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Team Runaway
General information
  • Shoji
  • Iandao
Notable members
  • Shoji
  • On Ji
  • Tiji
  • Iandao
  • Cheng
  • Jin

Shoji & On Ji


Four Nations

  • Learn the truth
  • Find Kuzon/Aang

This is the group of main characters that runs the series Shoji's Journey. The group consists of whoever is joined with Shoji and goes with him where he goes. This group originally consists of Shoji and On Ji. Soon after the original founding, Iandao joined. Later, Cheng joined, followed by Jin.



Team Runaway was unofficially founded in On Ji when Shoji and On Ji bonded strongly. It was first officially founded in The Runaways when Shoji and On Ji ran away to escape Azula.

Fire Nation

As Shoji and On Ji fled the capitol, Azula attacked them. Shoji tried to defend his friend, and in the end Azula let him go, warning him that she would never stop pursuing him. As the duo fled the nation, they had a run-in with the Yu Yan Archers. One member, a sixteen-year-old arrow maker, Iandao, joined the group. They traveled with the archers to the harbor closest to the Fire Nation. There they stopped at a town to collect supplies. However, Azula's henchman, a handful of soldiers in tanks, attacked. After On Ji disposed of them, Team Runaway sneaked onto a cargo ship headed for the Earth Kingdom.

Journey to the Earth Kingdom

On the cargo ship, Team Runaway met Dalian, a guard, and Cheng, a guard training under Dalian's mentorship. Shoji was suspicious, so Dalian explained his reasons, followed by Cheng. Later, after a battle, Cheng joined under circumstances of treason.

In the Earth Kingdom

Once in the Earth Kingdom. Team Runaway came to a small town near the coast of the nation called Tai Qing. There, they met Hisa, Song, Mitsu, and Jin. Iandao and Song bonded and even had some romance. Shoji found himself caught between On Ji and Jin. While hanging out in a tree, Fire Nation soldiers come over the horizon, starting the first real battle Team Runaway has ever been in.

The team charged into battle. Shoji saved Song from a burning tree, causing Hisa to change her feelings towards Fire Nation people and Firebenders. Jin discovered new abilities when she was about to be killed by a soldier. After the battle, Jin joined the group on their journey, becoming the fifth human member.


Original Members

New Members

Animal Members

  • Tij (deceased)
  • Tiji


Fire Nation

Earth Kingdom


Fire Nation

Semi-Permanent Locations


The name "Team Runaway" was suggested by Iandao in episode nine of Shoji's Journey, Stowaways. It is the official name for the group, and is used often.

Unofficial names for Team Runaway include "Team Awesomeness" suggested by Iandao, "Team Tiji," and "Team Cute Sheep," both of which are suggested by On Ji.

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