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Saturday morning is not supposed to start off with an alarm. It's like swearing in church. But here it was, because Korra had to go and pretend to enjoy herself for an hour before finally being able to relax again. Whichever genius had the idea to make me wake up this early on Saturday morning can go fuck himself. The morning ... is ... evil. She slammed her hand on her alarm clock, shutting it down, and stumbled out of bed.

It wasn't even her decision to play tennis. Her parents forced her to pick a sport, probably more to get her out of the house than anything else. Tennis seemed like the lesser of quite a few evils, not in the least because it didn't involve physical contact of sorts. She quickly showered, before putting on her shorts and crisp white polo.

Traffic was ridiculous for a Saturday morning. Apparently, there was some sort of open air art exposition, and seemingly the entire city wanted to go there. Why anyone would organize something in the open air in November was slightly beyond Korra.

She arrived at the hall where she always trained, and parked next to a British Racing Green Bentley Continental. Careful not to dent the 200.000 dollar machine, she left through the passenger side of her car, awkwardly fumbling with the gearlever.

Inside the lobby, Korra realized she was running late. She ran into the hall, and saw that she was just in time for the first exercises. Immediately something stood out. There was an additional person in the group. Normally there were only four of them, Adi, Umi, Ula and Korra. Kuvira, her coach, turned around when she heard Korra come in.

"Ah, Korra, better late than never. I want to introduce you to your newest training mate: Asami Sato."

Korra looked up from unpacking her stuff. Asami, apparently, was a touch taller than she was, only the division was different. She had long, slender legs protruding from a short light blue skirt, round hips, matching polo over an obviously necessary sports bra, emerald green eyes, and long, pitch-black hair. Wow, she's gorgeous. Wait, what? "Oh, uh, hi, I'm Korra." They shook hands. You're staring, you moron. She quickly averted her gaze and turned to Kuvira again at the realization. "Did I miss much?"

"No, it was only a small introduction round. You were just in time for the actual training."

"Good." After hitting a few balls across the net, they practiced the backhand, tricky for everyone. Asami seemed to be fairly good, and at when they went to play a normal game, Korra was up against her.

She could see Asami smile from the other end of the court, and her service was like a cannonball. Perfectly placed, Korra never had even a shred of hope of stopping a service like that. Fuck, Novak Djokovic would get scared if he saw a shot like that.

"Jesus Christ, take it easy!"

A chuckle came from across the field. "I've been playing since I was six, so don't be patronizing, if you'd please."

Korra smiled back, and assumed a more serious stance. This time, she was ready for another cannonball, and it came, but Korra held it. Just. Three rallies later, her hand and arm were stinging like hell. Man, am I out of shape. "Could we switch opponents?"

Asami smiled. "If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

It's not the kitchen that's the problem, it's the oven which is set to a million degrees. But Korra just kept silent and slumped over to the other court.

The rest of the session went over quickly, and Korra made a beeline for her car after quickly grabbing her stuff, as usual. The other three girls typically stayed for a while afterwards, and Korra never had any inclination to join them.

After yelling at several other drivers, two pedestrians, and three buses, Korra pulled into the safety of her own driveway again. Finally some peace and tranquility.

She took a quick shower and slid into an "I am the Stig" shirt and her usual pair of sweatpants. She looked out the window and saw something she definitely wasn't expecting: that same British Racing Green Bentley was parked in front of Mako's driveway.

You have got to be shitting me.

The thought hadn't left her head or the doorbell rang. Korra opened up and it was indeed, Asami. She had changed from her tennis clothes into a very stylish grey legging, 300 dollar boots from the looks of it, a dark red skirt, black leather jacket and she had also had a chance to fix her make-up, with red lipstick and purple eye shadow. How can anyone do that so quickly? Fidel Castro would laugh at me for how I look and here she is, more fashionable than Victor & Rolf!

"A- A- Asami... What are you doing here?"

"Just came by to return this." She held up Korra's wallet. "You dropped it after training and left before I had a chance to give it back."

"Oh, ummm, thanks... I guess?" Wow, way to show gratitude, you fucking autist. "Would you... like to come in for a cup of tea or something?"

"Uh, sure, that'd be nice."

Korra opened the door completely and let Asami in. As they went into the kitchen, Korra was slightly puzzled. You ignored her throughout most of the practice and yet here she is, driving all the way across town through murderous traffic just to give you back your stupid wallet. Your luck of falling flat on your face over great people is gonna run out some day.

"How did you know where I live?" Really. THAT's you first question?

Asami ignored how stupid it seemed to Korra. "I just looked on your drivers' license, it has your home address on it. Just enter it in the sat nav, and you're done."

"Oh." Korra already started up the water heater when she got home, she always drank tea after practice, so she could quickly made a pot of tea.

Asami was unfazed by Korra's blank response. "I just moved here. At least it's a good opportunity to explore the city a little."

"Really? Where'd you move from?" Finally, you've proven that you are in fact, a human being.

"Los Angeles. My father is an industrialist, and he's getting more and more into politics. He wanted to be closer to the actual seat of power."

"You don't sound like you mind all that much."

"Well, I'm graduating this summer, and I'm going to college anyway. I had my eye on the John Hopkins University, that's only an hour by car from my house.

"And not just any car. That's a 200.000 dollar Bentley."

Asami looked impressed. "You know your cars."

Korra let out a sly smile. "Well, you know..." and she gestured to her shirt.

"I am the Stig... Am I supposed to know what that means?"

"He's... Yeah, if you don't watch Top Gear, I could spend all morning explaining him."

Asami took the last sip of her tea. "Speaking of cars, mine is parked in front of your neighbors, so I should probably get going, before I start an argument."

"Nah, don't bother. He's a good guy, and the only person in the world lazier than me." Great job selling yourself there. "It's eleven in the morning on Saturday, he normally isn't even out of bed at this hour."

Asami smiled and brushed off Korra's comment. "Regardless, I should get going. My father is probably waiting for me, and in this traffic, it'll be half an hour before I get home again."

Korra was kind of sad she had to go already. "Alright. Anyway, thanks for bringing my wallet back, I mean, think of all the stuff I'll need it for." Not a fucking thing, because you'll spend the rest of the weekend in your room trying to unlock the Golden Uzi.

"You're welcome. See you later!" Asami walked out the front door, and Korra spied Mako from the corner of her eye, waiting by his car.

Great. The one fucking Saturday morning he has to leave early and I make him wait for my piss-poor attempt at a social life.

She closed the door, ignoring her friend, and went upstairs again. Five minutes later, her phone buzzed, and she saw that she had a text from Mako.

"I o u big time, you just got me a date!'" was the message.

Meh, could be worse. At least he wasn't pissed at her or Asami for making him late to whatever. She fired up Call of Duty, but found herself unable to concentrate on what she was doing. She was sloppy, getting killed often, with an unfocussed aim and constantly finding herself at the bottom end of the leaderboard. Her mind kept drifting to the text, and to Asami. Why am I incapable of putting those two out of my head?

She took her headphones off and logged out of the server to call Mako. He was driving, but that never bothered him. He soon answered.

"Hey Korra! To what do I owe the pleasure of this distant conversation?"

She couldn't appreciate his sarcasm. "Your text. You might want to explain that a little more to me."

"Well, Asami blocked me from getting out my driveway with her fancy sports car. I had been waiting there for a few while, and she walked out of your house. How the hell do you know her anyway?"

"Tennis practice. I dropped my wallet and she brought it back."

He ignored how sharp her response was. "Ah. Anyway, I was getting myself ready to yell at the owner, but ended up apologizing to her instead, and then I asked her out for a drink. I mean, have you seen those legs?"

Korra let out a tiresome "ugh". "Well Mako, congratulations, I guess this means you owe me."

"I guess it does. Anyway, I should probably hang, I'm not on hands-free. See ya!" With that, he hung up, not waiting for Korra's reply. Not that she felt like giving one anyway, but still. He didn't know that.

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