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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Adventures of Hope the Earthbender
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The Adventures of Hope the Earthbender takes place in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, and arenas all around the four nations. It all starts with Hope, a skilled Earthbender who doesn't mess around, who was sparring with his friend when a shadowed girl pops out of the floor and challenges Hope. He quickly realizes that this shadowed person attacking him is his friend. The battle didn't take long and ended with Hope's defeat. He managed to escape, however, and ran home to relax and regain his strength. When he feels confident in his powers again, he returns to the same arena for a rematch. Doing well, Hope manages to gain himself a spot in the final match, but before one of the two contestants can decide the match in their favor, a man interrupts the battle by smashing the rocks the two contestants were hurling at each other. This man turned out to be Omar, an elite earthbender, who was looking to recruit Hope for the national team of earthbenders.

Intrigued and flattered by this offer, Hope accepted and joined the team with many others. With Omar as a coach, Hope dreams of becoming rich on famous among all the nations.


  • Hope - the main character and skilled earthbender. He recently became part of the national team of Earthbenders, pursuing his dream of becoming one of the rich and famous in the world.
  • Mekono - main character and an earthbender.
  • Isha - main character and an earthbender.
  • Boulder - Hope's pet, named after his all time earthbending idol "The Boulder".
  • Omar - a retired professional Earthbending fighter, who left his fighting days behind to become the coach of the national team of Earthbenders, where he trains promising, young Earthbenders to become the best of the nation.
  • Razion - a Firebending rival.
  • Kaz - even though they are opponents, this waterbender befriended Hope.
  • Tenzin - a young airbender that participates in the competitions as an opponent to Hope.


  • Katara - one of the world's most powerful waterbenders and Tenzin's mother.
  • Toph - after saving the world from destruction, this powerful earthbender hosted a tournament for all benders to find out who is the best.
  • Cabbage merchant - this vendor of cabbages is in charge of the food supply during the tournaments.
  • Xu - he has a booth at the stadiums where he sells souvenirs.

One time appearing character

  • Aang - the current Avatar and guardian of the nation.


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