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Korra didn't know how to start. She wanted some time to properly talk to Asami, and after avoiding her for three weeks straight, not counting the vacation, she'd have to make a pretty good case for herself. She stalled early on the morning, purposefully being late, so that she would arrive after Asami.

Now all those hours wasted on watching Jeremy Clarkson bang on about how the Continental is the ultimate Manchester United Mobile will finally come in handy. She knew she could spot that green Bentley from a mile away. And she did. Asami parked it on the far end of the lot, probably to ensure that no one would accidentally dent it. She was careful with it, can't make an argument against it. Not that it mattered so much, most kids new to tread carefully around the 200.000 dollar sports car.

School was out, and Korra had made a beeline for her own car, which she had parked right next to the Bentley, waiting for Asami to come out of school, which usually took a little longer than Korra would. Catching up with classmates an stuff. Stuff that you know fuck all about, but still. Stuff.

She soon came walking out in elegant pace, confidently stepping around in those 300 dollar boots. Korra started to notice that she could finally appreciate Asami's excellent fashion sense without thinking that those clothes would look a lot better on her bedroom floor.

-"Korra." It was cold, flat, and efficient. And Korra deserved all three.

"Hey, Asami." She briefly paused." Look, I want to apologize. I've been a real bitch to you and I know it. To Mako too, but you've been on the receiving end more than he has."

At this, Asami's face lightened up a little. "Oh. This is certainly a start."

Korra sighed and continued. "I want to tell you the full story, but there is a little more to it than I would want to tell you right here. How about, tomorrow afternoon, you and Mako go and meet me at a little tea shop downtown. It's on the corner of 15th and K. If you can't find it, Mako can, he's been there before. Neutral ground, so that we can have that new start you talked about."

-"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"I've been trying but he keeps shutting me out, and the weirdest part is, I don't blame him. He's right. I've been a complete ass to both of you, but I've straightened out a lot in my head recently, and I want to make it up to you. Would you please give me another chance?"

Asami smiled. "I'll get him there. Say... five o'clock?"

"Perfect. See you there." They each got into their respective cars, and Korra waited for Asami to drive off. She took it like a champ. Hopefully Mako would take it just as well. Now she had to go tell her parents about Opal. Well, part of it. Almost none of it, really. Just the bare essentials, so that she could spend some time with Opal without having to flat-out lie. 'Flat-out' being the operative term here. Let's call it a white lie, shall we?

Surprisingly, that went over pretty well. The name 'Beifong' actually meant something to them. They didn't know from the top of their head that Opal was batting for the other team, which was something Korra decided not to mention. The 'don't ask, don't tell'-policy, so to speak. They were fine with Korra going into town to get a drink with her.

So Korra did. Not going to tennis practice anymore did have one distinct advantage: sleeping in on Saturday was a fucking godsend. Her partially ruined alarm clock read 11 by the time she got up, which gave still half-asleep Korra enough time to take a preposterously long shower and wear something that fit the description 'I guess it smells clean.' It turned out to be her shirt with a very cool arc reactor on it. She spent the rest of the day playing Call of Duty, and was dominating like she typically was on her good days.

Korra had agreed with Opal to show up fashionably late so that they could walk in together. They wouldn't make it too obvious at first, instead let it play out in the conversation.

By the time they arrived at the shop, Korra saw Asami's Bentley parked on the lot already. Meant her plan had worked. 5:03. Asami is punctual.

Opal and Korra walked in, and saw Asami and Mako sit next to each other at a table for four. The girls took their seats on the opposite side of the table.

"Guys, I want to introduce you to someone: Opal Beifong. Opal, this is Asami and Mako."

-"Hi." Asami's response was doubtful, wondering why Korra would bring her.

"I asked you to come here so that I could explain a couple of things to you. I've decided that the best way to go about it, is to tell you the full truth. You see, Opal is... my girlfriend."

Mako furrowed a brow. "Girl... Ohh..." The expression on his face was priceless, and if it hadn't been for the utter seriousness of the situation, Korra would have probably burst out into a massive gush of laughter.

-"Is that what all that business with New Year was about?" Asami asked, still not sure how to feel about this.

"Yes. I didn't realize it until the night you broke Tahno's arm. That's why I shut you out. And since I didn't want to blow up everything going on between the three of us, I decided to remove myself from the equation. Then I met Opal, and we've talked about it, and came to the conclusion that this was the best way to tell you."

A silence hung between the four of them. Mako and Asami were processing it all, while Opal was a little uncomfortable, sharing something so intimate with people she didn't know, and Korra was basically a growing snowball of nerves rolling down a very long hill. It was... tense, to say the least.

-"Well, it certainly explains a lot about how you've been acting around me," Asami began, unsure where she was going with this. "But I'm glad you finally told me. I was hoping that we could find a way to talk again. History tutoring isn't the same without you."

"You hired a new one?"

-"If you want your job back, I'll fire him on the spot."

Korra laughed. "That won't be necessary just yet." She turned to Mako. "What do you think?"

-"Well... It's just, I've known you for so long, you'd say I would have noticed something."

"Hey, I didn't know, so how should you know? Nothing to blame yourself for, trust me."

It briefly fell silent again. Asami broke it. "So how did you two meet?"

"Do you remember me telling you about how I watch the children of the house majority whip?" Korra's entourage nodded in perfect harmony. "Well, his wife turns out to be a very good listener, and she knew Opal was single, so she set us up for a blind date, in this very tea shop, three weeks ago. And now, here we are."

Asami smiled. "That's kind of sweet."

With the mood significantly lighter, Opal waved the waiter over, and they ordered. Korra decided that after last time's fiasco, she would stick with a normal cup of green tea.

For the first time, Opal spoke out. "Now I'm going to force you to back up a little." She looked over to Korra. "You said that 'she'" pointing to Asami, "broke Tahno's arm. How do you know a player from my school's football team?"

Korra slapped her hands on her cheek in shock. "That's right, Bolin mentioned something about him going to Eisenhower. Asami, the honor is all yours, it was your handy work after all."

Asami smiled. "I didn't break his arm. He was bothering Korra, so I worked him down to the ground and dislocated his shoulder."

Opal leaned back into her seat with a massive grin on her face. "Oh, this is just too perfect. Tahno is a jerk to everyone who's not part of his inner circle, and when he suddenly showed up with his arm in a sling, he told everyone he had fallen with his motorcycle. Good job there Asami, I like you already. It was about time someone beat a little humility into that guy."

-"Yeah, I guess so," Asami said. Well, at least Opal likes Asami. One down, one to go.

They sat there for about an hour and a half. The mood kept getting lighter and lighter, and Mako seemed to be getting used to his long-time friend coming out of the closet. It took some time, and Korra didn't blame him. Before they left, he took Korra away from the other two girls, as he wanted to talk to her in private for a little bit.

-"Korra I think I need to say 'thank you'."

"Why is that? For me being a bitch and a lousy friend to both of you?"

-"No, not at all. Quite the opposite, actually. You can't control who you get a crush on, and instead of trying to force a wedge between me and Asami, you sacrificed yourself to spare our relationship. I'll tell you, if I had more friends who were willing to do that, I would count myself very lucky. I already count myself lucky that I have one."

"Well, I guess..."

-"Come here." He pulled her in for a firm hug. "Now we have to make up for some lost time. How about, we go and see a movie? Your choice."

"That would be nice. I couldn't convince Opal to go see The Hobbit, and I kind of want to see it in theaters."

-"Done. Tomorrow evening?"

"Actually, I already have something planned." Mako looked very surprised at this. "Yeah, believe it or not, but finding time to spend with Opal is harder than I want it to be. Try again on Monday?"

"I can do that. I'll shoot you a time."

They walked back to their table, where Asami and Opal were still chatting nicely.

Asami looked up. "Said everything you needed to say?"

Mako nodded. "Yeah, I think I did. Asami, so you think we should get going?"

She looked over to Korra, who nodded. "Yeah, I think that would be fine."

Asami put down some money for the bill, which turned out to be enough to cover the entire bill, plus a very generous tip. She turned to Korra right before she and Mako left. "Korra, I just want you to know, I'm really glad you told me everything. Hopefully we can finally have a crack at fixing things."

"Yeah, I hope so."

Asami smiled. "I'll find you at the radiator."

Korra's smile didn't fade any time soon.

-"Did that go about as well as you were hoping for?" Opal asked, a smirk lining her face.

"Are you kidding me? It could not have gone better! My best friends accept me, and I can finally start fixing the damage I did."

-"Well, I can definitely see why you had a crush on Asami. She's nice." Korra furrowed a suggestive brow at her girlfriend. "Oh, okay, she also gorgeous and mega rich," Opal admitted.

"Looks like I have a type." Wow, another real compliment. Keep it up!

Opal got a massive smile on her face. "Do you want to get dinner? I know a great place, not two blocks from here. On me."

"That sounds nice."

Opal stood up, and pulled Korra to her feet. She placed a quick peck on the lips, before linking their arms. "Onward to Kwong's!"

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