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Pepper and Cyanide

"Opal, how bribable is your security?"

-"Very, why?"

"Because there is something I want to do without Captain America knowing. Do you think you can take a different car than your own around the back of your estate, park it there, and wait for me to get to you?"

Opal chuckled into the phone. "I can probably manage something like that. And if you can start making your way over here, it should be ready when you get here, okay?"

"Okay sweetie, see you in a bit." With that, Korra hung up, and quickly made her way down, where Hong Li was waiting for her in the heavily armored GMC Yukon that was required by the Secret Service. God help me, why did they have to get me the most ostentatious, vulgar, unlikable car there is on the planet?

-"Good afternoon miss. The Beifong Estate, I take it?" he asked in the most stoical way possible.

"Correct." The agent neatly opened the door for her, ushering her into the back of the massive car. The drive over to Opal's place was mostly quiet and really, it was because Korra wanted to drive herself. Despite suffering from a mild form of road rage, she did actually like driving, even if it was in her old, beat-up, underpowered Audi. Maybe this will present you with an opportunity.

Once she finally got there, Opal was already waiting for her inside, and after a bit of waffling and a cup of tea, Korra decided it was time to put her plan into motion. "Alright, I assume you're curious what I had you take a car around the back for."

Opal gingerly took a sip of her tea, and very deliberately put her cup down. "Why yes, as I put my father's brand new BMW around the back of the back of the house, that is a valid question for me to ask, but I decided to give you the chance to explain."

"I've decided to go with what you suggested. I'm getting a piercing."

This made Opal's eyes grow wide with excitement. "Yes!" she exclaimed, pumping her fist in the air. "Have you decided on where yet?"



"I'm not twelve anymore."


"I'm not a pornstar."


"I'm not a fucking cow!"

Opal laughed. "Alright, now you are making this very difficult for me. Let's see... Belly button?"

"Getting warmer."

A faint blush crept over Opal's cheeks. "Are you..." she hesitated. "Nipples?" she asked with a whisper.

Korra got a massive smile on her face and pointed at her girlfriend in confirmation. "Bingo."

-"You have got to be kidding me."

"Have I ever? My father would kill me if he ever finds out regardless of place, so I figured, might as well be in a place where he won't ever find out about it."

Opal chuckled again. "Ah yes, but we already agreed that he would also probably kill you if he found out about the skinny dipping. Or about the time we had sex in the Observation Dome."

Korra got a slight blush on her cheeks when she thought back to that night. It had been Opal's idea to go stargazing, which turned out to be a fantastic suggestion, as the Observation Dome kind of lends itself to that purpose. And between the full moon and some soft music that Opal put up on her phone, it didn't take a lot before they were both naked, sweaty, and screaming each other's names in complete ecstasy. Come to think of it, that was probably her plan along. Damn. She's good.

"True, but I'd still rather not have him finding out about it, which is why I want to do this without Captain America peering over my shoulder. That's why we need to leave through the back door, keep him in the dark, and that's why I needed a car there."

Opal nodded. "Alright, then what are we waiting for?" She preceded Korra out the back door, over the grounds, and through the small gate at the back, where Baatar senior's sparkling new BMW M6 Gran Coupé was waiting for them.

"Can I drive?" Korra hesitatingly asked.

-"I don't know Korra, it's my father's car, and it only just rolled off the showroom floor. He'd be livid if we'd dent it somehow." Korra heard Opal's objections, and decided to slowly put up her biggest puppy dog eyes and pouty lower lip, making it increasingly hard for her girlfriend to deny it. "Don't give me that look, you know I can't - oh fuck it, here you go," Opal eventually said, holding out the keys to Korra.

Still got it. "Thank you." She took the keys, and contently slipped into the comfortable leather seats of the M6.

It felt glorious to be behind the wheel of a car again, not to mention a car that Korra had adored from the start, and one that was very powerful. Not that she really got to use it, because it was a relatively short trip from the Beifong Estate to the nearest mall, 20 minutes because of city traffic.

When they stepped inside, Korra felt slightly relieved when she saw an Asian woman behind the counter. There had been few moments in the past where she had been more nervous, but Korra was at least somewhat comforted by Opal, whose grip on her hand assured her that she would be there.

The woman gave her the instructions of what they were going to do, and after checking her ID, led Korra to the back room, where she undressed. She felt extremely awkward, doing this for someone she didn't know, much less trust.

She wasn't going to turn around though, as this was something she wanted to do. Korra had prepared herself for immense amounts of pain, but in reality, it was a cinch once the needle was actually through. Her choice had fallen on a simple silver barbell, one on each side, leaving her nice and symmetrical.

Opal was standing beside her the whole time, never letting go of her hand.

-"There we go," the woman ultimately said, taking a content look at her work.

-"It looks great sweetie," Opal said, her mouth damn-near watering at the sight.

Korra chuckled. "That's what I was aiming for." She never had done anything quite like this, and even though she was royally late with her 'rebellious' phase, the results were worth it.

-"I can see you looking Metal Clan, don't even think about it," the shopkeeper suddenly spoke up.

Opal turned around in surprise. "What...? How do you..."

-"You practically drooling on my floor, I know what you're thinking. I do three of these a week, so let me tell you that I know what people are thinking when they first see their SO like this." She reached over to the wall, handing Korra a folder. "These are some instructions for aftercare, make sure you follow them closely, otherwise you'll be back here within the week because they got infected." She turned to Opal again. "As for you Metal Clan, you gotta keep your lid on for quite a while. Even though the folder says two months, I'd recommend at least ten weeks before you get to play with them."

That's a bummer. The look of disappointment on Opal's face was positively adorable, and Korra dressed herself again. "Will do. Thank you for everything." While she walked over to the counter to pay, Opal found her voice again.

-"Why do you keep calling me Metal Clan?"

The woman smiled. "It's a talent I have: no matter where it is, no tattoo remains hidden from me. Plus, I can read Chinese."

Korra and Opal threw each other an impressed look, most certainly not expecting that.

-"Well, I guess this is it for now ladies. Take good care, and enjoy."

"Thank you, I'm sure I will." They made their way back to Baatar's BMW, where Opal climbed behind the wheel this time around. "This sucks. I was hoping we would get to play with them a lot sooner than ten weeks. I'll be in Europe by then."

Korra smiled, glancing through the folder she got. "Oh, it's not that bad. A bit of restraint for a few weeks, and then you'll be in the clear." Her smile slightly widened as the perfect lewd remark just popped into her head. "Guess you'll just have to get more creative in other places," she whispered in a sultry tone.

Opal went bright red, and it almost made her miss a red light. "Could you not do that while I'm driving my dad's car?"

"When else am I supposed to do it?" Korra chuckled. Her girlfriend laughed too, and they soon were back onto the Beifong Estate. Out of complete force of habit, Opal had driven to the driveway, which was when Korra suddenly spotted Hong Li's GMC, with him patiently waiting behind the wheel. "Fuck," she muttered under her breath.

-"I can still turn back," Opal offered, but Korra knew it was too late.

"Nah, we just have to wing it. Just park somewhere and we can figure something out." She did, and once they got out of the car, Hong Li was waiting for them by the entrance, the look on his face absolutely priceless.

-"What... How did you?"

"We just went into town for a bit, nothing to worry about," Korra dryly said.

-"You're supposed to ask me to escort you on trips like that, you know that."

A devious little grin appeared on Korra's face, as she realized he was digging his own grave. "Yes, and you're supposed to keep a close eye on me at all times." His expression became even more flabbergasted, to which Korra had an even harder time from bursting out into a massive fit of giggles. "But I'll do you a deal: I won't tell if you won't." She winked at him, before taking Opal's hand again. "Come on sweetie, let's get back inside."

-"That was brilliant," Opal chuckled as soon as she had closed the front door behind them.

"Why thank you." Well done. That wasn't the least bit smug at all.

Opal seemed to share the thought, as she raised a mischievous eyebrow. Fortunately, she didn't linger on the subject. "Come on, let's go and do something lazy. I've had this almost irresistible urge to watch The Lion King all week long, what do you say?"

Korra smiled, knowing Opal was a sucker for Disney. "Sounds good sweetie." Before long, they fired the movie up, Opal comfortably leaning into Korra. It was pretty much the perfect way to end a Friday afternoon, especially now that school was back in.

It went without saying that Opal cried during "Long live the king" and the ensuing scene, much to Korra's amusement. She subtly wiped away the tear flowing down her girlfriend's cheek, making her chuckle. "Such a big softie."

Opal smiled. "Such a big dork."

"Both are... true." She pressed a quick kiss on Opal's cheek. This day simply can't get any better.

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