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Biographical information



Earth Kingdom


Water Tribe (Foggy Swamp) & Earth Kingdom (Kyoshi Island)

Birth place

Kyoshi Island


Republic City




147 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Light Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fans, Katana

Fighting style(s)

Tessenjutsu, Chi blocking


Suguna, Zhou (deceased)


Kyoshi Warriors, Foggy Swamp Tribe, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Jei Hin-su, Emiko, Yuu, Pyna


Triple Threat Triad, Equalists

Chronological and political information
  • Kyoshi Warrior (formerly)
  • Bread Maker(formerly)
  • Police Officer
  • Chi blocking master
  • Kyoshi Warrior (formerly)
  • Kyoshi Warriors
  • Foggy Swamp Tribe
  • Ember Bread Bakery
  • Republic City Police Department




Voiced by

Melissa Peregrym

Tega is the central character of House of Cards and an integral part of the plot. While her character often comes across as very level-headed and conservative, she is also more than capable of being vengeful and sultry. Tega is not overly extroverted and she tends to keep her personal life a well-kept secret, preferring not to indulge others with details of juicy romances or the bitter regrets associated with her difficult past.


Tega was born in 147 AG (Year of the Horse) to Suguna, the Leader of the present day Kyoshi Warriors, and Zhou, a waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. It is unclear how Tega's parents met, but many assume Zhou followed Suguna back to Kyoshi Island after meeting her on one of her warrior missions. There is, however, no way to confirm this as neither individual has ever made the details regarding their first meeting known—not even to their daughter.

Most of Tega's childhood was split between visiting her father's side of the family in the Foggy Swamp and visiting her mother's side of the family on Kyoshi Island. She managed to have a relatively loose upbringing early on due to her swampy father's influence. However, her life took a drastic turn from playing in swamp sludge to honoring a uniform when she was inducted into the Kyoshi Warriors in 154 AG.

Her mother was a strong driving force behind Tega's recruitment, and tradition dictated that as a non-bending female of Kyoshi Island Tega had a duty to serve her people as a Warrior of Kyoshi. Tega, however, had no desire to trade the freedoms she had been given for a pair of fans she could not wield. Her father, whose heritage had led him to be quite the spiritual person, helped to ease the transition for Tega by providing his support and encouragement to her. His guidance allowed Tega to eventually accept the change and put forth her best effort in this new set of skills.

Her father's support from the sidelines came to an abrupt end when he was proclaimed dead in 155 AG. Tega, only a child of eight years at the time, had been ushered into a closet by her father to hide before he was killed by another Kyoshi Warrior that had infiltrated their home. The event has left permanent scars on Tega's mental state, and while she prefers to forget the incident, from it has stemmed her worst fear: being helpless.

Whether Tega's mother knew more about the events surrounding Zhou's death or not, Suguna became more cold and distant to her daughter. Trips to the swamp became few and far between, and the expectations of Tega as a warrior surpassed Suguna's expectations of any of the other girls. Tega was conflicted by the mercenary approach that the Kyoshi Warriors had began to implement, but her own fears plagued her and she fell victim to the unethical turn her rigorous training had taken. With a heavy heart and a toughened exterior, Tega was sent away to Republic City on orders to provide extra security upon completion of her training in 161 AG.

After spending a full year as a true member of the Kyoshi Warriors, Tega couldn't stand to be part of the group any longer. It was easier for her to break ties with them when she was so far away from her strict mother. Unfortunately, abandoning a group like the Kyoshi Warriors was one of the ultimate taboos and had some heavy consequences. Tega was stricken from their records and all monetary support for her had been withdrawn, leaving her without food, shelter, or a way back home. It took two years before Tega finally found even one person to lament her financial struggles to. This person was Jei Hin-su, who Tega has frequently identified as her best friend.

Jei ends up with her own personal issues in 167 AG, and in an effort to support her friend through a troubling time Tega is able to take up a stable job with the Ember Bread Bakery—which becomes rubble in 168 AG at the hands of the Red Monsoons and the Triple Threats who are in a near-constant feud over who the surrounding territory belongs to. Thankfully a mysterious donation allowed the bakery to be fully rebuilt in 169 AG, and by 170 AG Ember Bread Bakery was reopened for business. Since the turf became Triple Threat territory, the triad has collected an annual "safety tax" from the bakery as well as other establishments in the area as part of their extortion racket.

With prejudice for benders rising, Amon takes the opportunity to lead an Anti-Bending Revolution and lures the Avatar to Republic City—ultimately resulting in his defeat. Republic City's organized crime is starting to make waves again in 171 AG to reclaim their city from the multitude of non-bender factions sprouting up out of the pipework, and all Tega can think about is trying to fund her trip home. After learning of her connections with the Kyoshi Warriors, a well-respected troop of non-benders, Tega is approached by the Non-bender Alliance with a proposition: if she agrees to negotiate with the Kyoshi Warriors on the behalf of the faction, they will pay for the expenses related to her return to Kyoshi Island. Tega's time in Republic City has given her ties that she is not yet ready to brake, however, and she is struggling with her future plans. She is unsure if she will be returning to Republic City or finally settling down back on Kyoshi Island.

Other Info

  • Tega is a descendant of Tho from the Foggy Swamp Tribe.
  • Tega felt secluded on Kyoshi Island, but was disappointed she had the same feeling in Republic City. She realized it wasn't the location, it was the uniform that made her feel that way. That was her initial reason for leaving the Kyoshi Warriors.
  • Prior to the beginning of the story, Tega struggled to make rent and find a stable job.
  • Tega has had a difficult time accepting she will have to let go of her feelings for her childhood crush if she wants to continue living in Republic City.
  • She is usually very cheerful and friendly. Tega has a strong will and a pure heart, is dedicated to her friends, and is fierce against her enemies.

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