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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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March 11, 2014

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Talking: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph

Aang: "I'm...I'm alive...I made it..."

Katara: "Aang! You're alive! Thank god! Ungh!"

Sokka: "WOAH Katara, take it easy. You have some broken ribs."

For length reasons, Sokka summarizes everything that happened to the gaang from the end of episode 6 to now.

Sokka: "...and then Aang entered the Avatar State and broke the entire ROOF! That's when you woke up. You know the rest, so now we're here."

Aang: "You guys knew er, thought I was dead?"

Toph: "Yeah. We thought you were a goner for sure Twinkle Toes."

Aang: "I'm just glad that Katara and I are still here."

Speaking: All Bristaljos, and some other secret characters...

Former General: "Uhh... what the heck...?"

Announcer: "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... The former general of the Bristaljos army will now be pitted against... THE KEESH..."

Crowd: *Gasps in horror*

Announcer: "That's right, THE Keesh! Also, we have a special guest to be here for this event tonight. Please welcome our very own... Overlord!!!"

Crowd: *Cheers extremely loudly*

Announcer: "Release the Keesh!"

Former General: "Oh crud..."

A large metal portcullis begins to slide open and once free, the Keesh bounds forth.


At the sight of the Keesh, the former general scrambles to his feet and runs for his life. His efforts a failure, the Keesh eats him whole in one gulp. Size comparison: K. K = Keesh . = person.

Lord: "That was... entertaining."

Meanwhile, in the hive...

General: "Dr. Viddicus, how goes the genetic research?"

Dr. Viddicus: "It goes quite well general. We have made advancements."

General: "What kind of advancements?"

Dr. Viddicus: "We have found out how to alter the humans' genetic code. This opens up infinite possibilities!"

General: "That's the best news I've heard all day. Can you manipulate the humans' "bending"?"

Dr. Viddicus: "Of course. In fact, we have some compounds test-ready that can do just that."

General: "Then test it now. I want to see it."

Dr. Viddicus: "Well, it still needs to be refined a little more..."

General: "You will do as I say Dr. Viddicus."

Dr. Viddicus: "Yes sir, but I will warn you... this is very unstable."

General: "Enough dither! Just do it!"

Dr. Viddicus: "Please, follow me to the test chamber."

Dr. Viddicus leads the general to a dimly-lit chamber centered around a large hollow comb. Beside the comb are Teo and a temple villager curled inside stasis combs. Dr. Viddicus inserts the tube of compounds into a slot in the wall. He then pushes the button beneath the slot, and a glass window seals the slot, and the tube clicks as the machine loads it.

Dr. Viddicus: "Now to transfer one of the subjects."

Dr. Viddicus: "Comb 2 merge with main comb for 10 seconds and then separate."

Teo's comb does just as Dr. Viddicus instructed. It merged with the main comb and then separated. The main comb then drained the fluid that was transferred by Teo's comb. Once the fluid was removed, Teo woke up.

Teo: "Wuh.. who? No! I'm still trapped with you freaks! Someone's gotta help me! They're gonna kill me! HELP!"

General: "Have one of your scientists look at the effects of stasis fluid on the human nervous system."

Dr. Viddicus: "Yes sir. Now, the machine is done turning the compounds to gas. Which means we can now gas the comb, and see what happens!"

A thick, purple gas begins to flood the chamber, and Teo begins to scream and convulse. Just as Teo starts to mutate, the gas makes the comb opaque.

Teo: "NOOOOoooggggaagkkk..."

After Teo's final convulsion, there is an eerie silence. Then, Teo speaks.

Teo (Dark voice): "The power... I can feel it running through my blood! I can bend too! I feel it..."

Dr. Viddicus: *Astonished face* "I'd say that was successful test run."

General: *Evil smile* "Dr. Viddicus, you are a genius..."

Author's note

Up next: The season finale, FREAKBENDERS!!! Don't miss it!

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