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Tensions, Deaths, and Fire - OH MY!
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"In, and out. In, and out. Good job Kyoshi," said Jee. Kyoshi was nearing the end of her firebending training after four long years. Her day began with some breathing exercises taught by Jee. Then she moved onto her history class with Lee. Here she learnt the awesomeness and source of firebending. After that she moved onto learning firebending forms with Jee. She enjoyed this very much especially when she did her fan forms but not The Dancing Dragon. Her penultimate class involved stamina. Here Lee would help her learn how to maintain a big flame for over an hour. Then she would finish her day off by practicing The Dancing Dragon and various other forms with the dragons. Today however she is relaxing with her best friends Murtagon and Tala. But today Phoa visited her. She brought grave news.

"So Phoa, how are mom and dad doing?" asked Kyoshi.

"Not so well I'm afraid m'avatar," replied Phoa.

"Why? What happened?"

Phoa gulped. Then in a shaky voice he said, "Your mother is dying. There was a raid from the Chin Warriors two days ago. Your mother was injured and your f-f-father d-d-died."

"WHAT!" said Kyoshi. No this can't have happened. I need to go home now."

"That is why I have booked tickets for us. The boat will leave for home tonight."

"Okay, I just need time to think," replied Kyoshi. She sounded like she was going to cry.

"Kyoshi, are you all right. You sound shaken." asked Murtagon sounding very concerned.

"I'm all right, I just need time to think," she said adamantly.

Kyoshi sat in her room fiddling with her fanons. Lee walked in. "Go away," Kyoshi said. She almost sounded like she was going to cry.

"Kyoshi, we understand," said Lee. "And what I've heard about the Chin Warriors is not good. They are a group of warriors from Chin Village who wish to rule the entire Earth Kingdom. They have partnered with The Flames of the Phoenix to take Ba Sing Se in just six months. That is why I would like for you to meet Gyatson and Kyasinu. Gyatson is an airbender from the Western Air Temple and Kyasinu is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. We have decided that you must go back home and stop the Chin Warriors. The Flames of the Phoenix have taken most of the Fire Nation. They will finish up soon and when they do they will join up and take Ba Sing Se. That is why you must go with Phoa and Gyatson back to the Earth Kingdom an stop The Chin Warriors. If you defeat them, then the Earth Kingdom will be saved. I will send a boat to take you to the borders of the Earth Kingdom. There is only one sea port that is not yet captured. You will need to travel through the Earth Kingdom. Here is a map of the Earth Kingdom with info on where the Chin Warriors intend to attack next. Gyatson and Kyasinu will be responsible from teaching you airbending and waterbending respectively. We have talked to Phoa and Murtagon and they will come with you and help you. Kyoshi, the fate of the Earth Kingdom lies in your hands." He then placed a hand on Kyoshi's shoulder.

"All right. I'll do it. When do we leave?" replied Kyoshi. Lee could hear fear and unsureness in her voice.

"The boat Phoa had booked will be departing to a sea port controlled by the Chin Warriors. That is why you will leave in a week. In the mean while we will finish your firebending training. Now come, you must learn the secrets of firebending from the dragons where they will test you and see your worth."

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Avatar: The Mistakes of the Avatar
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