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By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Terra is a strong earthbender that was transported into Altonia alongside her teammates. She had a lot of trouble with her past when the Titans first met but things are working out as she goes along.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

She first appears alongside Beast Boy when they run into Toph. She rode beast boy down and introduced herself. She asked Toph if everything was okay but that just got Toph boasting. After that, Terra and Toph got onto Beast boy after he turned into a pterodactyl and they fly off.

After a while of traveling, after seeing Toph earth bend, Terra decided to show Toph her stuff by earthbending a boulder to a wall, adding that she was the best. After a few more attempts she ended up using her unique trick and started levitating on a rock platform, something no normal earthbender can do. But after a small childish argument she and Toph decided to have an earthbending match to see who's the best. The fight lasted awhile but no victor was decided since Jinouga stopped the fight. It was after that they found out about them being eligible for the Altonia Starlight Fighting Championship.

For the days that fallowed, she decided one night to ask Toph to be her teacher, Toph agreeing to her delight. But before going back to their campsite, she looked to the plateau and saw A Robed Figure. She didn't bother with it though and went to sleep. The next day, Terra began her training right away. The training started off fairly easy but when Toph made her do it blind, she ended up failing badly.

She arrives to the championship and joins Toph in for the fighting. The instructor said they both are too young and feeble to join yet they nearly beat him up with their earth-bending to join in anyway, showing that they are tough enough to join in.

S.F.C Arc

Terra started her fighting After Toph won the fight with Bat. She went through 4 fights fairly well, but lost in her 5th fight with a ninja. She felt down for a while, but Beast Boy showed her the bright side and she felt better right away.

Colossi Arc

After talking to Xreneus, she goes off to fight her colossi named Pelegia. However before she did meet him, she accidentally runs into Basiliscus. she goes and fights the colossi and during the fight was saved by her old friends Yamato and Hyata. after the fight, she and Hyata travel onward and find Pelegia, which after finding out how to control him, defeats him easily and gains her ultimate form, which gives her the ability to run along any earth-like surface.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Terra was with her team when she was called to a robbery made by the HIVE. She had learned the sensory trick by Toph and uses it to find Porygon-Z.

Avatar: New Universe III

Terra was given the opportunity and reward to create their own world. When they were given time to relax, Terra asks Toph about her training school, and goes on saying that she learned how to sense her surroundings via vibrations. To prove it, she stomps on the ground and senses Zuko just before he came in, proving she does know how to use it.

When they discovered that the triforce is in their world, Terra mainly convinces Xerneas to let them do it saying not only is it their world anyway, but for the fact that making things right is what they do anyway.

As they arrive, it seems Terra was most eager to go and look around, taking the lead for most of the way when they first arrive. During this though, she ended up falling into a Gold Mole hole, and freaked out when she first saw it. After that she continues leading.

She doesn't do very much as they met Risley until they stayed for the night. Terra asks Aang about the reason behind the humans here and she gets the information that he made humans for Kyouga. However she also got his sob story on him being the last of the airbenders, and felt guilty for asking. She tries to comfort him, saying that they might meet them tomorrow, and went off to sleep for tomorrow.

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