By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Terror Blade
Terror Blade
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Terror Blade is a TT Universe character who was made into joining the S.C.P. He is a strong and talented swordsmen, since his hand has been fused into a deadly sword during a point in his life. He began life normal but he was taken in by some crazy scientists and transfused with metal. He managed to escape but he wanted revenge on the place, which he managed to get thanks to Slenderman. However, it wasn't until after that he was told as apart of the deal, he had to join the SCP, which he had to accept.

Avatar: New Universe II

He first appears with his Metal Men at his command to start off the whole trouble. he orders his men to pin down the Freedom Fighters as bait for the rest of the team.

Arc 2

He appears later with his metal men again when HoundDoom comes back. When Azula demands a revenge fight with Zuko, he lets her do it, despite all the denial from the others. He whispers to Glaze that all she had to do is knock Zuko off the cliff to win so he wasn't as worried, though he didn't count on her regaining her memory in it.

He doesn't appear until much later, when he and Plague managed to kidnap the titans east.

Arc 3

As before, he hardly appears until the end, when the escape occurs. He was called in by Slenderman to fight off the teams, and he chooses to have a duel with Sokka. During this duel, he manages to slice into Sokka's arm, nearly slicing it in two. When Slenderman has Sokka, Aang and Althea wrapped up, he almost slices them to bits when he gets thrown back by Jinx's anti-bending.

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