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107 AG

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The New Air Nomads

Tenzin is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is an airbender and the son of Aang and Katara. As the son of the Avatar, Tenzin grew up living at the South Pole, training at the Southern Air Temple and frequently traveled the world with his parents.


Tenzin was born in 107 AG in the Southern Water Tribe to Avatar Aang and his wife Katara. When it became known that he possessed the ability to bend Air, he was taught by his father, who also taught his younger sister Vameira as well as the rest of the new Air Nomads that he granted abilities to with energybending.  While his sister lacked focus on her lessons and struggled with airbending, Tenzin was a prodigy and everyone regarded him as well on his way to becoming an airbending Master.

In the Southern Water Tribe

Tenzin had a banter with Vameira after he stole her glider. He claimed to have done this because his was lost and he needed to use hers. In fact, their father had taken Tenzin's glider with him to the Southern Air Temple by accident. While this was happening, the family was ready to join Aang in visiting Fire Lord Zuko in the Fire Nation after he returned on Appa to pick them up.


Unlike his parents, Tenzin has so far grown up only in an era of peace. He is a fierce and determined young airbender who excels greatly in his element. He is adventurous in spirit but is constantly trying to prove himself. His over-confident attitude which carries into his bending causes him to fight frequently with his younger siblings. As the son of the Avatar, Tenzin feels he will always be in his father's shadow and desires to do something of significance on his own. He is close to his mother but wishes he could spend more time with his father, whom is often busy with his Avatar duties.


  • Aang (father)
  • Katara (mother)
  • Kaddo (brother)
  • Vameira (sister)
  • Sokka (uncle)
  • Suki (aunt)
  • Hinko (cousin)
  • Hakoda (grandfather)
  • Pakku (step-great-grandfather)
  • Kanna (great-grandmother)


  • Tenzin will be Korra's teacher in The Legend of Korra.

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