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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Waterbending Scroll.

Chapter Forty-One: Teamwork

The day is clearly not going to get any better.

First we were being chased by pirates. Then Zuko showed up. And now we're still getting chased by pirates!

He motioned for Sokka to follow him as he dashed down towards the shore. "Run!" he cried unnecessarily. Without turning back to see if his friend was tailing, he pounded onwards, desperate not to be captured by the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation.

Er, the banished Crown Prince of the Fire Nation.

Up again, he could see her attempting to push the pirates' boat into the water, and his attention immediately shifted from his pursuers to the beautiful girl at hand. "Katara!" he called, overjoyed, Airbending himself for a burst of speed. "You're okay!"

She glances back at him, and he can tell from her expression that "okay" is subject to change. "Help me get this boat back in the water . . ." she chokes out, panting. ". . . so we can get out of here!"

Forgetting his abilities in his attempt to please her, he throws himself to the ship and begins to push with all of his might; grunting, Sokka soon joins in, and the trio heaves, yet he is disappointed to see that all the pushing has amounted to nothing.

He pauses and gazes upwards towards the prow of the ship, and suddenly his face lights up.

I know.

"We need a team of rhinos to budge this ship," complains Sokka. A second, unspoken thought hangs in the air: We need to budge this ship, or we're all about to die.

He grins. "A team of rhinos . . . or two Waterbenders!"

She glances at him, surprised but definitely smiling. "You really think I can do it?"

"I know you can. You just have to shift your weight through the stances." He shrugs. "I bet you that if you practice, you'll be even better at Waterbending than me. I just have natural talent, being the Avatar."

The tiniest sparkle in her eyes betrays her feelings. "Come on, Aang. We need to . . . we need to Waterbend."

"Let's do it. Together."

"Thanks, Aang . . ."

Sokka interrupts the beautiful moment. "Hello, guys, you all can kiss and make up later, but right now we really need the boat."

He blushes at the idea of kissing, but she has already moved to the other side of the beach, prepared to Waterbend. Taking her cue and the proper stance, he motions for her to copy him, and she does so.

"On three. One . . . two . . . now!" he announces, and he moves his arms in a circular motion. The tides rise to gently grasp the ship, and he is elated to see that she, too, is aiding in this. In silence they work, bringing up the water until the ship floats upon.

"Everybody in!" she cries

He gratefully boards.

Good teamwork, Katara. He grins. My little Waterbender.


"He blushes at the idea of kissing, but she has already moved to the other side of the beach, prepared to Waterbend." -> Epic fail on Aang's part.

Oh yeah! There's some extra dialogue in this scene. :o See, it skips from them talking about it to them doing it, and I felt that there would be other stuff in between.

Don't kill me please!

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