By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Tennessee "Kid" Cooper
Biographical information

1882 Wild West

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Cane rifle


Rioichi, Galleth, Bob Cooper, Salim (ancestors)





Chronological and political information



50,000 gold

First appearance

Tennessee Kid PT1

Tennessee Kid Cooper is the member of the Cooper family line, and the most rebellious. His feats were well respected in cooper lore, but however Toothpick had managed to send him in jail, giving him a gun shot to the ear in the process. He is usually very tough to get at thanks to his cooper cane rifle, but Toothpick confiscated it before he was thrown behind bars. He remained there for a while until Toph was thrown in there with him.

Avatar: New Universe II

He begins off making basic conversation, and doesn't believe her about being tough. He would only believe that if she can bust them out (which she did easily). When Toph starts complaining about her iron ball and chain and asks why he didn't have one, he offers her a trade of punishment when she will get hanged instead, which was Tennessee's penalty. When they did finally found a way out, he goes on saying he knew she was tough the first time he met her, and with that they bailed out.

He and Toph go back to his hideout in the local clock tower. When they did, they both have a pretty deep conversation, telling a bit about each other. After a while, Tennessee and Toph hear Toothpick downstairs explaining a bit on his plan, but however thanks to a shooting spree, he falls through a hole in the roof and had to deal with Toothpick again.

Before he can finish off toothpick though, he finds Toph with Smile Dog, Ghost and Adjula, and chases them off thanks to his rifle. after all that, he sees Toph off as she goes back home.

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