By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Teru ANU
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Unknown breed

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13 D.Y (4 months in puppy form)

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Team Avatar, Teen Titans

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Final Countdown

Teru is a kind hearted mongrel whom is able to change his form from a more teenaged form to a small pup. He mainly uses this for purposes like hiding away since the pup form is a lot smaller, yet despite this in extreme stress or fear he can't change out of his form until he calms down and has better control.

S.F.C Arc

He first appearance was during the whole Raviente event. He was trapped in his younger form, too stressed to change. Luckily he was spotted and rescued by Kyoushiro

Colossi Arc

Teru shows up afterwards a day later trying to wake up his savior. After Kyoushiro woke up though and got panicked, Teru explains his ability to him so he wouldn't think he slept over years instead of just one day.

Though he wasn't supposed too, he shrinks down into his other form and acts like "special baggage" for Kyoushiro to bring, so he can help fight Cenobia. When he was caught though, he kept trying to convince Kyoushiro to let him do this, and he jumps in anyway at one point, nearly getting killed.

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