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Team Rebel is a unified group of teenagers that have sworn rebellion on the Fire Nation. The core group consists of Mina, a former slave and archer, Kaila, a juvenile delinquent and weapon specialist, and Chen, the former Fire Prince and current Avatar, Ray, a deaf but powerful Waterbender, Giu, a humorously-toned Earthbender, and Momo, a flying lemur once owned by Avatar Aang.




Mina and Kaila in prison

In Spring of 130 AG, Mina, a former slave on Zula Island, discovered an elaborate escape route out of the island. She followed the route exactly, though because the map was so old, the passageway it contained at the end was filled up over the years. Mina instead stowed on a ship, however, which brought her to the village of Jang Hui. While there, her rebellious nature was discovered by General Mung (though he did not know she wasn't from the Fire Nation) and Mina was subsequently sent to a Fire Nation Detention Facility. While there, she had to face the brutality of the prison's psychotic warden, Adgul.

However, Mina soon realized that there was certainly a silver lining. She met a strong, harsh, yet also sweet and friendly girl named Kaila. The two became fast friends, and Kaila told her stories and legends about the Avatar and his friends. This gave Mina her courage back, which Adgul had temporarily managed to take away. Just before Adgul took take her courage away again, both Kaila and Mina were released due to their age, but in turn were sent to a Fire Nation School. Mina and Kaila quickly got sick of how the school treated the children, and tried to escape with all the other students, though the plan was foiled and Mina and Kaila ended up escaping on a wooden raft.

Run from New Enemies

Not so much time later, Mina and Kaila stumbled upon the former Fire Prince, Chen. They both attacked and defeated him, though Chen simply requested the chance to join their group. At first the girls objected, though when Chen saved them from robbers, Mina and Kaila (half-heatedly) allow Chen to join their group. As a group of three, they first visit a town full of older citizens, whom attack them, causing Kaila to have to fight them all. However, the team soon meets a much greater challenge, Chen's sister, Princess Mitsuki, and her friends, Tam Mee and Quanlee. In their first encounter, the team is no match for the ladies. They eventually battle on a train, in which Kaila and Chen are quickly defeated. Mina saves them, however, by abruptly stopping the train and causing Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee to fall off.

Fleeing Fire Fountain City

Team Rebel runs to the bay after an emergency alarm bell is rung

After the battle, the team stumbles upon a mysterious lake. While Mina frees slaves that are illegally forced to do manual labor on a dam, Chen and Kaila begin to have slight romantic feelings for each other. Later, the kids stumble upon the lush and beautiful Mango City, in which they are attacked by General Yi, who uses his special Firebending abilities to nearly kill them. Mina, however, discovers his one weakness, and forces the General to only use regular Firebending, thus outnumbering him and forcing him to flee, much to Azula's fury. The team, sick of all these attacks, weigh them out at a creepy old village. They are soon terrorized, however, by evil spirits known as the Haizi, who mentally torture Chen and nearly kill the kids.

Journey to Kein Forest

After Kaila sees her old village burned to the ground, the team travels to Ember Island, in which they learn of the Rebel City in Kein Forest, the last great place on Earth, They negotiate tickets to go to the city with a Seedy Merchant. They wait for their journey the next day by staying at an apartment by the sea overnight, in which Kaila and Chen have a quick romantic moment by the beach. The next day, they attempt to get their tickets, though they find Mitsuki and her friends waiting for them. Mitsuki nearly kills Kaila, though she was stopped by Momo, who ended up joining the group. A few days into their cruise, they were confronted by General Yi and his men, They were able to defeat him on land, though they payed the price when their ship sailed away without them.

As they continued their journey on foot, they had a lot happen to them. Chen ended up having his first and nearly fatal Agni Kai, Mina thought Kaila how to swim, and Chen received a prediction from a gypsy that he would discover something amazing about himself. Eventually, the children came across Kein Forest. As they rushed to get to the Rebel City, they were once again attacked by Yi and his men, though this time he had a large lank with him. The team was saved, however, by the timely intervention of twenty other rebels, who arrested Yi's men, destroyed the tank, and forced Yi to flee. They then escorted the team to the city, in which they met the leader of Kein Forest, Kambi, who warmly welcomed them and gave them a room in the palace.

Battle at Kein Forest


Mina sees Tam Mee and Quanlee heading toward them

The team quickly bonded with the rebels, namely Giu, Ray, and Kambi. However, when they soon found out about an armada of airships and warships heading toward the city, they prepared for battle. Eventually, the city was attacked. At first, the team fought on the city grounds, though when they saw Tam Mee and Quanlee heading toward them, Mina left to fight Mitsuki on the Royal Jet her self. She was launched up to the jet with the assistance of Giu. Kaila and Quanlee battled viciously, and Chen, though wanting to help Kaila, could not find it in his heart to turn on his first and for a long time, only friend, all to Mitsuki's plan. Meanwhile, Mina confronted Mitsuki on her Royal Jet, each girl with the goal to kill the other.

Mina and Mitsuki battled viciously, though Mitsuki eventually gained the upper hand and pushed Mina off the jet. Mina saved her self by attaching her rope-arrow to an airship, and swinging to the ground. Though alive, Mina's injuries prevented her movement. Finally, Quanlee, with the help of Tam Mee, defeated Kaila. She nearly killed her, though Chen finally stood up for Kaila, and briefly attacked Quanlee, causing her to tell him she hates him. Just as Kambi nearly surrendered and faced apparent doom, Chen became enraged by what an evil soldier said. Suddenly, Chen entered the Avatar State, causing everyone to realize he is the Avatar. He attempted to kill Mitsuki, though even with all that power, she remained an even match. Eventually, the invasion force fled by Mitsuki's orders, and Chen fell to the ground, unconscious.

Stay at Kein Forest

Chen has trouble recovering from what he has just discovered about himself, and he won't listen to his friend's words of comfort. Eventually, however, Chen receives a dream in which Avatar Aang tells him that it is Team Rebel's destiny to stop the Fire Nation government, and that Azula is planning to take over the Spirit World. After hearing this, Chen accepts who he is, and asks Ray to teach him Waterbending. They begin training about a week or two later, in which Chen actually is revealed to be a prodigy in Waterbending, despite it being his opposite element. Meanwhile, Mina and Kail go under the tutelage of two of Kambi's best warriors, Arrow and Lee.

Chen is later kidnapped by Mitsuki's soldiers. He is taken to an island crossed between the Spirit World and the Mortal World, where he is tortured by Quanlee. Mina and Kaila, however, enlist the help of a psyche, who takes them to the island. They free Chen, and flee the island.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Team Rebel, however, is forced to leave the city with Kambi's grandmother Kama, who apparently has the deadly Purple Fever disease. While on there way, they run into an old enemy (whom none of them actually met): Gian. He presents his trump cards to them, which turn out to be thirty highly skilled bodyguards. Mina, however, takes the initiative, and captures Gian, forcing his bodyguards to stand down. When the children finally make it to their destination, Kama reveals that she only had a cold, and departs back for the Spartan Islands. The team returns for the Rebel City, in which they discover that Mitsuki has infiltrated the city and arrested Kambi and his Administration.

Ray and Giu attempt to rescue Kambi, though they are soon met by Tam Mee and Quanlee. Despite being expert benders, they are quickly incapacitated by two heiresses. Meanwhile, Chen attempts to take down Mitsuki, though she shoots him in the chest with a jet of blue fire, severely injuring him. Mina and Mitsuki duel, though Mitsuki gains the upper hand through the intervention of Tam Mee. Quanlee and Yi show up to aid them, and Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, Giu, and Momo are all forced to flee the city, as Mitsuki effectively claims the entire city as hers. The children leave on a riverboat, and watch sadly as a Fire Nation flag is hoisted upon the city, symbolically represented the Fire Nation's victory.


Mina - Mina was the founder of Team Rebel, though at first she thought she would go solo, she soon made many friends and formed the team.

Kaila - Kaila is the second member to join and the unofficial leader, though it is arguable that Mina bears that title.

Chen - Chen is the third member to join the team and the only one who had trouble getting in due to his royal background. Later, the children find out that he is actually the Avatar.

Ray - Ray joins Team Rebel after the Rebel City is conquered in a conspiracy. She is a Waterbender.

Giu - Giu also joins Team Rebel after the fall of his city at Mitsuki's hands. He is an Earthbender.

Momo - Momo joined the group after he saved Kaila from Mitsuki, becoming Kaila's pet.


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