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Thandao Zhou, also known as Tad or The Vaultmaster, is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He runs an institution in the Fire Nation called "The Vault," which serves as a place to honor distinguished warriors, soldiers and mercenaries.


Thandao Zhou was an elderly man who was in charge of the Vault (as Kaddo said it, he's the boss) as of 120 AG, when Avatar Aang and his friends and family came to the Fire Nation Capital to visit Fire Lord Zuko. Katara and Aang were mainly in town to see Zuko, but Sokka wanted to be present when his former teacher Piandao was initiated into the "hall of fame of swordsmanship" at the Vault.

Team Avatar, the children and Master Piandao arrived at the Vault earlier than expected, so Tad gave them a tour and told stories of the famous warriors who were featured there. He butted heads with Katara when she pointed out that most of the exhibits were from the Fire Nation, which Tad did not see as a problem. In the last room that they reached, Aang wondered off and stared into the eyes of a statue, waiting for it to talk to him. After Katara shook him out of this trance, Tad pointed out that this was one of Aang's past lives. Aang realized that he must have something to learn from this Avatar and asked Tad for directions to a shrine in the Cave of the Ancients, where he might be able to communicate. Tad was happy to assist with this, although he did not know the exact location.

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