By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
Patola Mountains
Telukin Mountains
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Eastern Air Temple territories

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Two Separate Lives

The Telukin Mountain Range is located in the Air Nomad territories east of the Earth Kingdom. It is famously known to be home to the Eastern Air Temple. It is a major location in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


The Telukin Mountains are one of the incredible landforms of the World of Avatar and bear geographical similarities to the Patola Mountains. The best times to view the mountainous terrain are said to be at sunrise or sunset. The mountains are steep and are said to be navigated only through the use of Sky Bison or Dragons. Located atop its highest summit, Kimlong Peak, is the magnificent Eastern Air Temple which is home exclusively to female Air Nomads. A natural wonder of the mountains is the Pankin Waterfall, a beautiful landmark commonly visited by tourists or residents of the Eastern Air Temple. It is located on Mount Shujin, not too far from the temple.

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