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Teo Hu
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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


16 (in book 1),17 (in book 2)


May 19th

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Personal information

Father, mother


Ganto, Pedro, Ropa, Saikhan, Lin, Metalbender cops, Aria, Taru, General Fang


Earthbenders from the Island.

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Teo was born in Rich non-bender family in Ba Sing Sei. He and Ganto used to be best friends. Ganto and Teo played games and flied around Ba Sing Se with sky bison, since Ganto and his family had many. When Ganto left to Northern Air Temple Teo was allowed to visit him time to times, but years moved on and Teo and his family moved to Gaoling. When Teo was 16 he left to Republic City. His father sends Teo money for food and bills so he can live in the city.

Book 1:Arrival (autumn)

Teo is very smart, he's just like Ganto. They both like to be free and do what ever they want. Ganto and Teo has many adventures in way to Ba Sing Se and even when they will get back home in Book 2 adventures won't stop. They will struggle to survive.

Book 2:Struggle (Spring)

Teo has grown up a lot, but he's still kinda childish and fun loving teen. He doesn't even know yet, what kind of horrible mistake he did by accepting those tickets...Soon, everything will turn into nightmare.


Teo is simple non-bender, but he can make gliders. Ganto taught him how to make one when they were eleven. Teo loves to glide and see beautiful views.


Ganto: They are best friends and used to do crazy stuff. Even when they are now older many crazy stuff happen to them. Ganto and Teo always have much fun and each time it's adventure they will never forget.

Ropa: Teo and Ropa are friends. Since young age Teo and Ganto used to fly around Ba Sing Se on Ropa.

Pedro: Teo and Pedro are good friend. Teo used to play with Pedro when he was younger, but sometimes he and Ganto also pranked Pedro and then Pedro was really upset and threw apples at them


  • Mother
  • Father

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