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Tenzin is the third child born to Katara and Avatar Aang and an Airbender. He is one of the protagonists of Sons and Daughters and the brother of Sora and Zheng. He is mischievous and prone to scheming, but he is also good-natured.


Tenzin is the youngest child of Avatar Aang and Waterbending Master Katara. His two older siblings are Sora, a Waterbender, and Zheng, a non-bender. He and Sora had planned to go to Republic City with their father, but a summons for the Avatar ensured that they would go alone, at least until Tenzin came up with a plan.

History (S&D)

In the South

Tenzin's hatred of the Southern Water Tribe's climate was clearly evident, as was his excitement at the prospect of visiting Republic City with his father and sister. He debated the merits of the cold weather with his older brother, Zheng, while at the same time making plans to bring his cousin, Kyani, along on the journey. He eventually found out that, due to a summons from the Spirit World, his father would not be going with them. Because of this, Tenzin gleefully changed his plans to include their friends in the Fire Nation as well. Aang, knowing exactly what was going on, warned Tenzin to ask their parents first before just whisking them away, and the young Airbender was forced to comply. Before long, Tenzin and Sora had set out toward the Earth Kingdom on their Sky Bison friend, Teela.

Earth Kingdom Warriors

Tenzin and Sora's first stop was Kyoshi Island to pick up their cousin Kyani. A master swordsman for his age, they found Kyani training. Unbeknownst to them, Toph and her daughter were visiting the island as well, and Chikyuu Bei Fong also wished to join them. Sokka allowed Kyani to go with no hesitation, but Toph, knowing that her daughter was still young, was reluctant. After a little prodding from Tenzin, Sora, and Chikyuu, she consented. Tenzin's plan had one more stop before Republic City

Fire Nation Folly

Tenzin's first stop in the Fire Nation Capitol was Sanaki's house. He and Sora had known Sanaki since they were children, and he hoped that she would be able to come with them. Her parents, Ty Lee and Yun Zhen, had other ideas. They maintained that it was too dangerous with no supervision and refused to let San go. Disheartened by this first failure, Tenzin still moved forward with his plan, meeting Fire Lord Zuko at the front gate of the palace and asking if Crown Prince Lu Ten and Princess Fiora could come. Zuko agreed, and they all went to watch Lu Ten spar his instructor, Master Shoji. It was here that Ty Lee revealed that San would be allowed to go on the condition that they be allowed to keep an eye on them during the World Meeting. With the group finally formed, the seven teens embarked on Teela toward Republic City.


After several days of travel, the children were finally escorted into the city by two airships, and they met the city administrator, a man named Yung.

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