Wang: A master airbender and a friend of Aimei. He and three others travel the Earth Kingdom in search of the Avatar.

More characters will be added as the series expands.

Book One

Qi and her colleague is tasked with finding the Avatar. Their journeys take them around the whole Earth Kingdom from Ba Sing Se to the State of Yi. However, they are not the only ones searching for the Avatar...a group of top-notch benders are also on the hunt for the Avatar...but why?

Chapter Chapter Name Date of Release
1 "The Task" 11th January 2015
2 "Old Enemies" 11th January 2015
3 "Scorching Sand" 18th January 2015
4 "The Walled City" 25th January 2015
5 "Rescue Mission" 25th January 2015
6 "Earth King Shoo" 1st February 2015
7 "Village of Hope" 8th February 2015
8 "The Fate of Yi" 15th February 2015
9 "Journey to the South" 22nd February 2015
10 "Avatar Korra" 1st March 2015
11 "The Curse Begins" 8th March 2015
12 "Spirit Guru" 22nd March 2015
13 "Race Against Time" 29th March 2015
14 "Escape From Omashu" 12th April 2015
15 "The Wrong Hands" 12th April 2015

Book Two

Book Two is hopefully going to be released on the 26th April 2015.

The following will be featured:

  • The Fire Nation
  • Fire Lord Otaku
  • Lord Iroh II
  • Raava
  • The Boiling Rock
  • Chapter 10 to be centred on Meili and the war between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation

The following might be featured:

  • Aimei's history with her father
  • Chapters 8 and 9 to be narrated from Aimei's point of view
  • Civil War
  • Omashu
  • A new element
  • A master with the ability to bend two elements
  • Spirit World
  • Wan Shi Tong
  • Liu to be a recurring character instead of a main character
  • Kuvira
  • Introduction to the main antagonist for Book Three
  • A new main character from the original "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Series
Chapter Chapter Name Date of Release
1 "Enter the Flame" 26th April 2015
2 "Antagonists" 26th April 2015
3 "The Metal Chamber" TBA
4 "The Monarch's Daughter" TBA
5 "Rising From the Ashes" TBA
10 "TBA" TBA
11 "TBA" TBA
12 "TBA" TBA
13 "TBA" TBA
14 "TBA" TBA
15 "TBA" TBA

Book Three

Book Three is going to be released after Book Two.

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