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Chapter 2 - Tensions

"Shinn run!" shouted Kai

"Save yourself!" shouted Mia.

Shinn watched as they brutally murdered his parents as he was forced to witness it...

Shinn screamed as he jumped up from the bed and quickly fell back down due to his wounds. He looked around to see that the desert was gone and he was in a room from what appeared to be back in the village. A woman entered carrying a bowl of soup, she had brown shoulder-length hair and wore a traditional Earth Kingdom robe.

"Oh you're awake, your wounds were pretty bad I didn't think you'd be awake so soon," she said.

Shinn stared at her, unable to move his eyes. He began to experience a weird feeling something he'd not felt in years.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked blushing.

Shinn came back into reality embarrassed and quickly responded.

"Yeah I'm fine, you're the girl from before aren't you?" he asked.

"Mhm, I found you when I was coming back into town," she said. "By the way what happened? I heard you screaming," she said in a concerned voice.

"It's..It's nothing" Shinn said quietly.

They began to talk as Shinn had a casual conversation for the first time in ages. He found out that the men who attacked him were the 'peacekeepers' of the town. They after being ignored by the government began to punish the people as no one had the strength to fight back.

Their conversation was cut short by a booming voice from the next room. A small stocky boy came into the room, he had short hair and wore some typical peasant's clothes but had a dagger near his chest.

"Hey sis you got dinner on yet!" shouted the boy.

"I'll get it on in a minute we have this guy to look after remember?" the girl responded rolling her eyes.

The boy looked over Shinn before talking. "You'd better heal up quick you may have saved Luia but you're still a freeloader" The small boy walked out.

"Ignore him he's my brother Liu," said Luia. "The doctor will be here soon he'll fix you up."

"You called a doctor?" Shinn said, not used to such hospitality.

"He's a friend he'll fix you up, he's here now."

Luia walked out and came back with a tall thin man, he wore a black shirt opened at the top and had a pair of small glasses. He spoke to Luia, she and Liu left, he sat down next to Shinn.

"Hello I'm the doctor" the man said.

"Doctor isn't a name" Shinn said, wary of the man.

"Shinn is though isn't it?" the doctor responded.

"I wasn't aware you knew about me" An irritated Shinn replied.

"It's my duty to know my patients and I have to say you aren't hard to find out about" The doctor said smiling.

"I wasn't aware of that" Shinn was beginning to get angry.

"Well then you should be fine one last thing I need a blood sample..." the doctor said.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Shinn asked.

"Just let me" the doctor demanded.

Shinn gave in and the doctor did his work. After finishing the doctor quickly left, quite mysteriously as well.

A few days later

Shinn was almost fully recovered and awoke to find Luia and Liu outside confronting a group of cloaked men.

"Just tell us where he is" the men demanded.

"Why what do you want?" Luia said.

The man quickly went for his sword but stopped when he saw Shinn emerge. He smiled as two men jumped from behind him and went to attack Shinn. Shinn quickly dealt with both of them due to his advanced Firebending, amazing Liu and Luia.

The man smiled again and spoke. "So it is you, leaving home so soon Shinn?"

"If your problem is with me leave them alone!" Shinn said charging.

Shinn jumped up and punched the leader in the face who was unaffected and quickly sent him back with a ball of flame. A battle emerged with Liu and Luia revealing their Earthbending, they distracted the cronies while Shinn dealt with the leader.

As Shinn got the upper hand the man's hand glowed and lighting danced around it. He laughed and fired it at the cliff under Luia.

"Choose Shinn," he said as he and his men retreated.

Shinn focused and instead of Firebending the debris away he inadvertently Earthbended a shield over them much to his and their surprise. He debated in his mind how he just Earthbended, he couldn't believe it.

Only the Avatar could bend more than one element, was he the Avatar?

Same time, unknown location

"Do you have it?" a hooded man asked.

"Yes," replied the doctor laying down the cloth with Shinn's blood on it.

Then a man lit it on the fire and the flame went red, next a man Waterbended it and It went blue. Another put some rocks in the flame and it went green and finally a gust of air shot at it and it went white. The men gasped in awe then smiled.

"Gentlemen we've found the real Avatar!" the doctor declared.

"What of the prince, we will be executed if the Lord knew we were mistaken!" a hooded man shouted.

"Leave the boy to me, just make sure none of this gets out" the doctor replied walking out of the room.


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