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And Into the Fire

Opal pulled up at the Beifong Estate after a short drive. Sitting down for a couple of minutes was nice, but getting up again was harder than ever.

-"You know, you're in luck."

"Oh yeah, why's that?"

-"The entire family is here tonight."

Great. More people to embarrass myself in front of. "Yay..."

Opal laughed. "Oh, trust me, they're not that bad. I told you my parents have been nothing but supportive to me, and they have been quite curious about you."

"I don't know Opal, I don't do very well in cross-examinations."

-"It'll be fine. Come on."

She practically dragged Korra out the car and through the impressive double front door. She entered a massive hallway, with two staircases on either side of the room. In between them was an opening, leading up to what was presumably the living room. There was a door in front of either staircase, and Korra just couldn't figure out what purpose they served. The floor was a white polished marble, and the walls were lined with expensive paintings, by the looks of it.

-"Mom, we're home! I brought company!" Opal's sweet voice sounded through the air. Out the door on the left came a woman in her late forties, with dark hair, already mostly gray though. She was dressed in a stylish dark green dress, with an elaborate necklace and matching bracelets.

-"Ah, you must be Korra," she began, and quickly extended a hand. "Suyin Beifong, but call me Su. Everyone does anyway."

Korra didn't have to guess which one of her parents Opal had her open personality from. "Nice to meet you."

-"Please, come in, we wouldn't want to have our first conversation in the hall. Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Uhh, yeah, sure, tha-that would be nice." Nice going there asshole. Way to seem spontaneous.

Su preceded them through the gate underneath the stairs. Korra's guess had been accurate: it led them to a lounge with low, modern sofas and a sleek table in between. It looked like it had been styled by an expert. Come to think of it, these people are rich enough to have hired a whole army of experts.

-"So, Opal told me you two went to the gym together. Were you able to keep up with her?"

Korra slightly blushed. "No, not really. I'm kind of out of shape. She did tell me the story of how you saved the place."

Su smiled. "Well, I did what I thought had to be done. I hate seeing potential go to waste over money, and I think that place proves my point. Toza has talent, but he has also had a lot of bad luck in his life. With a little bit of help, he turned that place into one of the finest gyms in DC. Plus, it's a good place for advertisement."

"He certainly has. The place looked nice."

Suyin was perfectly hospitable, keeping the questions to a polite number and depth. Korra managed a few witty retorts, much to Opal's amusement.

Korra decided to tell her something her father had mentioned. "You know Su, you're not at all what my father had led me to believe."

She looked surprised. "And why is that?"

"My father worked with you on the railway project. He slid you through as the main supplier for the bridges over the Mississippi, but I don't think he once referred to you by your real name."

-"My family has been called The Metal Clan for generations. It's nothing new, and it definitely doesn't say anything about my reputation."

Korra smiled. "You don't know about the other one?"

Su got curious at this. "What other one?"

"'The Full Metal Bitch'." The mention of this caused Opal the choke on the sip of tea she was taking, due to a gush of laughter. Su seemed to see the humor of it as well.

-"At least you're being honest with me. And yes, I suppose I can be a bit hard, but that's just the business side of me."

"I noticed."

They finished their tea, and Opal and Korra retreated to her room for a bit before dinner.

-"How are the muscles?"

"Still feeling like they are actively seeking retribution for the workout."

Opal grinned. "I figured. You know, I got just the thing for that." Korra couldn't help herself. "You always do, don't you?"

Opal shot her an adorable pout. "You want this or not?"

"Yes please," Korra replied with a small voice.

-"Good. Take off your vest, and get on the bed, face down," she commanded sternly.

Korra did just that, and Opal got on her back, one leg on either side. Her soft hands gave her an expert massage, relieving at least the worst tension from her shoulders. Oh God, this day just keeps getting better and better.

After a while she felt Opal turn around, and she grabbed one of her legs, and slowly started squeezing those, one at a time, slowly working her way up from the ankles. To say it was the stuff of dreams was a gross understatement.

"Hmmmmm..." Korra softly moaned. "If this was attached every time I go to the gym, I'd go there every day, come hell or high water."

Opal quietly laughed. "Well, I'm not making any promises." She got off, making Korra roll over, and was met with a pair of twinkling emerald eyes. Korra knew that look all too well.

Opal leaned down, catching Korra's lips with her own. Korra felt Opal's gloves slide past her cheeks again, and did nothing to stop her. She instead let her hands glide down Opal's side, and along the hem of her shirt. She worked them under the shirt, gently rubbing Opal's bare lower back. They never broke the kiss, instead deepening it.

Opal gently moaned into Korra's mouth as she felt those hands on her back. She felt her girlfriend's tongue enter, and Korra took it as permission to take it a little further. She let her hands slide up Opal's back, feeling the muscles move underneath the skin. Opal pressed herself more into Korra's body, and she felt a surge of heat rush through her core.

Korra pushed her own lips harder against Opal's, which were starting to swell up a bit. The feeling of butterflies in her stomach was unmistakable, with Opal leaning into it more as well, it felt like they couldn't even be crowbarred apart.


Opal shot up. "Christ, Wei, ever heard of fucking knocking?!"

He was unfazed. "These doors have latches, they close. Dinner is ready. We're waiting for you and what's-her-face."

-"Korra," she replied, cold and firm. "And you're not making a very good first impression on her."

-"Whatever. Dinner. Now." He walked off with large paces, and a disgruntled Opal rolled off Korra with a loud groan. She shot a questioning look into the green eyes. "My youngest brother, Wei. One half of the Wonder Twins. Don't worry, they're not total assholes, they're just a little preoccupied with themselves."

"I don't think I ever heard you swear so much."

-"That's what you took away from this?"

"Family quarrels used to be almost a daily occurrence at my place, even though I'm an only child. I just yelled at my parents. But I guess you're not as innocent as I had you pegged."

A devilish little grin broke across Opal's face. "You have no idea." She placed a quick kiss on Korra's lips. "Come on. Time to face the music."

They ventured back down into the dining room, where Korra was introduced to both Baatar Sr. and Jr., Huan, and the so-called Wonder Twins, better known as Wei and Wing. Great. Tweedledee and Tweedledum not only look alike, they also have copy-pasted names. Thank fuck I'm dating the one that's most easily distinguishable.

Korra waited for Baatar Jr. to carve up one of three roasted chickens, and he gave her a piece of the breast. Served with top notch mashed potatoes and two full boiled cauliflowers with a hefty dash of nutmeg, it was a simple but delicious meal. Surprisingly, the Beifongs made short work of devouring the considerable mountain of food, but Korra's help was required.

Sr. was rather quiet, but what he got across, he seemed nice enough. Su led most of the conversations, making doubly sure to keep a close eye on the twins, or rather, a close ear to make sure they wouldn't go too hard on Korra. They were kind of self-centered, just like Opal had predicted. The oldest two got into a bit of a squabble, concerning the importance of the aesthetics versus the actual engineering possibilities.

Opal and Korra kept mostly to themselves. When the discussion between her older siblings entered a particularly energetic phase, she couldn't help but shrug. "This is my family for you alright. And I wouldn't trade them for the world."

After dinner, Opal and Korra went back to Opal's room. Korra suddenly spotted another pair of the fingerless gloves on Opal's desk. "How many of those things do you have?"

-"You mean the gloves?"

Korra nodded. "I don't think I've ever seen you without them. Is there some sort of bigger story behind them?"

Opal seemed hesitant. "Well, yes... But it's kind of silly."

"Hey." This time it was Korra who took the initiative to take Opal's hand. "That's what I'm here for. I wouldn't have asked if I didn't care."

Opal smiled. "Well, it all started with my aunt Lin. She and my mother never got along, always bickering and stuff. Then when my mother got pregnant with Baatar Jr. they tried to put their differences aside, so that he could grow up without having to live with an estranged aunt, pretty much our only family. Four children later, the relationship had increased significantly, and on my fourth birthday, she bought me a pair of these gloves. She always wore them herself on the beat, and we were always having fun whenever she came over about beating up the bad guys. I loved them, and by next year, they were completely worn out. So she bought me a new pair for my next birthday, and so on. But when I was seven, she and my mother had another huge falling out, and I haven't seen her since. But my brother knew how much it meant to me, so every year on my birthday, he buys me a new pair."

"And you think it's silly?"

-"Well... yeah. I mean, it's kind of naive to hope that she shows up some day and that I still wear them, you know?"

"I don't think it's naive, or silly. I think it's really sweet." She pulled Opal close, and gave her a chaste kiss on the head. The perfect end to a perfect day.

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