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By Duke of Skibbington Part of the Triad Territory continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place



Republic City




191 AG



Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Fire, Air, Water


Jinora, Mako, Asami



Chronological and political information

Suyin (Metal), Opal (Air), Jinora (Spirit)

Tero is an earthbender and the Avatar following Korra. He is faced with the difficult task of compensating for Korra's failure.


Tero was born in 191 AG in the Independent State of Omashu. At age 10, the White Lotus announced his identity early, out of fear of the situation in Republic City. He was then moved to Zaofu with his family where he was taught metalbending by Suyin, airbending by Opal and fire and waterbending from unknown teachers.

In 208 AG, at the age of 15, he travelled to Air Temple Island, where he acted under the command of Air Master Jinora and strove to bring down the triads and unify the Republic.


Tero first mastered earthbending and excelled at metalbending under Suyin's teaching. He was the first Avatar to learn the elements out of the order of the Avatar Cycle, following his earth training with air. Despite air being his natural opposite, he did not have any trouble mastering it and used it as his favoured element. Tero would carry strips of metal for use of metalbending.

His mastery of firebending was great, but he seldom used it, preferring air. Although mastering water, he found its flowing nature a great contrast to the rigidity of earth and preferred to avoid its use unless found in sufficient quantity.


Tero is young and kind-hearted, with a willingness to help. He is tough and adaptable, being able to go from the safety of Zaofu to the dangers of Republic City with very little disruption to his attitude.

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