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"I'm proud to be their father. They'll help keep our republic alive. Them taking after me as Airbenders is an added bonus I guess."
— Linjon about his sons
Tehang, Biyuru and Jazoh
Biographical information

Air Nation, Air Republic


Air Nomad, Water Tribe

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Blue (Biyuru), brown (Tehang and Jazoh)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Air Republic, Linjon, Xinya, Air Acolytes

Chronological and political information

Governors of the Air Republic


Airbending masters


Air Republic

Tehang, Biyuru and Jazoh are the triplet sons of Linjon and Xinya, the grandsons of Lyo and Ging and the great-grandsons of Ogomu and Vinina. They are prodigy airbenders, mastering and ultimately governing their own respective towns in the Air Republic.


Tehang, Biyuru, and Jazoh were born to Linjon in his later years, and like him and his wife Xinya, they are all airbenders. They were taught primarily in the Jeet-Kune Do style of airbending, developed by their father in his earlier years.

They all eventually mastered airbending under the tutelage of their father, receiving their airbending tattoos. They all learned extensively about Air Nomad culture, being taught by their father how to avoid weakness by living away from Air Nomad life.

The three only met their grandparents during their lifetimes, with their great-grandparents having died before they were born. During one of these meetings, Lyo scolded them for bearing Air Nomad tattoos, telling them they had no right to have them. Knowing he had said the same thing to Linjon years ago, they laughed, telling him he wasn't a true airbender.

The three brothers also began their own faction within the Order of Wan, befriending several other airbenders. Tehang founded a Police Force in the town of Jamtso, that eventually grew to the militant enforcement of the Air Republic.

Later life

The three brothers eventually went their separate ways, each governing a separate town in the Air Republic. It was assumed they began governing towns near the borders of the republic since they were known to have the most raids. All free dealt with a number of raids over the next thirty years.


Tehang, Biyuru and Jazoh were all airbending masters, all trained by their father Linjon. Like their father and the airbenders of the Air Republic, their airbending was reserved for mainly offensive attacks

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