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Winds of War

Things are tense in the Fire Nation, as the threat of invasion looms over them.


"Prince Zura, welcome the homeland." Said a kind old man, with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Thank you, Gomo. As you can see, I have brought some friends a well" Replied the Prince.

"Ah, yes yes. Good to see you young folk, again and some new faces as well" Said Gomo, extending a hand to Sky and Hai.

"Hi, I'm Sky and this is Hai." Said the Rebel, point towards his friend.

"Ah, nice to meet you nice gentlemen. I am Gomo, a servant to the Royal Family. Why, I've known these kids since they were born. Heck, I knew their parents when they were younger than 10 years. All the same, here , let me get your luggage." Said the old, but still fit man.

"Zura, come here and give your old man a hug." Said the Fire Lord.

Zura ran up to the man in the red robe, and gave him a friendly hug. He could tell, his father was worried. Hai and Sky, not knowing the Fire Lord, bowed down in respect. He shrugged it off saying.

"Formalities, formalities, a friend of my son is a friend of mine, and a friend of the Fire Nation."

As the six had finally settled into, Zura's room, they began to talk. Zura's room was elegant, but simple. In the right center, was his bed with red everything. To the left, was a bedside drawer. On the right, was a large walk-in closet. In the center, there was a huge rug with the emblem of his kingdom, along with a small table and several chairs. Those chairs then faced a magnificent view of the ocean, and the beach.

"So, tomorrow, I have to attend a meeting to discuss the threat of war." Said Zura.

As Sky raised his hand to ask a question, Zura told him that it was royal family and advisers only, and the latter put his hand back down, embarrassed.

"I will tell you all what I can, prepared for the worst." Zura said, he then continued "I know you all wanted to stay with me, but this is all different now. So, if you leave I hold nothing towards you."

Immediately, Mian said "Zura, we knew what we were doing when we all chose to come with you. We stand by it, at least, I do." There was a murmur of assent from the rest.

"You guys are the best." Grinned Zura.

"Where would he be without us?"Asked sky, to no one in particular. The close friends then went to their separate chambers, to relax.

Hai awoke suddenly in the middle of the night. He could hear footsteps, in the hallway. It was well past midnight, so he wondered who it was. He then walked quietly to the door, and tackled the figure. After rustling around in the dark, he recognized it was none other than Sky!

"What are you doing here?" Whispered Hai, not wanting to wake the others.

"I was I thought I would go get some of those delicious, warm, moist, cookies that the kitchen people made." Replied Sky, in an equally hushed tone.

"Well, couldn't you..I don't know...wait until the morning. They're only cookies." Replied a Sarcastic Hai.

"I resent that, sir. I shall go get one of those delicious cookies, and eat them, too." Said Sky, in a fake royalty tone.

"...Alright, I might as well come along...for your safety, of course." Replied the equally hungry Hai.

"Of course" Said Sky, knowing Hai's real intentions.

As the two walked pass one of the hundred chambers in the palace they heard whispering. They stopped near the door, and eavesdropped.

"We must prepare the army, and the navy immediately" Said a rough voice.

"Our forces have been far too unprepared for this. It must end immediately" Said a calmer voice.

"What are you saying, General?" replied the rough voice.

"I am blaming the Fire Lord, Your Admirality, he has left us weak. Yes, we agreed to the Four Nations Pact, but he has left us vulnerable to every minor issue. Such as this, we shouldn't have been worried. Or those riots in the southern lands. Why are they happening? We are too weak. I am ashamed to be part of such a weak nation."

"General! Watch your tone. Those might be true, but we still serve the Fire Lord. He knows what he is doing, and it is for the best of the country."

"I see then, my apologies. I shall take your leave."

"Very well."

The Rough-voiced man, then turned his back to the calmer, to gather some of his papers.

"General, I do hope that you stop talking like...Aarrrgh!"

The Admiral collapsed to the ground, dead. The general, then began to clean up the area. Their meeting was secret in the first place, and since he didn't have the old man's support there was no longer any point to it. He suddenly looked up, right at the door, right at the little crack revealing it was slightly open, right at Hai and Sky. He suddenly got up and ran, with his katana the one used to kill the Admiral, at the door.

The duo, seeing his approach, ran off into the darkness. However, they could still hear him running after them. So, they jumped out of the closest window. They then walked quietly, from the outside, to Hai's room's window and climbed back in. They decided to tell the events to their friends.


"A traitor? Here..?"

" can't be happening."

Those were the responses of Mian, Tia, and Ami. Zura was already at his meeting. The 5 agreed to warn the prince. However, when he came out, he already knew.

"We found his body, but we don't know who..or why," said Zura.

Sky and Hai quickly explained what had occurred the last night. Zura did not respond immediately, instead he went back into the meeting chamber. From outside, the others could hear gasps and "What!"

"It must be that new officer..."

"But he's not a general..." and the discussion yet again started. Zura, however, escaped and went into his room. He lied down on his bed, tired. He wanted to sleep, he was sick of all of this. It was exhausting. The situation was very tense.

  • During his discussion with the Admiral, the general calls him, "Your Admirality". This was actually an office in the United Kingdom. In the past, it was held by (obviously) Admirals of the British Navy. Now, it is just an honorary title.
  • This chapter was originally supposed to be the last, regular, chapter in Book 1. However, the author decided to add one more before the finale.
  • This chapter was the longest delayed chapter, almost 3 months!
  • Originally, it was supposed to be more intense, but that was decided to be carried on to Winds of War.
  • During his discussion with the Admiral, the general calls him, "Your Admirality". This was actually wikipedia. org/wiki/Admirality an office in the United Kingdom. In the past, it was held by (obviously) Admirals of the British Navy. Now, it is just an honorary title.

Behind the Scene of "Tense"

The avatar took an almost 2-3 month break from Avatar Wiki completely. Though he still visited, the fanon remained untouched for the most part. One day, he decided to write up the chapter, having some free time.

The chapter focused on Zura, for the most part, and the group coming to a tense Fire Nation. There also seems to be a rift among the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Fire Nation, much much smaller compared to their size during the Sozin Era. This is obviously shown when an unknown general kills an admiral, in cold blood. Though Mian was originally planned to have begin his airbending training, that has been delayed. Also, in this chapter, Sky has been shown to have a more "goofball" like attitude and seems to enjoy a good friendship with Hai.


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