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Unfinished Business

This isn't happening.

The W12 was working overtime at the speeds Korra was driving at. She had to get herself out of the city. It felt claustrophobic to her.

This isn't happening.

After she bolted from Eisenhower High, she went to the nearest highway, and just went somewhere that wasn't crowded. Or in fact, had any people at all.

This isn't happening.

Korra throttled up when she turned off the motorway again. It was a quiet back road, giving Korra the room she needed. It wasn't until she caught air that she realized how fast she was driving. She turned onto an unpaved road, which she followed for a while before finally parking it.

This is happening.

She ended up in a forest, where she got out of the car again. There, it was finally silent. The only thing to hear was the rustling of the leaves in the wind. She took a deep, unpolluted breath. Korra normally liked living in the city. She enjoyed the business, and never being truly alone. But not now. Within two days, she had catastrophically blown off both her best friends and her girlfriend.

Seeing Opal like she had only made her more torn than she had been before. She had been about as crushed as Korra had expected. She knew the truth, but that didn't make things any better. It didn't help that Korra still didn't have a clue what she was doing. She was still in love with both Opal and Asami, even if she didn't know to what extent.

It was a mess. That much was for certain. Korra didn't blame Opal for wanting some distance. She had unconditionally supported Korra, and never asked anything in return. She helped her put up a fight against her parents, something that Korra could have never done alone. She had helped Korra confront herself, and her parents. She had even managed to whip her into shape, and now Korra couldn't even say she wanted to be with just her.

Then there was Asami. Korra's first real friend outside of Mako. If it hadn't been for her, Korra probably would still be stuck in her own room every day, and she definitely wouldn't be dating Opal right now. It wasn't like they had a lot more history together, but she had helped Korra, befriending her even if she could have done better. She did it because she wanted to, and it was what Korra desperately needed.

Korra sat down against the wheel, and softly started crying to herself. After everything she told Opal, especially considering their history, she wouldn't blame her for breaking things off with her. Even if that absolutely wasn't what Korra wanted.

But she also wondered what things would be like with Asami. She was broken, having just ended an eight-month relationship with Mako. And you have nothing at all to try and help either of them in that situation. God, you are a terrible friend. She had been so absorbed with her own anger at Asami's recklessness, and later on the kiss of course, that the hows and whys of their current situation had completely slipped her mind.

She hadn't even thought about Mako yet. If Asami was telling the truth, which she most likely was, it was his fault. But it wouldn't be the first time he would have screwed someone over, but it would be the first time it hit very close to home for Korra. They did have real history. Nearly eleven years. Cheating asshole or not, he was the only one who had stuck with her for more than a decade, so he at least deserved a chance to explain himself.

So not only did Asami force a wedge between her and Opal, Mako forced Korra to choose between him and Asami. Fucking marvelous. Why do you even bother trying to make friends? Not even a year in and you're worse off than you were before all this. That wasn't entirely fair though. Korra had lived more these past nine months than she had the seventeen years before. And meeting Asami had been the inciting incident.

But now she was also the central hub, connecting all her problems together. Cutting her out again would save two relationships by default.

But you don't want to do that.

Korra sighed and let her head fall back against the fender. Pushing Asami away hadn't really solved anything in and of itself the first time around. Finally meeting Opal, that was what finally started solving things instead of only causing more problems.

Here she was. Far away from everything, with her relationship on the brink of exploding, her closest friend completely guilt-ridden, and her best friend turned out to be an asshole. What a day to be alive.

She was ultimately pulled from her thoughts when her phone rang.

-"Korra, where are you?" Senna was slightly panicking. "Why haven't you come home, and why haven't you let me know where you are?"

"It's..." Korra sighed. "I don't want to talk about it."

-"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"I'm somewhere outside the city. I'll come home soon."

-"Well, please do, I'm worried about you."

Korra took a deep breath, steeling herself, and got back behind the wheel of the car. She had no idea where she had gone, as she had just taken some random streets after turning off the interstate. When Korra turned on the satnav, she found that she had driven about thirty miles north of the city, and that it was one hell of a good place not to be bothered by anyone.

She must have been away for quite a while, because Korra ended up in massive traffic jams of the evening rush hour. It took her forever to get back to her house, where her mother was waiting behind the window, looking out for Korra's return.

As soon as Korra walked through the front door, Senna saw that her daughter had been crying. She didn't say anything, because there was nothing to say just yet. All she did was pull her into a tight hug, and Korra couldn't fight back against her tears anymore.

They just stood there for a long time. Korra was gently sobbing on her mother's shoulder, who ultimately broke the silence. "What happened?"

"I fucked up, Mom, and now I don't know what's going to happen next."

Her mother was silent for a while. "Opal." Korra just nodded, but Senna understood.

-"Did you two break up?"

Korra sighed. "I don't know." Her mother nudged her to the living room, where she sat Korra down on the couch, and sat down beside her. "I haven't told you the truth, Mom," Korra eventually confessed. "Well, everything I told you was true, I just haven't told you everything." Korra finally spilled the entire story, how she fell for Asami, how she realized everything, and why Korra had suddenly cut her out of her life. Senna knew most of the history with Opal, and Korra skipped forward until she arrived at what happened last night.

Her mother was silent the entire time, she just listened to her. "And now..." Korra sighed. "Now I can't do anything but wait for what Opal has to say."

-"Do you want my advice, or did you just want someone to hear you out? Either one is fine with me."

"I'd take Dr. Phil's advice right now, so bring it on."

-"I don't know Opal terribly well, but what I do know is that you two seemed very happy together. I don't believe that she would try to break things off just because you haven't gotten over an old crush as well as you thought you did. You told her the truth, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, I did..." Korra just sighed. "It's not just about an old crush. It's that she has always been there for me, but I can't do the same for her. I feel... inadequate."

Her mother thought for a while. "You're not inadequate. Any relationship is two-way traffic. Opal wouldn't have stuck with you for this long if she was the only one offering support. It might seem that way to you because you had bigger hurdles to face during you time together, most of which were thrown up by your father and me, but you cannot tell me that you haven't tried to support her."

"I guess so, but that doesn't really help me. How am I supposed to choose between my closest friend and my girlfriend?"

-"Do you think you have to make that choice?"

"Well... kind of. I mean, I think I never really got over my feeling for Asami. Opal just helped me bury them, and now that strategy failed, I don't know what to do. Last time around, I had to remove her from the equation for three months, and even then, it took me to meet Opal before I could finally let Asami back into my life. I don't know if I could do that again, and I definitely don't want to do it again."

Senna sighed. "I think it's best that you first wait for Opal's response, before you go jump to conclusions. You mustn't do anything rash now, and you need to think everything through. But unless you know what Opal wants, you can only speculate, which often makes things worse. You told me Opal and Asami get along quite well, so you can always work on a compromise between the three of you."

Korra let this all sink in. Senna probably had a better understanding of how people work than she does. But that wasn't very useful to her. The one thing she wanted was to hear from Opal. She thought about calling, but Opal said that she wanted some distance, so seeking contact would probably make things worse.

Her mother stood up. "Korra, I'm going to make some dinner. If you don't want any, that's fine, but it's here if you want some."

"Thanks, Mom. And not just for the dinner."

Senna smiled. "Of course. That's what mothers are for."

She went into the kitchen, and Korra went upstairs. Her mother was correct in assuming that Korra wasn't very hungry. She fell onto her bed, but she felt a lot lighter than she had that afternoon. She fell asleep, still not very easily, but better than the night before. Still being tired from going nearly forty hours without sleep probably had something to do with it as well, but you can't argue with results.

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