Great Divide
That One Evening (TLCA)
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1: Opening Up


The Beginning



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June 19, 2015

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The Following Day


An event happens that causes a chain reaction; some short term consequences, and A LOT of long term consequences. It all happened on THAT ONE EVENING. THAT ONE EVENING set off the biggest change in the century.


Several weeds were rolling across the barren land that wears the name the Great Divide, given by the people that fear it.

That was the place where it happened.

It was at night, around 10 o'clock to be precise. There were three people in the barren wasteland, but if someone would walk by, if someone would do that (not), he/she wouldn't recognise any facial features. That was good for one of the people, since his facial features were shit. His eyes were watery and his clothes were burned. The remains of his skin were flying through the air, and some of his bones were visible. He was falling apart. Literally. He sat there on his knees, yelling his lungs out. His life had no meaning anymore. His sense of existence was fading every second he was there, yelling all the way until the end.

The other person, a woman, was standing behind him, tears in her eyes. Even though she knew a reaction like this would happen, she didn't expect such an extreme one. She was holding back waves of tears, and her whole body was shaking. The man that stood beside her was totally calm, not moving at all, just enjoying the show.

When the final breaths of the man were escaping, he said to the woman, "Just know, I always lo—" He couldn't finish the sentence and died right there on the spot.

The woman couldn't hold back her tears any more and cried. She fell forward, hands over her eyes, and cried. She cried like a heavy storm on a winter night. It just kept on coming, there was no stop to it. When her eyes were red and her body stopped shaking, she turned to the man and said, "Nobody will ever find out what happened here, so I need no witnesses." With that said, she took out a knife and stabbed the man right through his heart. He fell backwards onto the hard stone ground, his last breaths escaping quickly without a sound. "Having no witnesses includes myself, so I need to do what I need to do," she said while picking up the knife and repeating the movement she actually feared, now that it came down to the moment. "What has been started, needs to be finished. May the next hunt be fun for my successor, and the worst nightmare for my love in his next life." That were her last words before she slumped onto the cold ground, sleeping for the final time.

She, the man who had cried his heart out, and the silent witness had paid their price for living. They each had secrets that would never come to light. And what happened that night set off the biggest chain reaction in the century. A chain reaction that would change the world forever.

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