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It was midnight. The pieces had come together, and the celebration had commenced! With fireworks, waterslides, skydiving, and one groundbreaking discovery about to be released to the public, it promised to be a day like no other! An hour later, the guests began to arrive.

The announcer, a tall, proud man in his forties stepped forward, and said, "Welcome! Welcome, to the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Hundred Year War!"

The crowd screamed in joy and excitement. As one man thought, Every time this announcer comes, it's one surprise after another! I can't wait to see what he does next!

The announcer signaled the men in the back of the stage with a simple hand gesture, disguised as a wave, and they, being firebenders, lit the fuses of the fireworks. As they flew into the air, the announcer raised his arms in welcome, creating a spectacular sight indeed.

Once the crowd quieted down, the announcer stated, "As many of you know, I am Dasheng. Both in name and meaning! Today, you will receive the world's first glimpse into the eyes of an earlier world... the world right before the war of a hundred years!"

Members of the crowd looked around, confused at what the man, Dasheng, was saying.

One man called out, "What are you talking about!?"

Dasheng called back, "I am talking about the journals of citizens, the logbooks of captains, and the letters of soldiers! I am talking about the writings of scholars! I am talking about the story of what happened the years before the war!"

The crowd looked shocked at this revelation, as no one had ever heard of anything like this happening before. BEFORE the war!? One man thought in surprise, Why, that's impossible! We never found anything even remotely like what this man is saying... did we?

Dasheng took a small pocketbook out of his jet black coat, and was about to start reading, when suddenly...


The stage seemed to implode, the floor giving way, and the backdrop falling in. Many people could hear nothing but the screams of agony and pain coming from the workers and people in the front rows.

When the dust finally settled, and the rubble was gone through, Dasheng was nowhere in sight.


  • This part of the story was originally called Who goes there, but this was changed when ScholarOfTheDesert decided to change the introduction.
  • There are some references to things from both canon series, such as it being a "revelation", and the jet black coat. Some were intentional, some not.
  • Dasheng's opening line is an altered version of the iconic Hunger Games line.

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