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Team Avatar sat bored inside the Fire Nation Palace. Zuko was getting more and more irritated. "Are we really just going to sit back and wait for something bad to happen?" He finally asked.

"Zuko is right," Aang agreed. "I think we should start searching again," he said.

"I think you guys are just way too anxious to get back out there," Toph commented.

"No, it's been almost a month since our battle in Ba Sing Se. We should start searching now," Zuko contradicted.

"Zuko is right. Who knows what Jun has come up with during all of this time? We have to keep looking," Katara agreed.

"Fine," Sokka reluctantly agreed. Everyone else nodded their heads in agreement.

"Alright, let's go," Aang said.

Three days had passed and Team Jun had arrived in the Great Divide. General Mung had escorted them to The Rebels' camp. Jun was on edge. He suspected something was wrong. He and his teammates sat down in front of a campfire. A man with an eye patch sat down facing opposite them. Team Jun could see why he needed an eye patch. He had a hideous scar on his eye. Mongke vaguely recognized the man. "Greetings, Jun," the man spoke. "My name is Banhen. I would love to work out some sort of an alliance between us," he said.

"Banhen?" Mongke asked in shock, now realizing who he was. "They chose you to be the new leader?" He inquired.

"You know him?" Azula asked.

"We were best friends years ago," Mongke replied.

"Enough!" Jun snapped at Mongke. "How do you wish to negotiate? Tell me quickly, I am not known for having much patience," Jun said, quickly. Hong Wu found himself angered by his master's comment.

"Here is how I see it, if the four of you assist us in taking the Fire Nation capital, we will quickly destroy Team Avatar once we reach the Palace. Afterwards, we will conquer the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes," Banhen explained.

"Team Avatar is at the Fire Nation Royal Palace?" Jun asked. The foolish Rebel leader had just unknowingly given him all of the information he needed. Jun stood up and prepared to walk away. "Thank you, Banhen. You have just given me the location of The Avatar and his friends so I no longer have any interest in your alliance talk," Jun and the rest of his companions walked away.

"Oh, I had hoped that you would not have left so quickly. Let's just cut to the chase shall we?" Banhen remarked. Several Firebenders lashed out with fire blasts straight at the four villains. Jun and Azula neutralized the attack. Azula then started rapidly firing streams of blue fire at the rebels.

Mongke was infuriated. "Banhen, how could you?!" The former colonel shouted. "I thought at the very least we would never have to attack each other!"

"I did not instruct my troops to aim at you, Mongke because I have an offer to make you," Banhen started. "You are welcome to rejoin us, my brother. Join with me as my right hand and we will destroy both Team Avatar and Team Jun!" Banhen tempted.

Mongke stood speechless in the middle of the battlefield. He did not know what to say. "I-" Mongke started.

"I will give you some time to think about it. I hope you will take me up on my offer." Banhen made a fist and put his other hand on top of it and then bowed. The Rebel leader then ran off to face Jun. Mongke stood, conflicted over which side to choose.

Most of the Rebels had decided to retreat. Only Banhen remained. Realizing he was outmatched, the Rebel leader jet propelled himself in the opposite direction. "Coward," Jun stated. "Let's go." He ordered.

"Wait!" Azula suddenly yelled. "Where is the guy with the knives?" She asked.

"Yes, where is Hong Wu?" Mongke wondered aloud.

Banhen had just met up with the other Rebels. He felt ashamed to have fled like a coward but what choice did he have? He then saw a man with a ponytail approach him. He recognized him. He was one of Jun's men! Banhen leapt up and prepared to burn the man.

"Stop!" The man yelled. "I mean you no harm!" Banhen looked perplexed. "Let me make one thing clear, I do not like you, I do not wish to be your friend but you and I have a common enemy," Hong Wu elaborated.

"Who?" Banhen asked.

"My master, Jun," Hong Wu answered. "I want to make a deal. If you successfully kill my master, I will offer you three hundred gold pieces," he finished.

Banhen was stunned. "Where did a low-life like you get that kind of money?" He questioned.

"It's none of your business where I got it!" Hong Wu snapped. "Once again, I will emphasize, strongly this does not make us allies, however, if you kill me before, then you will never get the money so you would be wise not to try and double-cross me. Do we have a deal?" Hong Wu asked. He and Banhen shook hands. Hong Wu grinned as he walked back to find his colleagues.

Team Avatar had left the Royal Palace and had flown for several hours. They now slept in Zuko's beach house on Ember Island. None of them knew what would come next as a deranged old woman stood outside of the beach house knowing that tomorrow night there would be a full moon

Author's Note

  • The reason Hong Wu is angry about Jun's comment is because of their argument in The Return of Koh

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