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The Sages Apprentice

Tetsuri is a minor character in Avatar: Legend Of Fire and one the strongest and most respected students in the Fire Sage's Temple located in the capital city. He's very popular among the other apprentices and constantly harasses Takeo just for the heck of it. He is always seen with one of the other strong and respected students- Hetsuki. The two are inseparable and spend their days harassing other apprentices and managing to get away from trouble, only due to the influence of their family and their status. He apparently doesn't want to become a sage and was only sent to the temple as a punishment from his father due to his disrespectful attitude and his disregard for others, apparently since he has been in the temple, Tetsuri's bending abilities grew so much his father started respecting him and the temple and began donating funds to the temple, which in turn earned Tetsuri the respect of the teachers and elders in the temple.



Tatsuri was born into a very prestigious, famous and rich family. His father is a business owner who owns almost the entire nations merchant companies and ship. Being raised in a noble home, with servants pampering his every whim and his father buying him anything he wanted, he got spoiled like many. He began to take advantage of his fathers money and good will and started talking back and being purely disrespectful. Seeing that his son was turning into an annoying, spoiled and untrustworthy brat, Tatsuri's father became concerned that a child like that could never take over the family business and so he began hiring tutors and teachers to keep him in line. However, being the spoiled brat that he was, he constantly disregarded them and didn't listen to them; however he showed much of his cunning mind in his childhood when he would get them fired by blaming something on them or tricking them into breaking some rule.

Seeing that his son was only getting worse, he sent him away to train in the military, only to get sent back due to his laziness and bribery of higher officers. Seeing no hope at all for his son, he was about to give up until he heard that the Fire Sages temple was looking for apprentices to learn spiritually and everything about the world from bending to history. Seeing this as a perfect chance to educate and discipline his son, he sent Tatsuri off to the temple. When this happened Tatsuri was a mere nine years old and was quite spoiled, to such a degree that he actually felt insulted that the monks didn't pamper him or give him any special treatment. No matter what he did, the sages didn't send him home, only got stricter with him and punished him with more training. Because of the high amount of chaos he would cause in the temple, he got so much extra training that he only has it to thank for his great Firebending abilities nowadays.

He quickly befriended another boy from a family of high stature named Hetsuri and the two saw themselves above the rest. However, once they saw that the Great Sage gave special treatment to a boy named Takeo they got angry that he was held in higher regard than them and started bullying him. However, upon seeing that Takeo was a powerful bender, much beyond his abilities they began to bully and attack him even more, trying to repress and depress him out of becoming stronger than them. Once Tatsuri returned for a week to his house when he was 15 and showed his father how powerful and smart he got his father began respecting the teachings of the monks and began donating large sums of money to the temple. This led to Tatsuri and Hetsuri getting respect and praise from all the elders, who wanted more money to help the temple expand, grow and make better conditions for everyone to live in it. They became feared by all of the students as two of the most powerful kids in the temple and the most influential. They began bullying everyone and putting everyone down, leading the two of them to become disliked by many kids in the temple, but still feared. Tetsuri however, still doesn't wish to become a sage and once he reaches eighteen and his apprenticeship officially ends, he'll return home to live the same noble life style as before.



Tetsuri is one of the strongest children in the Fire temple and can easily be considered an adept of his element. He can produce very powerful charged blasts that can level entire walls, but on the other hand his fast jabs and fireballs are quite weak compared to others. Due to him being bulkier then other kids in the temple, he can easily overpower most of them, but due to his muscles his speed suffers and he can be outrun by some. Tetsuri can also produce very intense streams of flames and can create rings of fire around himself for protection. He can overpower several benders at once and hold his ground against a master Firebender for a brief amount of time.

Other Abilities

Tetusri shows a unique ability to lie without detection. He's sly, cunning and at times sadistic and cruel to others. He shows the ability to completely disregard other people's emotions as well as his own and make up his own little world. However, he's quite smart; being capable of bending fire on a high level at such a young and being capable of putting up a façade for his father and the sages. He also seems to be capable of making up a complete fabrication on the spot if asked, without even the slightest hint of hesitation or remorse.


  • Tetsuri will have a very minor role if any in the other books

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