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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Story of Terra Heng.

Terra Heng is an Earthbender from the Taku village and a refugee from the Fire Nation. She stars in her own fanon story called The Story of Terra Heng.


Background StoryEdit

Terra was born in the big city of Taku. Taku was known for its herbs and the herbalist's institute, where all of the Earth Kingdom soldiers and warriors would go to get healed up. Terra was one of the few people in the city who had the ability of earthbending. Taku was a very peaceful city and no wars went on in the city. But when the Fire Nation soldiers came to the city and ruthlessly destroyed almost everything in its surroundings, it is now a ruin. Not many people live there and only a couple people from the raid survived and continued living on in the city.

Book one: My HomeEdit

Prologue Part 1Edit

Terra was told never to go out of the city and if she did, there will be dire consequences. Terra grew up in a life of no adventure. She wanted to get out of the city, so one day, when she turned 15, she snuck out of the house and explored the thick Taku jungles. The jungles had so many lores and tales about monsters and evil spirits that lived there. A man saw her and armed himself with Earth. He called out to her and Terra, knowing that she's in trouble.


Haru, the man who followed Terra to Taku City.

She ran back to the city, hoping to get there with out getting caught. She reached the city with no problems, but the man secretly followed her.

The man followed her to her home, because he was in search of food and shelter. Terra and her family heard a knock on their door and her parents opened it, while trying to get away quietly, the man revealed himself and said that his name was Haru. Terra recognized him from the jungle and ran to her room as fast as she can. Haru then told Terra's parents about what happened at the jungle and her parents gasped at the thought of their defenseless daughter, going into the jungles alone. Terra was shown to get a big punishment after and Haru looked for her. Haru asked her if she wanted to go with him to an adventure and help her free some villages the Fire Nation captured, Terra declined, telling him that her parents wouldn't allow it. Terra then asked him why he was asking her this. Haru told her that her parents said to him that she was an earthbender and he did not want to go alone. It was also certain that Haru took an interest on Terra.

Prologue: Part 2Edit

Haru tries to convince Terra's parents that she'd be an excellent partner for his team that he's forming.


Taku's remains, Terra's birthplace and childhood home


In the beginning of the story, Terra was revealed to be a shy, young, obedient teenage girl with no social abilities. Terra doesn't like being the center of attention and likes being very anti-social. When people talk to her, she tends to be very mean and snappy.

While traveling around the Earth Kingdom with Haru, she becomes more open and accepting. But when Haru and Terra both met Huo, a former Earth Kingdom inhabitant and now a Fire Nation Solider, Terra closed herself up again, fearing that Huo might do something bad to her if she ever told him her past.

When Terra reluctantly teamed up with Haru and Huo, they all decided to go back to the small Earth Kingdom cities and save them from the Fire Nation's grasp. Terra and Huo were shown to have many moments together as partners and Huo even saved Terra's life, thus earning Terra's trust.



Being born from ancestors who had the ability to earth bend, Terra learned to master the forms of Earthbending. She stated once that she'd like to learn a bit of metal bending.



It is said that she is very skilled with a dagger. The dagger is a memento from her grandfather who gave it to her for her 12th birthday before he died.

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