Rude Awakening
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Home Alone

Their awakening was rude, to say the least. Su was rapidly knocking on the door, determined to wake the girls up. "Opal! Korra! Breakfast is up right now. You know how I feel about that, you will join us."

In the bed, Korra stirred. Opal was half sprawled over her, both still naked as the day they were born. "Why does your mom have to wake us up so early in the morning? The morning... is... evil."

-"It's not early, it's past ten if she is waking me up," Opal replied groggily. "Family breakfast is our version of going to church on Sunday morning: sacred and mandatory." She gave Korra a quick kiss on the chin, since that was the part she could reach without having to make too big of an effort. Another volley of knocks on the door made Opal groan, and she lifted her head to call out to the outside. "Yeah Mom, we're coming. Give us a minute, okay?"

-"If you're not down in five minutes, I will wake you up with a bucket of cold water, you understand?"

-"Yeah, we get it. Five minutes." Opal's massive emerald eyes were the first things Korra saw when she opened her eyes. That's a sight I could get used to. It brought a smile to her face. "Alright, let's find the right person the right clothes," Korra suggested and they started their search. It was easier said than done, and Opal being adamant to wear Korra's hoodie didn't help either. Korra had to go commando, given that her panties were not suitable to wear anymore. Eventually though, most clothes ended up on their respective owners, and they were on their way. Korra's smile only grew as she recalled more and more moments from the night before, in all their glory.

They silently took their usual seats at the end of the group, both of them sunken more into their own little world than the actual turn of events at the breakfast table. The Beifongs didn't really pay much attention to the absentmindedness of the girls, until Opal was staring into the distance rather obsessively, and the twins started giggling to themselves.

Baatar Jr. was the first one to say anything to them. "Opal?"

Don't say it. Don't you fucking say it.

-"What's eating you?"


-"Korra, last night!" was Tweedledee's immediate reaction. Tweedledum obviously saw the pun coming. "OOOOOOH," he yelled, and gave his brother a resounding high five.

Opal's face went bright red, and Korra buried her face in her hands. Dear Lord in heaven, I know I am a sinner, but could you please send a lightning bolt to kill me where I sit?

Su slammed her knife and fork onto the table. "Boys! I will not have that kind of talk at my table!"

-"What? It's true. Those walls are paper-thin, we could give you an accurate description which one got off first."

Someone please jab a fork into the side of my neck until I stop twitching.

Su clearly wasn't pleased by her son's reaction. "Opal and Korra are in an adult relationship, and sex is a perfectly normal part of that. I will hear no more about this."

She resolutely picked up her teacup, and gave each of her youngest sons a piercing stare. This got rid of the easy puns, but the tension remained, particularly between Korra and the male company older than her.

All of them were eager to leave the *ahem* tense surroundings of the table, and they scurried away like bugs from under a lifted rock the second everyone was done. Korra ended up taking some dishes to the sink, while Opal cleaned off the table.

She thought she was alone in the kitchen, when Su snuck up on her. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know."

Korra jumped up, startled by the older Beifong. "Christ, Su, you scared me. What do you mean?"

-"Oh come on, Korra. Don't try to make me believe you think I'm that naive. It was pretty obvious, even before the twins had said anything. I figured it out when you bolted past us last night." Korra's face flushed again, and she made for the door. Su's pragmatic voice stopped her before she got through, though. "Are you going home soon?"

Korra hesitatingly turned around. "Yes... Why?"

A devious little grin crept across her face, and Korra felt her spirits drop. Opal does precisely the same thing before she embarrasses me. "You might want to ask Opal if you can borrow a scarf. I can see that hickey on your neck from here."

Korra could feel a massive surge of heat race through her cheeks, and even her ears went bright red. In a reflexive dash, she slammed her hands in her neck. "Thanks," she murmured, and practically ran to the safety of Opal's room, where her girlfriend already was. Korra quickly shut the door on her way, and leaned against it, before it fell silent for a while.

-"Well, that wasn't awkward at all," Opal eventually said.

"Nope, not a chance." Korra smiled. "Still, your mom is pretty cool with it. She even advised me to borrow a scarf from you before I go home."

Opal was a bit puzzled at first, but then Korra pointed at the red marks on her neck. "Ah... Yes... well, I'll fix you something. Do you want to shower first?"

"Yeah, that would be nice. Could you pass me a towel?"

She got up from the bed, and tossed Korra one. She quickly showered and brushed her teeth, trying to cover up the marks Opal left on her, but failed miserably. Stevie Wonder could see what you have been up to. When she got back to Opal's room, she found her girlfriend rummaging through her closet.

-"Wow, you're quick. Aha! There it is!" Opal triumphantly pulled out a blue scarf, and wrapped it around Korra's neck. "There. Now no one can see what I did to you."

"Except that I never wear scarves and it's 65 degrees outside. I am so going to get burned."

-"Oh, quit whining. It's just your mother, and she has given you all the freedom in the world since you two made amends."

"That's true, but she'll still see what we've done. She doesn't disapprove of us anymore for my sake, but that doesn't mean she likes it."

-"You're welcome to stay here, and help me deal with Beavis and Butthead."

Korra smiled at Opal's nicknames for her brothers. One big happy family. "I'd love to, but I really can't. I promised my mom that I would help her with dinner for tonight. Tenzin is coming over, and she is going all-out. We should get going."

She started walking down to the front door, but Opal stopped her before she walked out by pulling her in close. "Don't think you're going to get away with this. Whatever the twins throw at me, you'll be at the receiving end of the fall-out," she smirked.

Korra got a slanted grin on her face as she felt Opal's hands slide progressively lower down her back. "Looking forward to it, sweetie." Opal pinched her ass, and Korra gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Next time... Now let's go, slowpoke!" Opal smiled, and walked after her to the i3.

As hard as she was trying, that slanted grin just wouldn't leave her face. Her thoughts kept going back to the night before, even when she pulled into her own driveway again. When they finally did, Opal couldn't contain her giggling anymore. "You know you have a smile from ear to ear, right?"

"I'll do my best to get rid of it. But weren't you the one who suggested that it would be fine?"

-"I was, but still. You need to work on your pokerface," she added while chuckling.

"I guess I do." She gave Opal a quick kiss. "Call me if the Wonder Twins are too much of a handful. You can crash here if you need to."

When Korra walked through the front door, her mother came out of the living room in her apron. "Good morning. Did you have fun last night?"

Oh sweet baby Jesus, the universe has resorted to actively punishing me for my sins. "Yeah, we did," Korra said, barely able to suppress as massive fit of giggles. "But I didn't have any spare clothes with me, so I'd like to change, and then I'll come help you. Deal?"

Senna eyed her up suspiciously. "Deal. Make it quick, I already started."

Korra walked to her room, and pulled out some clothes that were relatively clean, her trusty old sweatpants and a GTA V promotional shirt. Before she could go back again, her mother knocked on her door. "Korra? Are you decent?"

"Yeah, you can come in." She did, and she was holding a glass half full with a yellowish-white drink, which she handed to Korra. "Drink up."

Korra sniffed it suspiciously, but it didn't really smell of anything. One cautious sip however, made her soon realize what it was. It was unbelievably sour, and Korra spit it back into the glass. "What the hell?! This is pure lemon juice!"

A satisfied grin crept over her mother's face. "Yes it is."

"What would you make me drink this for?!"

-"You had sex with Opal last night, didn't you?"


Senna remained perfectly composed. "Don't bother denying it, Korra, I'm your mother. I see things. You suddenly decide to spend the night with your girlfriend, and then you come home wearing a scarf that isn't yours, probably to cover up a hickey, you walk a little funny like your hips are sore, and you have a massive glowing grin on your face. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what you have been up to."

Korra took a deep breath, and threw in all the fake confidence she could muster up right now. "Fine. We did. We went back to Opal's place after dinner where we made each other squeal. So what, what are you going to do about it?"

-"Nothing," was the reaction, much to Korra's surprise. Her mother continued. "I told you that I wouldn't interfere with your relationship, and I intend to live up to that. You are an adult and you can make your own choices."

"Then what's this for?" Korra asked, pointing to the glass of juice.

Her mother smiled again. "That is to get rid of that massive grin. I love to see you happy, but I don't want you to walk around grinning like an idiot all day long." Fair enough, you kind of deserve that. "There is another reason. Your relationship with your father is still very delicate. We both know he is not very perceptive, but even he wouldn't miss this. I know I can't stop you from doing this, but I will urge you to be a little more cautious in the future."

Korra smiled. She doesn't stand behind what you did, yet she is covering your ass. She would make a fine politician. "I can do that. But Mom, I do want you to know that this wasn't something we just did because it seemed like good fun. Well, secondary benefits maybe, but we did it because it was something we both really wanted."

Senna seemed a little more hesitant now. "Like I said, I trust that you are old and wise enough to make your own decisions in matters like these, but you still live in my house." She smiled again. "Drink up, or I'm going to tell you in great detail about what happened the night your father and I made you."

Korra threw the lemon juice back in one gulp, and it got rid of her grin alright.

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