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Emergency Repairs

After cutting her hair, Korra had quickly lost count how long she was sitting in the bathroom, but it was long enough for Su to check up on her. There was a gentle knock against the door.

-"Korra? Are you alright? You've been in there for over two hours, and I'm starting to get a worried out here."

She didn't want the Beifong to see the kind of mess she had made of herself. Korra had been crying for so long, her eyes were stinging like hell, and her throat felt like it had swollen up to about the diameter of a syringe. "I'm fine, Su, I just needed some time," she lied, her voice just as raspy as she had imagined it would be.

-"You're not fine, not even close. You sound like you've eaten a cheese grater."

God-fucking-damn it. Another one of those human lie-detectors. How is it that every mother in the world is one, except for mine? With a sigh, she pulled herself together, stood up, and opened the door. Su put a hand over her mouth in shock and her eyes went wide. "Christ, Korra, you look like hell! What did you to your hair?!"

Korra only shrugged. She didn't know anything to say to the shocked woman in front of her that would make the situation clearer. Su collected her thoughts and put her arm around Korra, leading her to Opal's room. They sat down on the bed, side by side. It stayed silent for quite a while. It took Su's initiative to break it again. "I realize that this is probably hard on you, not to mention a bit weird, given that we don't really know each other. But you don't have to face this alone. If you don't want to trust me, that's fine, but then you should at least trust Opal, or your friends."

Su stood up, and left the room in precisely the same manner Opal had earlier that morning, turning around to face her again before going out the door. Korra let herself fall back, and felt that Su's comforting words had done precisely the opposite of what the latter was hoping to achieve. The thought was completely selfish, but it had made her realize just how shitty her own parents had been. Here she was, completely desperate, and Su didn't even hesitate to take care of Korra like she was her own daughter. And all awhile, her father had been one step shy of manhandling her out of the house, and was probably feeling pretty content with himself. Damn that bastard. There's gotta be something to be done about that.

She kept contemplating the issue, once again forgetting about the time, until the door of the room flew open. The small figure of Opal appeared, panting from running up the stairs. "Korra!" She briefly paused, staring in surprise at Korra's new hairstyle. "What did you do to yourself?" more quietly this time around.

"I cut my hair," was the dry reply.

-"I can see that, but... why?"

Korra hesitated for a moment. "When I looked in the mirror, it reminded me of my mother, and I definitely didn't want that right now. So..." Korra stopped there, and simply gestured to the now lacking hair.

Opal took some time to properly eye her up. "You look like you descended through the seven circles of hell. How long have you been crying when I was gone?"

She sighed. "Long." She could feel that Opal was looking for something to say.

It took her a while, and she pulled her desk chair to the edge of the bed, on which Korra was still sitting. Opal took both her hands, carefully holding them like they were made of porcelain. Including the gloves. Are you joking here? But the little trick did work. Korra was still looking down, but she could feel Opal's emerald eyes burn into the top of her head. Korra looked up, assuring Opal that she had her full attention.

-"Korra, I said that I would help you with this, and I intend to keep that promise. But I can't help you if you won't let me."

She sighed as she realized that Opal was completely right. You're not exactly being cooperative to the people who are trying to help your sorry ass. "Okay. What do want to know?"

-"I... I was wondering why you have been crying so much. Specifically."

Korra sighed. "Because it's easier than fighting it. Because I'm not strong enough not to." She paused for a moment. "Because I don't know what else to do."

-"That's horseshit and you know it. You were strong enough to sacrifice your own feelings over those of your friends, remember? You can't tell me that you're too weak."

Korra let Opal's words sink in, another silence falling between them. "I guess, deep down, I was hoping that my parents would still accept me. Or at least, do something other than kick me out of the house."

-"I'm not going to make an argument for them. They had no right to do that."

"No kidding, right?"

Opal sighed and fell silent. "You're still wearing the same clothes as you did yesterday," she eventually remarked.

"Well, I didn't have time to pack before we left."

She smiled. "Well, at least your sense of humor has come out unscathed. Should I go over to pick up some stuff for you?"

Korra got a slanted grin on her face. "Do you really think my father wants to see you right now?"

Opal rolled her eyes as she realized Korra was right. "Meh, I guess not."

"I can give Mako a call, he lives next door anyway."

-"Alright, you go do that, then I'm going to get something to eat. Want something?"

Korra shook her head, and Opal left to go and still the worst of her hunger. She picked up Opal's phone again, and looked through the last calls, and picks Mako. He soon picks up. "Korra?"

"Yeah, it's me. Could you do me a favor?"

-"Of course?"

"Do you still have that spare key to my house that I gave you?"

-"Yeah, sure I do."

"Good. I kind of need you to use it, get me my phone, the charger, my wallet, and some clothes if you can manage it. My parents are gone for the next couple of hours, so they shouldn't be a problem."

-"What kind of clothes?"

Ugh. Men. "Every kind. Just pull open my closet, and put some shirts, pants and underwear into a bag. There's a grey duffel bag under my bed. The rest of the stuff should also be in my room."

-"Alright. Doesn't sound too hard."

"Do you have Opal's address?"

-"Ehh, come to think of it, no, I don't."

"I don't know it from the top of my head, I'll text you the details in a minute."

-"That would be nice."

"Thanks Mako. For doing this."

-"Hey, that's what friends are for, right?"

"I guess so. Later."


He hangs up, and Korra ventures down to ask Opal for the exact address, and texts it to Mako. Like clockwork, an hour later, he shows up with a bag full of Korra's stuff. They make some small talk, but he is a little bit in a rush, so they don't make it too long. Korra is just glad to have some clean clothes and her phone back. A quick inspection learns her that Mako stuffed her bag almost to the breaking point, and that she has enough clothes to last her at least a week or two.

Korra skips out on dinner, still not very hungry or feeling like the questions the Beifongs would undoubtedly have for her. She just stayed in Opal's room, absentmindedly trying to break her high scores in Angry Birds. But it suddenly dawned on Korra. Her next move.

Opal came back up, and as soon as she stepped in, Korra wrapped her arms around her. She kicked the door shut and pressed Opal against it. She caught her lips with her own, and Opal was slightly shocked, but did return the kiss. Korra pulled her girlfriend even tighter against her body, pressed flush against each other. Opal cupped Korra's cheek, and she took it as the green light. Korra moved her hands down to the hem of Opal's shirt, working her hands underneath it, once again feeling to supple but strong muscles, as Opal moved against her body. She wrapped her arms around Korra's neck, and pushed her back to the bed in the process.

As soon as Korra felt the edge of the mattress in her knees, she tightened her grip around Opal, and let them fall back onto the bed. For a change, she rolled the both of them over so that Korra herself was on top. It meant Korra couldn't freely move her hands on Opal's back anymore, but that didn't matter: it was part of her plan.

She broke away from Opal's lips, and was met with longing gaze, essentially saying 'what are you stopping for?'. Korra moved her kisses from Opal's lips to her jaw, and pushed her hips slightly into her girlfriend's. There was a slight twitch, but Korra disregarded it, as the heat in her own core began to rise. She gently caressed Opal's sides under her shirt, working her way up to her bra. "Korra, stop..." she panted, nearly inaudible.

Korra didn't. Instead, she gently bit in the skin of her neck, and gently cupped Opal's breast, squeezing the hard nipple through the fabric of the bra, rolling it between her fingers. "Korra!" Opal sounded much firmer this time around, and grabbed Korra's wrist like a vice, pushing her hand away. She rolled over and stood up, leaving Korra on the bed, while a massive wave of guilt washed through the latter girl.

-"What the hell were you doing?!" Opal sounded both angry and disappointed.

Korra didn't know what to say. "I..." but from there, she couldn't think of anything to justify her actions. She sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry."

-"You shouldn't apologize to me, I don't care about that."

This made Korra look up. "What do you mean?" she asked, even though she knew exactly what it meant.

-"I told you, I'm not as innocent as I may seem. I'm talking about you."

Korra let her head hang again, getting the implications Opal was sending her way.

-"You weren't doing this because you really want to, did you?" Korra simply shook her head. "You were doing this to spite your father." The statement was probably a bit colder than Opal had wanted to, but it was 100 percent accurate. She once again felt tears welling up in her eyes. Opal sat down beside Korra, once again gently taking her hand with her own, the feeling made all the more comfortable by the soft gloves.

"I'm sorry," Korra reiterated. "For everything. I'm a fucking mess, and yet you have been there for me, all the way, and what do I do? First I yell at you, and now I use you as nothing more than a tool to get back at my father." The tears gently started flowing over her cheek.

-"Don't be sorry. You're not a mess, you're just confused. And given everything you've been through, I'm surprised you didn't turn out worse." She pulled Korra into a tight hug, assuring her that nothing between them has changed.

"I'm tired, Opal," Korra said snickering. "I'm tired of doubting between hating my parents and wanting to get back to them. I'm tired of not knowing what to do next. And I am so tired of crying."

-"It's okay to cry. I won't judge." Opal gently started caressing her shoulder.

Korra finally stopped trying to hold her tears back, and let them flow freely. It fell silent for a while.

-"You can repair everything." Opal finally said. "And I'm going to help you, in any way that I can. But we can't do anything rash, and I especially don't want you to do something you would regret later on."

Korra smiled through her tears. "Thank you."

The girls cuddled for the rest of the evening, and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

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