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Teru GDA
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Fire Nation

Birth place

Kurohabaki Island

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information

Deceased father


Kurohabaki clan, Toph

Chronological and political information



Kurohabaki Clan


Marsamune, Usanda

First appearance

Book 3: Fire ~ Kurohabaki -

Teru is a very agile ninja dog that lives on Kurohabaki Island. He trained himself for agility after hearing of the Dai Le in Ba Sing Se.

Book 3: Fire

Teru first appears riding the Ballsnatcher, Hiro, to check up on Toph and Kyoushiro. Kyoushiro introduces Toph to him, saying of him as número UNO as specialized ninja. He somehow gets Toph's nickname right, calling her The Badger-mole Girl. He gives Toph a hand out of the spring and went off to get some cloth for Toph.

When they reached the tree of life, Teru showed Toph the way inside and he guides her to Marsamune. After some talking, he was told to bring Toph to the water branch so she can rest and heal.

He also took a big part in helping Usanda escape from the prison. He helped make an escape root from a strong rope and a sharp blade, and made a tipe rope for the group to cross the lake unharmed.

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