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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Legend of Terra.

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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se




274 AG

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Hair color


Eye color

Light-Red (Originally Light-Green)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Energy, Dark-Energy


Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Energy, Dark-Energy, Combat (Cont. on the left)


Kuaile, Xi Wang, Korra, Leng Huo, Zai Yiqi, Yong Yuan, Kuatai, Piao


Kuaile, Xi Wang, Korra, Zai Yiqi, Yong Yuan, Kuatai, Piao, Pingbi, United Republic, more...


Leng Huo, Fire Nation

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Team Avatar




Kuaile, Xi Wang


Alive (by the FN)

First appearance

"The Legend of Terra"

Terra's Bending Abilities Edit

Key: This italic slant means it is a new ability (Compared to that of the canon version of the Avatar Universe, which means this is likely to change).

Natural Born Abilities Edit

Earthbending Edit

  • Earthbending: The ability to bend earth.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Metalbending: The ability to bend metal by sensing the impurities within it.

Note: In Terra's case, she's the only Earthbender who can bend platinum.

Firebending Edit

  • Firebending: The ability to bend fire.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Lightning: The ability to create or reflect lightning.
  • Lavabending: The ability to bend lava.

Note: Only the Avatar can Lavabend, because one must have the ability to Earth and Firebend.

Airbending Edit

  • Airbending: The ability to bend air.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Soundbending: The ability to create/remove sounds, sonic blasts, and to use echolocation.
  • Spacebending: The ability to create a vortex that sucks everything in its path out of the way or into space by making it point up.

Note: Only people who mastered Airbending can create a vortex.

Unique Abilities Edit
  • Dark-Spacebending: The ability to create one or more black holes by having massive amounts of compressed air and energy at a certain point or points.
  • Lightbending: The ability to create or take away light around one or more areas by bending the air, so that no light can get in or out.

Note: Only Terra can Lightbend and create black holes (Since she invented both of the moves herself, after Leng Huo gave her Dark-Energybending).

Waterbending Edit

  • Waterbending: The ability to bend water.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Bloodbending: The ability to control a person/animal/plant by manipulating the water within it.
  • Healing: The ability to heal wounds.
  • Icebending: The ability to freeze water.

Energybending Edit

  • Energybending: The ability to bend energy.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Infobending: The ability to give or take bending/knowledge away.
  • Lifebending: The ability to give life, or to take it away.

Unnatural Abilities Edit

  • Dark-Energybending has the same abilities as the regular Energybending does, but basically with added abilities. These were given to Terra by her sister, Leng Huo (who until then was the only Dark-Energybender).

Dark-Energybending Edit

  • Dark-Energybending: The ability to manipulate Dark-Energy, and as a bonus feature, the ability to sense the amount of wrong-doing a person has done through their projected aurora of energy around said person. Doing this requires a bender to have "Darkened Eyes" (2 irises and pupils {The inner pupil/inner iris/outer pupil/outer iris} per eye). The only known people that can do this are Leng Huo and Terra.
Sub-Bending Abilities Edit
  • Dark-Infobending: The ability to read minds and to give or take memories away.
  • Dark-Lifebending: The ability to turn anything into stone by "feeding" on its' energy (if it's an animal, then one can consume its' spirit). Since the bender is getting more energy, it makes the bender stronger, because they create and focus more chakra. Since there are no previous Avatar's of her type, this is how Leng Huo can trigger her Avatar state (Same thing goes for the very first Avatar, but they used regular Energybending). The only known people who can do this are Leng Huo and Terra.

Note: Although Terra has the Dark-Lifebending ability by getting it from her sister, she can only "feed" on energy with her eyes. Leng Huo, on the other hand, can do it with any part of the body, but she prefers to do it psychically.

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