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Much Ado About Nothing

-"That I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter; so help me God."

-"Congratulations Mr. Vice President," the judge said, shaking Tonraq's hand.

Korra applauded along with everyone else, even if everyone else if old, boring, and on a far too high government salary, wishing this ceremony to be over soon. They had moved into the Naval Observatory a week ago, and Korra had managed to pressure her father into letting her have the tower room. 'Consider it my price for helping you into the office.' Much to her own surprise, that actually worked, and she got it.

There was already round-the-clock security in their old house after the nomination, but now, all the dials were cranked up to eleven. Not only that, but the Secret Service insisted that even she would have to take her personal guard with her wherever she went. Much like she had expected, he was big in every direction, had a pair of dark shades, and an expensive suit. Hong Li. By all conventional measures, he should be intimidating, but he wasn't, not even a little bit. His face was too squishy, and as far as Korra was concerned, he was too young.

On the plus side, Opal had reveled in helping Korra pack. It was the perfect opportunity to go through her stuff, and discover, among other things, a picture of her when four-year old Korra was convinced that she could cut her own hair with a pair of kitchen scissors. Naturally, it ended in disaster, leaving her looking like she had been run over by a lawn mower. The next picture was actually somewhat of a precursor, because the way her hairdresser tried to save it made her look like, for lack of a better word, a lesbian. Guess mom and dad should have kept that picture closer.

Naturally, Opal could barely get over how adorable she looked, and spent most of the afternoon teasing her mercilessly about that and many other fairly embarrassing pictures.

Korra decided that since it was still their summer holiday (until Monday, when they would both be seniors) she might as well call her girlfriend. "Hey sweetie," she said when Opal answered.

-"Hey you. So, is the inauguration finally over?"

"Yep, my dad is now the 49th Vice President of the United States."

-"Congratulate him on our behalf, my mom was kind of bummed she couldn't be there."

Korra chuckled. "Well, I'll do that, and you tell her she didn't miss anything, it was boring as hell. But anyway, that's not why I called. I just wanted to talk to you for a bit."

Opal stayed silent for a moment. "I've missed you this past week. Are you sure you can't come over?"

"Fairly. Captain America barely lets me pull a few laps in the pool on my own, and I'm not even leaving the grounds of the Naval Observatory with that. I'm telling you, these guys are paranoid."

-"Maybe you can convince them to let me through the gates? It'd be pretty hard for a security guard to ignore you, I imagine."

Senna knocked on her still open door, prompting Korra to look up. "Korra, do you have a moment? It's kind of important."

"I'm on the phone."

-"This won't take very long."

Korra loudly sighed. "Fine," she groaned, and turned back to the phone. "Call you back in a minute sweetie."

-"Okay, later," Opal cheerfully said, not making a fuss about it.

Her mother took a step in her direction, raising a disapproving eyebrow at the fact that Korra had meticulously strung up her movie posters from the art rails. Korra followed her mother's gaze, and a slight smile cracked across her face. Probably not what the Rockefellers had in mind when they spend millions refurbishing this place. "Korra, I want to ask you to come to the Inaugurational Gala the President is organizing for your father."

"No. Fucking. Way."

-"Korra, watch your language. We are supposed to be model citizens now."

"Mom, you know I hate galas, especially the ones that are nothing but a bunch of snooty old rich people patting each other on the back on how badly they managed to screw over their voters."

Senna chuckled. "You know that's not the only thing they do."

"Well, they are awfully bad at pretending otherwise."

Her mother sat down on the bed next to Korra. "You know how much this means to your father, and it would mean a lot to him if you were there. He likes to see this as something you achieved together, and he's right. This is yours too, and I really think you should go." Korra didn't say anything, she just threw Senna a pleading look. "Su Beifong is also invited, so maybe you'd be able to persuade her to bring Opal."

Hmm, the prospect of Opal in a gala dress is appealing. "Fine. I'll call them, but if neither of them go, I'm not going either."

Senna nodded. "Fair enough." She took another look around, glaring at the two 17 inch monitors of her computer humming on her desk. "Like what you've done with the place."

"No you don't."

-"No I don't," she repeated with a chuckle. "How are you doing with settling in?"

Korra had a hard time not scoffing. "Well, aside from the fact that the average inmate has more freedom, I'm good." She saw how her mother got a questioning look on her face. "Mom, I haven't seen Opal in a week. Those knuckleheads at the gate won't let her in, and Captain America won't let me onto the Beifong Estate, saying it isn't secure."

Senna sighed. "We've been over this, that is for safety reasons. We are bigger targets now, plain and simple. The Secret Service already has enough on its plate making sure your school is secure, they don't need to add the Beifong Estate on that list as well."

"It's Opal's place, I've been over there a million times! They have enough security to embarrass Fort Knox, for crying out loud! Plus, well, they're the Beifongs, they're worth billions. If they wanted to harm us, they could buy an air force and level the city."

-"Alright, I'll talk to Saikhan, make sure that he could at least let Opal onto the grounds."

"Thank you." Korra dialed for Opal again while her mother left, and started explaining the situation with the gala to her girlfriend, who thankfully agreed to come.

Three days later, everything was ready. Senna had forced her daughter to come along to go shopping for a new dress, knowing full well that the one thing Korra hated more than a gala was shopping. Ultimately, Korra agreed to a simple yet stylish full-length blue dress, high closing around the neck, but completely sleeveless, showing off her (by now) toned arms. Fortunately, it reached all the way down to the ground, disguising the fact that she was only in rather minimal heels, mostly because walking in heels is fucking impossible. No idea how everyone else does it.

The gala was in the East Room of the White House, making this the second time this summer she actually went there, and it probably wouldn't be the last time this year. She mostly hung back, desperately trying to avoid having to make conversation with all these old gasbags. She had shaken hands with President Raiko, and was now in the process of having herself a snack various waiters were passing around, all awhile enjoying a glass of juice. At least, Opal will be here any minute now, she just texted they were in line to be screened.

After spending the entire time talking to uninteresting people, Tonraq made his way back to his daughter. "Hey kid," he cheerfully opened, leaning on the window sill next to her. "So, what are you thinking?"

"That you're one heartbeat away from the presidency and there wasn't a single vote cast in your name. I'm thinking democracy is overrated."

He burst out in a loud gush of laughter, turning quite a few heads their way, but even after he calmed himself down, a massive grin wouldn't leave his face. "You always had a good sense of humor, and you have it from the best."

Korra chuckled. "Well, I've been sitting on that joke for three days now. What was your big punchline?"

"My office used to be three miles from the Oval, and now I'm only three doors down."

She nodded approvingly. "Good, very good." They turned to face each other, and broke out in another gush of laughter. This drew the attention of an older woman, who came walking towards them.

-"You seem to be enjoying yourself, Mr. Vice President."

He smiled. "I am having a bit of fun with my daughter. Korra, this is Izumi Showa, Speaker of the House. Speaker Showa, this is my daughter Korra." They shook hands. Well fuck, now I have to go make pleasant small talk. The 'pleasant' in that sentence of course being synonymous with 'I'd rather take a seat on the electric chair'.

After a few minutes of doing exactly that, she left again, leaving Korra with her father. "You know, I wouldn't have thought that when I kicked you out of the house five months ago, we'd ever find ourselves here, having a good laugh together."

"Same goes for me." She chuckled. "You should be glad we worked things out, because it definitely worked in your favor."

He nodded, and looked over towards the door, where Opal, Su, and Baatar Sr. were just walking in. Korra's eyes were immediately drawn to Opal, who looked gorgeous. She was wearing a green sleeveless lace dress, open in the chest, but not improperly so because of a floral pattern in the lace, reaching all the way down to the floor. It hugged her curves in all the right places, making her slender, athletic body stand out fabulously.

-"She's beautiful, kid, I won't deny that. You hit the jackpot."

"I'll say," Korra muttered, never taking her eyes off her girlfriend.

-"Go get her," Tonraq encouraged his daughter, much to her surprise. "But do try and keep things polite when there are people around. I don't want a scandal in my first week in office."

Korra chuckled again. "Don't worry dad, I won't." She paced off to greet the Beifongs, and in particular, Opal. "Hello everyone, good to see you here."

Su chuckled. "Well look at you, playing the perfect host."

Korra raised an eyebrow at this comment. "Playing?"

She smiled again, winking at Korra. "Shall we go greet our new Vice President, Baatar?"

-"Good idea, dear." They walked off arm in arm, going over to greet and congratulate Tonraq, giving the girls what passed for privacy.

"You look amazing sweetie," Korra said, subtly placing a hand on Opal's hip.

-"Thanks. You're not bad yourself in the dress department."

"My mom made me wear it." She quickly leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss on Opal's lips, and when she pulled back again, there was something of a pout on her face.

-"You had to wait over a week to kiss me, and that's the best I get?"

Korra looked over to her father who was in a busy conversation with the Beifongs and the Speaker. "He asked me to keep it polite for the night. Folks in this joint tend to be a little sensitive. Plus, I didn't want to smear either of us with lipstick." The pout was still there, so Korra decided to step it up a little bit. "But since the entire country already knows, might as well use this. Care for a dance?"

This made Opal smile. "Hmm, such a lady. I take it you mom has given you some advice?"

"She did, now shall we?" Korra smirked, gesturing in the direction of the part of the hall that served as the dancefloor. Much to Korra's surprise, it wasn't exactly being used, and Opal suddenly got very nervous.

-"Korra, we can't do this."

"Why not?"

-"Because you're asking me to dance with my girlfriend in front of a hundred and fifty homophobes while I'm wearing a backless dress!" she hissed with a slight panic.

This piqued Korra's interest. "You are?" She quickly leaned back, seeing that Opal actually was. "Oh, holy shit, you are." Damn. This just keeps getting better and better. "Sweetie, it'll be fine. They already know, hell, it's the whole reason my father is here in the first place."

-"Alright, but if this bites us in the ass, it's on you."

"Fair enough." Korra placed her arm around Opal's waist, and they moved onto the mostly empty dancefloor. The Beifong had been correct of course, they did turn quite a few heads, mostly people who were very surprised to see two exceedingly well-dressed girls dancing with each other.

Through the aid of the backless part of the dress, Korra could feel her girlfriend heat up a little. "That bad, huh?"

-"Well, I'd be feeling a lot more comfortable if we weren't alone here."

Korra gave her a 'fair enough'-nod, and glanced over to her mother, gesturing her to join them. Senna got the message, and pulled Tenzin with her onto the dancefloor. This blew the starting whistle, and soon, the floor started to fill up quite nicely, calming Opal down significantly.

"I've missed this," Korra said, feeling the comfort of Opal's body pressed against her.

Opal smiled. "So have I, but I suppose you gotta count your blessings." They continued dancing for a bit, deeply enjoying being able to hold each other again. Ultimately though, they stopped, and went to get Opal a drink as well. The girls spent most of the evening enjoying each other's company, barely being able to suppress a distinct urge to ravage each other right then and there.

The Beifongs were some of the last people to leave and when the crowd had died down a little bit, Korra and Opal snuck into the Red Room, finally being able to kiss each other properly. Since it was already running late in the evening, neither of them really cared that it messed up their perfectly done make-up, especially the lipstick.

Korra had her arms wrapped firmly around her girlfriend, loving the feeling of Opal's bare back under her hands. Opal let her tongue run over Korra's lips, urging her to open up, to which she naturally complied, fighting for dominance over the kiss with their tongues. It was hot, wet, even messy, and Korra wouldn't have traded it for the world. She had missed this more than a little over the past week, and was finally able to give in after holding themselves back all night long.

Opal had pushed Korra against the wall next to the main door, gently cupping her face in her slender hands. Korra softly moaned into the kiss, making Opal grin again, and she broke away. "This is crazy. Good, but crazy. I mean, look at where we are!"

Korra smirked back. "Oh, just shut up and kiss me again."

She happily complied, but it wasn't meant to last. The doors were thrown open, and Tonraq walked in, catching the girls in that position. "Ahem."

"Dad..." Korra stammered, a red blush racing over her cheeks. If anything, Opal was even redder, which looked kind of adorable if it wasn't for her father standing there with a disappointed scowl on his face.

-"Korra, I thought we agreed you'd keep it polite."

She steeled herself, and desperately trying to force the red blush down again. "We did, but you said 'when there are people around'."

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Why did I have to raise such a smart-ass..." he muttered under his breath, but the girls heard it clear as day, making them both giggle. "Anyway," he continued. "Opal, your parents are leaving, and they were looking for you." Tonraq's eyes darted back and forth between them. "And you have a little..." he pointed to his mouth, and the blush came back to both of them.

Opal and Korra quickly wiped their mouths clean, while Tonraq left them alone again. "I guess this is it for now, huh?" Opal asked after a moment.

"Yeah," Korra sighed. "I guess so."

Opal stuck her head around the edge of the doorframe, looking at her parents, who already waiting for her. "Call me as soon as you have something for me, okay?"

"Of course. Love you, sweetie."

-"Love you too." Opal pressed a quick kiss on her lips, and walked out to follow her parents into the brand-new BMW M6 that was waiting for them. Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. Korra's eyes followed Opal's shapely rear-end for until she worked it into their car, said rear-end being brought out all the more by the form-fitting green dress.

Afterwards, Korra and her parents quickly went back to the Naval observatory, where Korra worked herself out of her dress again, and soon went to bed. Benefits of not having a house-warming party in your own house.

The next few days were boring as shit. There were quite a few matches of Call of Duty, a few laps of the pool, and many, many texts back and forth between Korra and Opal.

A couple of days later, Korra was stirred from her Team Deathmatch late in the evening when she heard some commotion outside. She logged off and looked out the window, only to see Opal's i3 parked right in front of the house. She quickly ventured down to the front door, where she found her girlfriend arguing with Hong Li.

-"Don't you dare touch me."

Hong Li reached out, taking her by the wrist. "Miss, there are regulations. You don't have a visitors badge, and protocol mandates..."

-"I don't give a damn!" Opal interrupted him.

"What is going on here?!" Korra loudly announced herself.

-"Korra, thank God you're here. Touchy-feely here won't let me in," Opal explained, nodding to Korra's guard.

-"She has to be searched, as she hasn't been properly screened," Hong Li countered.

Korra sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Hong, she's my girlfriend, I don't want her to go through this every time she comes here. Let her in."

-"But Miss..." Hong started, putting up a protest.

"Can it," Korra interrupted him, making a gesture for him to stop talking. "The only time I have seen her over the past two weeks was at the White House, so you will step aside, and remember her face properly, so that we don't have to go over this every time she wants to come here."

He hesitatingly nodded, and stepped aside.

-"Thank you," Opal sarcastically sneered, walking to Korra. "Hey sweetie," she said once she had stepped inside. Korra kicked the door shut, and pulled her girlfriend in close for a proper kiss, at long last. It felt relieving to finally be able to hold her again, to wrap her arms around her and wrestle for dominance over the kiss.

It took quite a while for them to break apart, when Opal chuckled, and Korra smirked too. "Welcome to the Naval Observatory."

-"Yes, it has a very welcoming feel to it."

"Don't blame Hong too much for it, he's just doing his job."

-"Doesn't mean it isn't frustrating."

"Tell me about it. So anyway, how about a grand tour?"

Opal nodded in agreement, and Korra took her around the house. Tonraq and Senna were gone for the night, so they had the place to themselves for now. As the residence was big, it took them quite a while to get through it all, and they ultimately ended up in front of Korra's room.

-"What's through this one?"

Korra smiled. "Go ahead," she urged her girlfriend to step in.

Opal did, and her jaw nearly fell to the floor from excitement. "No. Way. You have the tower room?!"

A crooked glance broke across Korra's face, and she enthusiastically nodded. "Yes! My dad wanted to make this his study, but I convinced him otherwise, so now it's mine."

-"This is so awesome. I'm not above admitting this: I'm actually kind of jealous here." Opal took a good look around seeing if she could spot anything. "You have a new bed. Were they worried the old one was going to kill you in your sleep?"

Korra chuckled. "No, but they made me keep this one. It's the bed Nelson Rockefeller slept in a few times, or so I'm told." She glanced over at Opal, who a strange look on her face, one that Korra was all too familiar with. "You have that frown again. What are you thinking?"

Opal leaned in, wrapping her arms low around Korra's waist. "Want to break it in properly?" she said in a sultry tone.

"God, I thought you'd never ask," Korra breathed, and she quickly crashed their lips together, starting what was promising to be an eventful night.

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