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Korra didn't go back to "her" radiator in the break, and instead retreated to the corner on the third floor. Avoiding Asami was more difficult than she would like to admit, but she managed.

Fortunately, Asami wasn't completely absent-minded. After Korra didn't come to hang out with her in the first break, she sent numerous texts asking Korra where she was staying. It broke Korra's heart to ignore them, but she didn't have a choice, if she didn't want to blow up three relationships in one go. Eventually, a text came in which Asami cancelled their tutoring session for the afternoon, until Korra could get around to letting her know anything.

After a couple of days, Asami stopped going to the radiator, and instead hung out with her classmates. In spite of the opportunity to go back, she stayed on the third floor of the B-wing.

She had gone to tennis practice that first Saturday after the hottest dream Korra had ever had, and she saw Asami elegantly unfold herself from her Bentley Continental. Those legs, damn, those legs. Now I know what Mako meant. Unfortunately, this distraction caused her to nearly run down an old lady. After apologizing to the her, Korra turned around and drove back home, lying that her class had been cancelled because Kuvira was stuck in the snow.

But that stuff was just details. As a couple of weeks passed, Korra started to crumble under the stress of the realization of her true nature and the consequences. The one thing that mattered was that Korra was once again, all alone, and this time around, she couldn't blame anyone else. Thousands of handsome girls in DC and I have to fall for the one who is dating my best friend. What are the fucking odds.

It was nearly Christmas. Korra didn't have any particular interest in the holiday anymore. Sure it was nice that people tended to be more friendly around this time of year, but ever since she stopped believing in Santa, her interest had been decreasing. Her parents stopped with the presents when they told her Santa wasn't real, given that she didn't have a younger sibling for who they would have to keep up appearances. Nowadays it was mostly a fancy dinner between them and some close friends. Of her parents, but that's beside the point.

Over the winter break, she spent her time productively, meaning that she unlocked the Golden Uzi in Call of Duty and finally broke the 150 headshots with the M40A3, on her way to the Golden Dragunov. And it's not even Christmas yet. I'm doing well.

Christmas dinner went about the same as previous years: Tenzin and his family came over, his children were loud and obnoxious, her mother cooked a slightly above-average meal, they would eat it, fake a few compliments on how delicious it was, and move on with their lives. The next few days were always relaxing. The week between Christmas and New Year was always a calm one at the Capitol, so her father didn't have much to complain about. In turn, this made Senna calmer as well, resulting in an atmosphere that was slightly less tense than usual. Of course, this didn't mean much to Korra, who was still silently freaking out about the realization that she didn't like guys.

Korra typically went over to Mako's for New Year's, but this year, she found herself unable to do that. Every time she saw Asami, it only made her realize more and more what she was really feeling, and she couldn't figure out a way to deal with it.

Asami's Bentley was parked on the driveway since lunch, which meant she was there. After dinner, Korra was getting herself ready to go to the Capitol with her parents. They knew that even though Korra usually went to Mako, if she wasn't going there, she was coming with them.

Frankly, sprinting into oncoming traffic sounded slightly more appealing, that way you don't have to choose where you're going to go.

It was nine in the evening, and Korra was standing in front of her dresser in a bra and sweatpants, choosing a dress, when the bell rang. Her mother opened and greeted whoever it was, so she didn't pay attention to it. That was, until the door of her room flew open and Mako, Bolin and Asami barged in without any warning.

-"Hey Korra, we - whoa!" Mako was most definitely surprised by what he saw. So was his brother, who both of whom turned tomato-red. Asami seemed slightly less embarrassed by walking in on Korra like this.

"Jesus Christ guys, ever heard of fucking knocking?! You're worse than my mother!" Korra was more angry than embarrassed. Mako and Bolin had turned around, while Asami handed her a sweater which was hung over her chair. She quickly slipped it on, and her friends turned around again.

-"Korra, we were just wondering if you still wanted to come over for New Year," Mako restarted, still red as a cherry. "You used to come over, and I don't see any reason why this year should be different."

I can think of a few doozies. "I don't know guys, my parents are kind of making me go with them."

-"Korra, I know their rules about that, it's why you started coming over in the first place: to avoid going with them. You hate that New Year's party at the Congress," he astutely remarked.

She sighed. It was true, she really didn't want to go to the Capitol, when Asami moved in a little closer. She put her hand on Korra's shoulder, and was leaning suspiciously heavy on it. "Please? I don't know why you suddenly started avoiding me, but I would really like to try again," she said, a small blush still on her cheek. Christ, she's drunk. They all are. Before she could say anything else, Asami pulled her into a hug.

Oh snap. It was warm, with Asami breathing into her neck, sending shivers down her spine and a massive surge of heat through her cheeks, which would undoubtedly be just as red as the brothers. She was fighting the urge to give in to herself. Korra's nose was pressed firmly in Asami's raven hair. It smelled like coconuts.


Asami cocked her head slightly up, and whispered into her ear: "Whatever it is I did, I'm sorry, Korra. I really want to patch things up."

God, she's too good for your sorry ass. Break away, before you break your resolve. Korra gently pushed Asami away, much to the raven haired girl's shock and sadness. "Korra..." she breathed, tears welling up in her gorgeous green eyes.

"No, Asami. It's not your fault, I swear. I just..." She gazed upon the hopeful looks of her friends, fighting the tears welling up behind her eyes. "I don't think it's a good idea to go over to your place," she managed, even if it took her a while to say it.

-"Oh..." Mako couldn't hide his disappointment and sighed. "Well, if you change your mind, you know where I live." Disbelief dripping from their faces, they all quietly went down again, and Korra heard the front door close.

"FUCK!" she screamed, and let herself fall onto her bed, where she couldn't fight back the tears anymore.

-"Korra, what..." Tonraq came in, wondering why his daughter was yelling such profanities.

"Get out!" She didn't want her father to see her cry. Or she just didn't want to see him.

-"I just want to know..."

"I said GET OUT! Fuck you and fuck your party! I'm not going!"

He hesitated for a moment. Then, without another word, he turned around, briskly walked down the stairs to collect his wife, and they left without saying anything to Korra. The way he slammed the front door was more than enough confirmation for Korra that she may have pushed him too far.

Korra lost all sense of time. She didn't know how long she lay on her bed, crying, until her phone buzzed. It was a text from Mako. "I don't care that you don't want to come over, Happy New Year anyway. You're still more than welcome." It was accompanied by selfie of him, Asami and Bolin. They all had a smile from ear to ear in the photo.

So, it's 2015. and You can either go over to the people who want you to celebrate this with them, or you can spend the rest of the night sulking in this disgusting room, since you never clean it. The fact that she was even contemplating the issue was even more pathetic than she first realized. Howard fucking Hughes had better people skills than you do.

She got up off her bed, and looked into the mirror. Looks like shit. D'oh well. She put on a shirt under her hoodie, and normal jeans, trying to appear as a regular human being.

With her shoes on as well, she walked over to Mako's place, and Bolin opened up. "Korra! You decided to come!" he exclaimed, even more over-eager than usual. "Happy New Year!" Out of nowhere, he placed a firm kiss on her lips.

Fuck, this guy is drunk as hell! Uhh, yeah... Happy New Year to you too, I guess."

-"Well, come in!" He pulled her in, probably also to give himself a crutch, given how he was leaning on her shoulder. He threw the door of the living room wide open, where Mako and Asami were sitting on the couch.

-"Guys, look who showed up!" He is way too excited for me to be here. This was a mistake.

"Korra!" The couple exclaimed in unison, and they stood up. Mako gave her a firm hug, while Asami gave her a good kiss on the cheek. It caused Korra to go bright red, but they were too far gone to notice. "Happy New Year. I'm glad you changed your mind."

"Yeah, well, you know," Korra smiled awkwardly. Bolin handed her a shot glass, filled with presumably something strong. "You have a lot of ground to make up, so you better get started."

This is a bad fucking idea. Korra repressed the thought, and threw it backwards, throat burning from the alcohol. "Christ, what is in that stuff?!"

-"Guess." Mako wasn't too subtle in answering Korra's question, even if it was rhetorical. Korra didn't answer.

Bolin tried to help Korra along. "What do you want to wash it down with: more or a beer?"

Against her better judgment, Korra first accepted another one, before switching over to the beer he had somehow managed to procure. As the evening went on, Korra felt her objections slowly slipping, but she never lost herself completely. They were mostly just hanging out, laughing at stories that weren't particularly funny, even recounting how Asami ripped Tahno's arm from its socket. Actually, that was pretty cool. I wonder what Asami would look like in a Black Widow outfit...

-"What was that?" Mako's voice slightly slurred as he turned over to Korra.

Motherfucker, I said that out loud. How do I bullshit my way out of this one? "Well, you know, ehh, with skills like those, she could double for Scarlett Johansson in the Avengers. That would be awesome."

-"Yeah, that would be awesome. Imagine that, sitting next to an Avenger!" Bolin was more than a little excited at Korra's suggestion. Good job Neo, you just dodged a barrage of bullets.

-"... Why don't we watch one? Mako, you have those all on DVD, we're not going anywhere," Bolin said, going on a small rant about how much he likes the Marvel Movies.

-"I don't know bro, I don't really feel like them. And I don't think Asami does either."

Asami shook her head in confirmation, and Bolin admitted defeat. Korra was still sweating bullets and had her mouth clamped securely shut.

-"I have a better idea..." Asami got an irresistible smirk on her face. "Karaoke night!"

This was met with a loud cheer from the brothers, and Asami made the cutest pout towards Korra, who was the only one who seemed reluctant. Good luck refusing that face; it's freakin' adorable. Well, better than playing strip poker.

Mako fired up his PS3, which he kept in the living room, and pulled a microphone and Karaoke Revolution out of the drawer under the TV.

"Before we start embarrassing ourselves completely, can we at least finish that bottle of vodka so that we won't remember it?" Korra's suggestion was met with loud laughter, but Bolin did slide the bottle towards her across the floor, and she poured a generous amount into her glass. He started with 'Billy Jean', before Mako made an absolute fool of himself belting out an awful version of 'Like a Virgin'. He took a round of applause, and tossed Korra the mic.

"No fucking way, I am not singing," she protested, but Asami had different plans.

-"If you're not going to sing alone, than the least we can do is a duet. Come on, on your feet." She pulled Korra up, and selected 'Complicated'. This can only end well. Asami began singing, but Korra simply kept her mouth shut.

-"Chill out, what you yellin' for? Korra, come on, sing with me. Lay back, it's all been done before. Sing!"

Fuck it.

Korra joined Asami, leaning in very close so the mic would pick them both up. "And if, you could only let it be, you will see."

Korra joining the Sato was met with loud applause from the brothers, so she simply continued. "I like, you the way you are, when we're drivin' in your car. And you're, talking to me, one on one. But you've become!"

Asami had to straighten her face from laughing, but it didn't deter Korra this time around. She was in it now, so she was going to see it through. "Somebody else, 'round everyone else, watchin' your back, like you can't relax. Your tryin' to be cool, you look like a fool to me!"

Asami purposefully drew out that last note, making extra quirky. "Tell me, why'd-you-have-to-go-and-make-things-so complicated?! I see the way you're acting-like-someone-else-it-gets-me-frustrated. Life's like this, you, you fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into, honestly-promise-me-I'm-never-gonna-find-you-fake-it... no, no no..."

Asami and Korra looked each other straight into the eyes on that last cue. They aced the rest of the song, sounding absolutely awesome. Korra was getting warm from the alcohol, the excitement and giving her all singing an Avril Lavigne song, so she took off her hoodie, leaving just the Rock Band T-shirt. Guess it's more appropriate then I imagined.

-"We want more!" Mako and Bolin chanted, deeply impressed by the singing skills of their female company.

"Now that, you're going to have to earn." Korra shot Asami a sly grin. "We want to hear The Fabulous Singing Brothers in a duet!"

This comment was met with an approving nod from Asami, and she handed the mic to Mako. The girls slumped down on the couch, and Asami leaned heavily against Korra. Korra instantly felt herself heating up even more, despite getting rid of her hoodie.

-"You know, you're a pretty good singer, you know that?"

Korra smiled. "Likewise. And no, I didn't really know." Bolin had insisted that they would sing 'The Power of Love', and they actually did fairly well. Korra and Asami were up next again, doing surprisingly well on Norah Jones' 'Don't Know Why', even if they didn't really realize it. Afterwards, They slumped back into their previous position on the couch, while Mako decided to go solo again on 'Broken Wings'.

The night went on like this for a while, plenty of golden oldies passing by, some being completely butchered by them, other being performed fairly well.

Ultimately though they were all tired, and ended up unceremoniously draped over the couch and each other. Bolin had fallen asleep, and no way in hell was he waking up. Korra and Mako carried him upstairs to his bed, and the three of them finished the bottle of vodka, having a lot of fun. Mako and Asami started to get a little clingy, but Korra didn't really care. They were a cute couple, regardless of what anyone might say about them.

She didn't actually remember how the evening ended, but she was in for the shock of her life when she woke up.

Korra found herself lying against something warm, on the softest pillow ever. She took a deep breath through the nose, and there was a delicious smell entering. Coconuts...


Her eyes shot open at the realization, and she found herself snuggled up very close to Asami. Their bare legs were intertwined with each other's, Korra's arm was sprawled over Asami's belly. She was lying with her face in the crook Asami's neck, her nose buried in the raven hair.

Korra fought to untangle herself from Asami, and fell out of the bed in the process, and banged her head hard against the nightstand. Korra's barrage of profanities afterwards woke Asami up as well, who was still very groggy from the night before. "Korra..? What's going on?"

She was having some trouble processing it all. They were both still dressed, hooray, albeit minimal. Korra was there in just her Rock Band T-shirt and panties, and Asami was dressed similarly, but in a tank top instead of a T-shirt.

Only now did Korra realize the massive headache she had, that her throat and mouth felt like she had tried to eat the Sahara, and it wanted back out. Serves you right. You downed half a bottle of vodka last night.

-"Korra, are you alright?" Asami sounded genuinely worried.

Korra rubbed the place on her head where she had slammed into the nightstand. "Yeah... I'm fine, but Asami, what happened? How did we end up like this?"

-"Oh, you fell asleep on the couch last night, and Mako didn't feel like carrying you back to your place, so he just put you here in the guest bedroom. I couldn't drive home, so I just joined you, Mako doesn't have a two person bed."

"Okay... thanks. Listen, my parents are probably going to kill me, I need to get home. Where are the rest of my clothes?"

-"Relax, I sent them a message with your phone. They know where you are."

Asami leaned over the bed, picked up Korra's phone from the nightstand, and handed it to Korra, who was still sitting on the ground.

She pulled up the conversation with her mother: "stqyin at Makl, hoe tomoeeow." was the last sent text. God-fucking-damn it. You don't need to be an expert to see that the person who sent it was drunk of her ass.

"Christ, Asami, they are going to kill me when I get back!"

-"What do you mean?"

"Look at this!" Korra jammed the phone in her bedmate's face. "I'm in so much trouble!"

-"Ugh, enough with the yelling. Too hung over for that." Asami rolled over and stood up out of her side of the bed giving Korra an eyeful of her barely covered shapely rear. "There have to be clothes over here somewhere..."

Korra couldn't look away from those gorgeous legs. Hangover or not, she is still your friend who took care of you last night. Even if my dream a few weeks back appears to be more accurate than I ever thought possible.

She forced herself to turn away, and happened to spot her own jeans at the foot of the bed. Korra quickly slipped them on, and when she turned around again, got an eyeful of Asami's rear, who was on her knees, looking under the bed for her pants. My God, this girl is going to be the end of me. Korra saw no possible way this morning could become even more awkward for her.

As it turned out, her imagination was lacking.


She was having a hard enough time not giving in to shamelessly ogling Asami, this was not going to be easy. "Yes?"

-"Could you... pull me back? I'm slightly... stuck."

Oh sweet buttery Jesus. Have the planets aligned and conspired against me?! "Uhh... sure... How stuck are you?"

-"Pretty badly, just pull back on my feet."

Korra positioned herself in such a way that she only grasped Asami's ankles, and pulled her back from under the bed, pants in hand. She put them on and turned to Korra again.

-"Thank you. Want some aspirin?"

Korra nodded, and Asami walked into the en-suite bathroom to empty the medicine cabinet. They both took a generous amount of aspirins, and Korra couldn't help but recall what happened between them. You spend weeks avoiding her, and here she is, taking care of you, looking out for you. You have got the be the luckiest asshole in the solar system.

"Asami... I'm... sorry for pushing you away like I did." She couldn't bring herself to face Asami, so just stared at the ground like an idiot.

She looked relieve as Korra said that. "Look, I don't care what it was that made you do it, can we just forget it? A new start for 2015?" She grabbed Korra by the shoulders, who was still looking down. "Please?" It came out so pleadingly, that Korra looked up, and saw some tears welling up in her emerald eyes.

She wanted to. But she couldn't. Korra felt bolts of electricity spreading through her body from the places Asami was holding her. It wasn't just what she wanted. She just turned away, tears streaming down her own cheeks. "No. I'm sorry Asami, but I can't..." She noticed how shaky her voice was, and heard a soft snickering behind her.

Korra didn't turn around again. She bolted from the en-suite, grabbed her shoes, and made for the living room, taking her hoodie with her and fled back to her own house. She ignored her mother, who was in the kitchen and called out for her, she just ran up the stairs and decisively slammed the door of her room shut behind her, breaking down once again on her bed.

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